Chapter 398 Spot Secured

The arena was in a sorry state, the ground caved in several feet deep. Huge cracks extended across the area as if it had been violently torn apart...

However, there was a small area in the middle that was completely undamaged. Zhou Yuan stood on this tiny patch, not even the smallest injury visible on his body.

Around the arena, everyone was wide-eyed as they stared at this unbelievable sight. 


Even Li Qingchan and Zhao Zhu were stunned, the outcome completely taking them by surprise. 

Bai Li was also a little dazed. A moment later, she looked puzzingly at the golden bell as she muttered, “What kind of Genesis technique did he use? Why is its defense so terrifying?!”

They were naturally able to see that it was the golden bell that had allowed Zhou Yuan to block Wang Lei’s dreadful attack. The defensive prowess if that technique was surprisingly terrifying. 

“It is indeed a very solid turtle shell.” Zhao Zhu was not looking too good as he said, “However, solely relying on a defensive technique is no proof of his capabilities.”

Li Qingchan swept a glance at him as a mocking smile appeared on her lips. “Junior brother Zhao Zhu, are you suggesting that we try a different format?”

Zhao Zhu froze. His expression soon turned a little frosty as he shut his mouth. 

He and Wang Lei were the ones who had proposed the one move wager, and it was obvious that they had been well prepared. And yet, this was how things turned out. If they were to go back on their word now, he would surely lose face.

Under the many astonished gazes of the crowd, Zhou Yuan gently jerked his body. Golden light surged around his body as the golden bell began to dissipate, transforming into streams of golden Genesis Qi, which were sucked back into Zhou Yuan’s body. 

“That’s some crazy defensive power!”

Joy flashed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. He had only been hoping to test out this new move of his earlier, and the outcome definitely surpassed his expectations.

Zhou Yuan reckoned that this technique had the best defensive properties among his entire repertoire. 

It was a pity that it could only be used for defense. In addition, he would need to wait a certain period of time before he could use it again. 

Regardless, with this new technique, Zhou Yuan now had another method to protect himself.  

He lifted his head and looked at the dumbstruck Wang Lei. Zhou Yuan’s expression remained completely unchanged as he said, “Thank you for letting me win senior brother Wang Lei.”

Angry green and white flashed across Wang Lei’s face. A trace of blood rose in his eyes as he gritted his teeth and said, “I refuse to believe that I cannot break your turtle shell!”


Powerful Genesis Qi erupted once again from his body. However, it was clearly weaker than before due to using the Lightning Sword Palm. 

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly as a dangerous glow flashed within them.

He had already lost his patience with Wang Lei. The one move wager proposed by the bastard had obviously been a trap. If it wasn’t for his new defensive technique, he would have likely ended up in quite a sorry state. 

In addition, Wang Lei was even refusing to admit defeat at this juncture. If so, Zhou Yuan was ready to give him the fight he wanted.


However, just as Zhou Yuan began to circulate his Genesis Qi in preparation for the battle, a cold snort suddenly sounded. Everyone soon felt the temperature plummet.

In the sky, Wang Lei was horrified to discover that the air around him was beginning to freeze, as a stream of snow-white Genesis Qi quickly wrapped around him. The white Genesis Qi was so cold that frost rapidly covered his body, while his limbs were instantly frozen. 

Wang Lei turned his head with some difficulty, only to see that Li Qingchan had raised her hand, and was now staring coldly at him from the steps. The cold snow-white Genesis Qi was surging out from her palm. 

“Are all Sword Cometh Peak disciples sore losers?” Li Qingchan’s icy voice sounded. 

Several Sword Cometh Peak disciples began to turn red in embarrassment.

Zhao Zhu also had an ugly expression on his face. He naturally knew that Li Qingchan’s words were directed at him. He immediately waved his sleeve as Genesis Qi swept forth like a rainbow, rescuing the trapped Wang Lei, before tossing him to the side.  

