Chapter 392 The Two Captains

In a courtyard inside the cave dwelling. 

Zhou Yuan lifted a teapot and poured a cup of hot tea for Shen Wanjin. The latter was currently surveying the purple Genesis cave dwelling, inhaling its rich and pure Genesis Qi, as an envious look involuntarily appeared in his eyes. 

“Little Yuan bro is really the amazing one. Even though we entered the Cangxuan Sect together, I’m not sure how many donkey years it’ll take for the rest of us to reach your current status.” Said Shen Wanjin with a sigh.

Zhou Yuan chuckled. He did not show any pride as he diverted the topic, “You have information regarding a Heaven task?”

Shen Wanjin gulped down the hot tea, before he complained, “Little Yuan bro, I’ve been running around so much for the past few days to find out about a Heaven Task for you that my feet have barely spent any time on the ground.”

Zhou Yuan rolled his eyes and said, “I know you’ve worked hard for this. Once I have time, I will give you some pointers on the little Heaven technique you’ve recently been practicing.”

Shen Wanjin was delighted when he heard this and cheerfully replied, “In that case, let me thank little Yuan bro first.”

After securing his benefits, Shen Wanjin finally said in a leisurely manner, “Little Yuan bro, a Heaven task is the highest level task in our Cangxuan Sect, and are extremely hard to come by. In fact, there are only a handful Heaven tasks given out every year.”

“You should know that many powerful disciples are eagerly waiting for such an opportunity.”

“I’ve asked several people to secretly keep a lookout, even bribing someone working at the mission hall. That’s how I finally received the latest information regarding a Heaven task.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes lit up.

“Tell me the details.”

Shen Wanjin replied, “The task has not been officially announced yet, and I’m still in the dark about the specifics. The only information I managed to gather is about the two captains that have already been decided.”

Zhou Yuan curiously asked, “Who?”

Shen Wanjin slowly said, “The captain is Li Qingchan, while the vice-captain is Zhao Zhu.”

“Two Chosens…” Zhou Yuan’s eyes widened. To think that Chosens would be leading the mission, looks like a Heaven task was truly extraordinary after all. 

He was relatively well-acquainted with Li Qingchan. As for Zhao Zhu, it seemed like he was the mastermind of the incident during the purple sash selection. 

As the saying went, rivals were always destined to cross paths. 

“This Heaven task requires ten members. Other than the two captains, there are only eight spots remaining.”

Shen Wanjin was clearly also a little overwhelmed by the scale of this operation. The missions he had taken in the past really paled in comparison to such a line-up.

“Even though this task has yet to be officially announced, most of the strong veteran disciples have caught wind of it, and have begun to move in secret.”

“It is rumoured that the remaining team members must be approved by both captains, making Li Qingchan and Zhao Zhu more popular than ever before.”

Shen Wanjin shrugged as he said, “However, there’s nothing else I can do to help you with this. You’ll have to rely on yourself.”

He was merely a black sash disciple that definitely didn’t have the qualifications to even meet Chosens like Li Qingchan and Zhao Zhu, let alone pull strings for Zhou Yuan. 

Zhou Yuan gave a slight nod as he began to frown. A Heaven task was extremely difficult to come by, and each time a Heaven task was announced, numerous purple sash disciples would fight over the limited number of spots available. In fact, the struggles would sometimes be so intense that even blood would be drawn. 

This time was obviously not going to be an exception. 

To be blunt, even a veteran purple sash disciple like Xu Yan lacked the qualifications and experience to obtain a spot in a Heaven task. 

“A Heaven Credit is really going to be a pain in the ass to get.” Zhou Yuan sighed inside. 

“Little Yuan bro, are you really going to take part in a Heaven task?” Shen Wanjin looked at Zhou Yuan, a little unable to bring himself to fully express his true opinion. Though Zhou Yuan’s reputation had grown rapidly within the sect, and he was now seen as the top disciple of the new generation, a Heaven task was of the highest ranked mission in the sect, and even someone like Zhou Yuan lacked the qualifications to undertake one. 

From the fact that both captains were members of the ten Chosens, one could tell how challenging and dangerous a Heaven task was. 

Zhou Yua nodded. He knew what Shen Wanjin wanted to say. However, he had no choice. If he failed to obtain a Heaven Credit, there was no doubt that old Xuan would confiscate the Taiyi Green Wood Mark.

This was something that Zhou Yuan absolutely needed prevent. 

Encountering it had already been a great blessing for him. If he could successfully master it, it would bring him countless advantages in the future as he continued down the path of cultivation. 

As the saying went, if one does not accept kindness from the Heavens, one would be punished instead. 

“If you really want to go, it’s not like it’s impossible.”

While Zhou Yuan was fretting over how he could obtain a spot, a nonchalant voice suddenly sounded behind him. 

Zhou Yuan and Shen Wanjin lifted their heads and turned around, finding Yaoyao slowly walking towards them. 

It looked as though she had just taken a shower. She had changed out of her blood stained clothes, and was now wearing a white dress. Together with her alluring figure, and her gorgeous face, it made it seem as if she was glowing. In fact, the sight of her seemed to brighten the entire cave dwelling. 

Her long black hair was slightly damp and left hanging from her head, giving her a slightly unkempt charm.

Nonetheless, she looked just as breathtaking as usual. 

Shen Wanjin’s plump face was filled with wonder, but he quickly came back to his senses, as he said with a cheeky smile, “Greetings boss sister!” 

There was currently no one in the Cangxuan Sect who did not know Yaoyao. In fact, even Zhou Yuan paled in comparison to her. 

After all, Zhou Yuan had only managed to defeat all the gold sash disciples participants from a Sword Cometh Peak, while Yaoyao had convincingly overwhelmed all the disciples from Spirit Rune Peak, including their Chosen, Ye Ge.

Therefore, Yaoyao was obviously a much better backer than Zhou Yuan!

Unfortunately, she did not seem to have any interest in helping anyone besides Zhou Yuan...

“Do you have a solution?” Zhou Yuan stared inquisitively at Yaoyao. 

A faint fragrance accompanied Yaoyao as she sat down beside them, and lazily said, “Isn’t the captain Li Qingchan? She lost a few bets to me previously, and it’s about time for her to repay them.”

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s lips twitched as he asked, “Are you sure this will work?”

Yaoyao ignored him as she turned to look at Shen Wanjin and said, “Head to Snow Lotus Peak and invite her over. Say that I am the one who is looking for her.” 

“Boss sister has swag.”

Shen Wanjin raised both thumbs in admiration. Summoning a Chosen like Li Qingchan was something that even Zhou Yuan did not dare to do. 

Of course, even if Zhou Yuan tried, Li Qingchan would only ignore him…  after all the current Zhou Yuan was still not at that level. 

Shen Wanjin glanced at Zhou Yuan with a somewhat peculiar expression that also contained a tremendous amount of envy. 

Little Yuan bro, you are really good at mooching off women!

Zhou Yuan immediately understood that look, and immediately splashed the remaining tea in his cup at the little fatty. Shen Wanjin’s fat body numbly evaded the tea, as he left with a cheeky smile, heading straight for Snow Lotus Peak. 

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