Chapter 397 Great Golden Bell

Numerous figures descended from the sky, gathering around the arena outside the side hall. All of them were casting peculiar gazes at the two figures facing each other in the arena. 

These two individuals were not unfamiliar to everyone. Wang Lei was one of the most veteran purple sash disciples from Sword Cometh Peak, someone whose fame exceeded even that of Xu Yan. As for Zhou Yuan, he may only be a newly promoted purple sash disciple, but he had displayed his astonishing abilities time and time again for the past half a year, leading him to become known as the top disciple of the newest generation. Consequently, this also made him one of the more famous figures in the sect. 

The fight between these two was naturally going to be quite interesting. 

Under the attention from the crowd, Wang Lei wore a relaxed expression. He looked at Zhou Yuan with a carefree grin and said, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, I know that you are very talented. However, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it isn’t wise for you to bite off more than you can chew.”

Zhou Yuan chuckled and replied, “Please go ahead and guide me senior brother Wang Lei.”

Wang Lei shook his head in pity as he said, “I was originally hoping to spare you the humiliation. However, you insist on doing things the hard way, don’t blame this senior brother for bullying a junior!”

A fierce look flashed across his eyes.


In the next instant, majestic Genesis Qi rose from his head like a thousand foot tall column of smoke. Waves of powerful Genesis Qi pressure quickly spread across the entire area, causing even space itself to tremble faintly.  

Wang Lei instantly revealed the amazing depths of his strong Genesis Qi foundations. He was indeed a tier above Xu Yan. 

The numerous observers around the arena let out low gasps of surprise. 

Wang Lei slowly extended his hand. It appeared slightly longer than the norm, and was a little tanned. One could just barely see a lightning glow on his palm that gave off a powerful and menacing sensation. 

Wang Lei lowered his voice and said, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, since we agreed to settle this in one attack, I will not be holding back… it may be quite painful for you after receiving my palm strike.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. He placed his hands together, as the Genesis Qi within his body began to move. 

A mocking smile appeared from the corners of Wang Lei’s mouth upon seeing this. Genesis Qi within his body swiftly began to circulate as Genesis Qi rapidly gathered on his palm. In the end, cackling lightning bolts began to emerge.  

Extremely berserk undulations pulsed from his hand.

The lightning Genesis Qi spread, turning Wang Lei’s entire arm into a lightning sword. The sword tip was fused with his palm, and looked both sharp and savage.  

The ground beneath Wang Lei’s feet also began to crack and crumble.

The expressions of the disciples outside the arena changed slightly at this sight. 

“It’s Sword Cometh Peak’s Lightning Sword Palm!”

“It’s said that the Lightning Sword Palm technique is well known for its unyielding and forceful nature in Sword Cometh Peak. However, though it boasts overwhelming attack power, it consumes a large amount of Genesis Qi. Even a seventh layer Alpha-Origin practitioner will not be able to use twice in succession.”

“Wang Lei is too cunning. This so-called one move wager… isn’t this obviously making use of the fact that he will be out of stamina after using the Lightning Sword Palm?”

“It’s a famous ‘All-Out’ technique… either he destroys his opponent in one move, or he loses the battle because of Genesis Qi depletion.”


Numerous disciples were talking among themselves. They finally understood why Wang Lei had proposed this one move wager. 

On the steps, the frostiness on Li Qingchan’s face intensified. She turned towards Zhao Zhu and sneered, “So this was your plan all along.”

She had previously thought that Wang Lei had proposed the one move challenge due to arrogance, and hopes to use this opportunity to help Zhou Yuan slip through. However, it was now obvious that it was a trap set by Zhao Zhu and Wang Lei. 

Based on Wang Lei’s current plan of attack, any opponent would be finished off in a single move. 

With this move, he would either gained an absolute advantage or be forced into a severe disadvantage. 

Upon hearing this, Zhao Zhu smiled faintly and said, “Senior sister Li, there is no way the disciples from Sacred Palace and the other factions will tell us what their battle strategies are going to be.”

Beside Li Qingchan, Bai Li gazed at intimidating Wang Lei, before she shook her head. Zhou Yuan already had such a tough time against Xu Yan previously. How could he possibly handle such an overwhelming brute force attack from Wang Lei?

The fight was basically over the moment Wang Lei revealed the Lightning Sword Palm.

Oh well, at least Zhou Yuan would no longer so shamelessly cling onto that spot on the team out of pride once he lost. In that case, the team would be relieved of a burden.


As various thoughts ran through the minds of the crowd, the sound of thunder suddenly boomed across the arena. Wang Lei let out a hearty laugh, before his figure was sent soaring into the sky with a stomp, as he looked down upon Zhou Yuan from above. 