Zhao Zhu said in a low voice, “Wang Lei, you should stop bothering him since you’ve already lost.”

The expression on Wang Lei’s face was ugly, feeling extremely humiliated. He was after all stronger than Xu Yan, whom Zhou Yuan had struggled so miserably against. Therefore, Wang Lei had naturally believed Zhou Yuan to be easy pickings for someone like himself. 

Who could have expected Zhou Yuan to grow so rapidly in less than a month. Furthermore, he had even mastered such a powerful defensive technique. 

It was a technique he clearly didn’t have when he fought with Xu Yan. 

Around the arena, several disciples were staring in amazement at Zhou Yuan. Many of them had likewise realized that Zhou Yuan was now even stronger than when he had fought Xu Yan. 

On the steps, Li Qingchan looked towards Zhao Zhu as she indifferently said, “Since Wang Lei has lost, does Zhou Yuan now possess the qualifications?”

Zhao Zhu’s arms were wrapped around his sword. His eyelids lowered slightly as he replied, “If senior sister Li is determined to bring him along, we naturally have no objections. However, let me give you a piece of advice. Just because he has this new turtle shell doesn’t mean that he will not become a burden.”

“If the mission fails because of Zhou Yuan, I will readily accept my punishment. There is no need for you to worry.” Li Qingchan’s tone was pure ice. 

After she spoke, she took a step forward as her eyes swept across the crowd, before her cold voice echoed across the arena, “After our latest discussion, we have agreed that Zhou Yuan will be the final member for the Heaven task. Do any of you have any objections?”

The ones gathered here were mostly the purple sash disciples from the various peaks. Moreover, they were here because of the contentious spot held by Zhou Yuan. 

However, Zhou Yuan had already revealed some of his strength in the duel with Wang Lei. At the very least, most of the disciples here had no confidence in breaking his turtle shell defense.   

This made them understand that Zhou Yuan was much stronger than when he had fought Xu Yan. 

With Li Qingchan’s backing added into the mix, it seemed like there was no longer any way Zhou Yuan would lose his spot now. 

After coming to this conclusion, the numerous disciples looked at one another, before they sighed in disappointment...

No one responded to Li Qingchan’s question.

Upon seeing this, she nodded and calmly said, “In that case, I shall officially announce that all the spots for the Heaven task have been filled.”

The other disciples on the plaza could only shake their heads, before scattering one after another. 

Zhao Zhu and gang were not looking too good. They did not linger any further, and quickly turned to leave. 

Li Qingchan paid no heed to them. She walked down the steps, arrived in front of Zhou Yuan and said, “Well done. You didn’t let me down.”

Beside Li Qingchan, Bai Li stared inquisitively at Zhou Yuan as she clenched her tiny fists and said, “Your turtle shell is really tough. May I try punching it a few times?”

Zhou Yuan grinned as he looked at her. Though this girl looked skinny and frail, she was a member of Hongya Peak, a faction renowned for their external tempering. A single punch from here was likely going to be much more terrifying than Wang Lei’s previous attack...

As such, he chose not to reply. Instead, he looked at Li Qingchan and cupped his fists together, “Thank you senior sister for all that you have done.”

If it wasn’t for Li Qingchan’s unwavering support, there was no way he would have any hopes of joining this Heaven task. After all, Zhao Zhu was truly out to get him. 

Li Qingchan glanced at him and said, “We will be setting off to Black Flame Province tomorrow. You should make your preparations.”

“In addition, don’t let it get to your head just because you have mastered a powerful defensive Genesis technique. Though I do not expect much from you in this mission, I hope that you will not be a burden to the team.”

After speaking, she turned with a swish of her black hair and walked away, leaving Zhou Yuan to stare at her alluring figure.

Zhou Yuan admired the beautiful scene as he shrugged.

“This senior sister is really like an ice mountain…”

He soon chuckled, as a look of excitement and eagerness appeared in his eyes.

“A Heaven task… I am kind of looking forward to it.”

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