Lightning flickered on his palm as he slowly lifted it, while his sharp and icy gaze locked onto Zhou Yuan.

“Lightning Sword Palm!”

Wang Lei swung his palm the instant he roared. Thunder boomed loudly in the sky, as a resplendent lightning glow poured out from his palm. 


A hundred feet large lightning palm descended from the sky with a boom. 

Moreover, it appeared as though sword shadows were lurking within the attack. 

Deadly, overwhelming and brutal.

Even before the palm landed, cracks had already begun to grow on the arena below.

In the arena, Zhou Yuan lifted his head. Winds violently whipped up his clothes, causing them to flap wildly with the wind. He gazed upon the lightning palm whose reflection was rapidly growing in his eyes, as he took in a deep breath.   

“What overwhelming force…”

His eyes widened slightly, but strangely enough, there wasn’t a hint of panic on his face. Instead, only an eager expression could be seen. 

“This is the perfect opportunity to test my Omni Python Qi…”

After advancing to the fourth layer Alpha-Origin stage, his Genesis Qi’s foundation had improved tremendously. As his Genesis Qi grew stronger, the wonders of his Omni Python Qi gradually began to be uncovered. 

Zhou Yuan slowly put his hands together, and gently shut his eyes. A dazzling radiance immediately erupted from the 1200 Genesis Qi stars in his Qi Dwelling, transforming into waves of golden Genesis Qi and flooded his body. 


Golden Omni Python Qi charged out from Zhou Yuan’s body and dashed into the sky. The faint silhouette of a giant python could be seen hissing at the heavens within it. The python was covered in golden scales, and it flew down from the sky, before coiling itself around Zhou Yuan’s body. 

As round after round of the giant python’s body wrapped around Zhou Yuan’s body, it seemed to take the shape of an enormous golden bell. 

The golden bell was simple yet sturdy, like a formidable barrier that was indestructible. 

“Omni Python Qi, Mystical Python’s Great Golden Bell!”

A deep voice was slowly spat out from Zhou Yuan’s mouth.

This was the latest defensive Genesis Qi technique he had unlocked due to the growth of the Omni Python Qi. 


The lightning palm arrived the moment the golden bell was completed, ruthlessly smashing into the bell under the grave stare of the crowd.


A loud metallic clang echoed across the area. 


Berserk shockwaves swept outwards, wreaking havoc in the arena. Stone and wood were totally shattered, as dust filled the air. 

The surrounding disciples quickly retreated. 

However, their gazes remained fixed on the arena. 

In the sky, Wang Lei stood on his Genesis Qi. He looked down at the cloud of dust, feeling pleased at the destruction he had caused. 

“I can’t believe this ignorant brat actually dared to take my attack head-on.” He laughed sinisterly. Zhou Yuan was most definitely severely injured. As such, it was naturally no longer possible for him to participate in the Heaven task. 

A gentle breeze swept past, blowing away the dust as arena gradually cleared. 

Numerous gazes continued to stare.

As the dust retreated, everyone discovered that the entire arena had caved in. Giant cracks extended everywhere, the extent of the destruction causing several disciples to secretly wet their lips. 

The Lightning Sword Palm was indeed one of the most aggressive attacks of Sword Cometh Peak. 

“Zhou Yuan has bitten off more than he can chew… even someone as powerful as Xu Yan would be wounded by Wang Lei’s strike, let alone the likes of Zhou Yuan…”

“I’m afraid Wang Lei planned on seriously injuring Zhou Yuan from the start. By doing so, Zhou Yuan would become incapable of participating in the Heaven task, and his spot would naturally be forfeited.” 

“At the end of the day, he was advancing too fast. He’s merely a newly promoted purple sash disciple, and a Heaven task is still beyond his reach.” 


Numerous whispers spread. 

It was at this moment that all the dust in the arena finally scattered. 

Every gaze looked towards at the center of the collapsed arena. 

All the whispers immediately stopped. 

In the sky, the smile on Wang Lei’s face slowly turned rigid, as a look of disbelief flowed out on his face. 

On the steps, both Li Qingchan and Bai Li gasped in shock. 

Even Zhao Zhu’s pupils shrank slightly. 

As the dust faded, everyone finally saw the small area at the center of the collapsed arena that was completely undamaged!

It was at this perfectly fine spot that Zhou Yuan was currently standing. 

His eyes were still shut, while the golden bell stood stably around him, appearing sturdy and indestructible. 

Everyone stared at this scene in complete astonishment. 

None of them expected that Zhou Yuan would ultimately come out completely unscathed after taking Wang Lei’s earth-shaking palm attack...

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