Chapter 391 Suppressed

When Zhou Yuan opened his eyes again, his head felt as if it was in a befuddled daze, while intense pain tore through every part of his body. 


He violently sucked in several breaths of cool air as he struggled to climb to his feet. His gaze scanned the surroundings, only to realize that he was still in the innermost section of the cave. The only difference was that he was now in with blood, while his body gave off a light stench. It was a really pathetic sight indeed. 

After a brief period of disorientation, he swiftly returned to his senses.

“What happened to the Dragon’s Resentment Poison?!”

He quickly lifted his palm, finding a menacing blood-red lump embedded on it. However, Zhou Yuan was surprised to discover that there was now a dark golden circular pattern around it. The pattern appeared to be a prison that was trapping and suppressing the Dragon’s Resentment Poison. 

“I’ve helped you temporarily suppress the Dragon’s Resentment Poison.”

While shock was revealed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes, an indifferent voice sounded. 

Zhou Yuan quickly lifted his head, and found Yaoyao elegantly seated on a boulder beside him. Her beautiful face was currently a little pale, while a hint of exhaustion could be seen in her eyes. 

Her black hair seemed to slide down her smooth cheeks, as her clear and aloof eyes observed him. 

Though Yaoyao was dressed in simple clothes that were smeared with traces of blood, there was no way to hide her elegance and beauty. She was like a single orchid in an empty valley that no one dared to approach. 

Tuntun lay powerlessly on the ground beside Yaoyao, letting out a continuously stream of whines and whimpers. Its eyes seemed to be filled with resentment when it looked towards Zhou Yuan.

From their appearance, Zhou Yuan knew his Dragon’s Resentment Poison had tormented them quite a bit. 

The blood stains on Yaoyao were obviously from him. He could even vaguely recall that he had been holding her in a death grip while he was under the onslaught of the Dragon’s Resentment Poison earlier. 

This made Zhou Yuan rather embarrassed and awkward. Given Yaoyao’s obsession with cleanliness, she had most probably suppressed a thousand urges to slap him to death. 

“Thank you big sis Yaoyao.” Zhou Yuan awkwardly scratched his head as he forced a smile. 

Yaoyao swept a glance at him as she calmly replied, “You were too careless. After defeating Wu Huang and reclaiming half of his sacred dragon blessing, the one that reaped the most benefits was not you, but the Dragon’s Resentment Poison in your body.”

“Furthermore, it has also been secretly growing as you became more powerful.”

“If you had not learnt the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, and lady luck was on your side, you would have lost your life to the poison today.” 

Zhou Yuan felt a chill spread on his back, as his expression turned somewhat ugly. This outbreak had left a traumatic fear in him towards the Dragon’s Resentment Poison. It was after all the most dangerous one yet. 

While he was growing stronger, the Dragon’s Resentment Poison was likewise not the same as before. 

“The seal I placed can only suppress it temporarily.”

Zhou Yuan’s fists tightened as he asked, “Is there really no way for me to completely subdue the Dragon’s Resentment Poison?”

Yaoyao replied, “If you reach the third level of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture and master the Galaxy Sacred Dragon Qi, you will be able to fully subdue the poison.”

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s lips twitched. The Galaxy Sacred Dragon Qi was the third level of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, and was a grade 9 Genesis Qi, the highest grade Genesis Qi in this world. How could it be easy to achieve? 

Yaoyao slowly said, “It’s still too early for you to think about subduing it completely. However, you can use other means to partially suppress it for the time being, and even make use of its powers.”

“Eh?” Zhou Yuan’s eyes brightened. 

“I know of an extremely powerful Genesis Rune Boundary that can be inscribed on one’s body, known as the Great Dragon Subduing Rune. Even though it is unable to completely suppress the Dragon’s Resentment Poison, it will make it very difficult for the poison to hurt your foundations.” 

“However, this Genesis Rune Boundary requires numerous precious resources, and the process cannot be rushed. I will help you keep an eye out for these materials.”

Although Zhou Yuan was a little disappointed that he could not solve the problem immediately, he secretly heaved a sigh of relief deep inside his heart. Soon after, he asked, “What do you mean by making use of its powers?”

If he were to intentionally stir up the Dragon’s Resentment Poison, he could use it to invade his enemies. Any opponent that slipped up and got infected would end up in a rather sorry state. 

However, this was a double-edged sword. The Dragon’s Resentment Poison was just too overbearing, and every time Zhou Yuan tried to use it, the poison would invade his own body as well. In fact, the reason why the Dragon’s Resentment Poison erupted today, was likely because of his actions during the fight with Xu Yan. 

Yaoyao shot a look at Zhou Yuan as her red lips parted slightly. “Don’t underestimate the Dragon’s Resentment Poison.”

“Most of the sacred dragon blessing you snatched back from Wu Huang was devoured by the Dragon’s Resentment Poison, and it can be said to be the greatest benefactor.”

Zhou Yuan nodded as he gritted his teeth. After all the pain he went through to defeat Wu Huang, the one that ultimately benefited the most was the Dragon’s Resentment Poison in his body. 

“Do you recall the Sacred Dragon Transformation Wu Huang used during your fight against him? That is one way to utilize the sacred dragon blessing.”

A thoughtful look appeared on Zhou Yuan’s face. He naturally remembered how Wu Huang’s strength surged after activating the Sacred Dragon Transformation. If it wasn’t for Silver Shadow, he may not have been able to defeat the latter. 

“However, Wu Huang failed to utilize even a tenth of the sacred dragon blessing’s power. Since half of it has been snatched away by the Dragon’s Resentment Poison in your body, if you are able to suppress the Dragon’s Resentment Poison and make it submit to you, you will naturally find out how powerful it will be when these two forces are stacked together.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes brightened slightly at these words as excitement stirred in his heart.

After hearing Yaoyao’s words, he began to look forward to the day when he would finally subdue the Dragon’s Resentment Poison. 

However, this was something that could not be rushed. Based on Yaoyao’s words, it was going to be quite a challenging task to draw the Great Dragon Subduing Boundary, and she also had to first gather a number of rare ingredients. 

Fortunately, Yaoyao had managed to temporarily suppress the Dragon’s Resentment Poison this time around. Hence, he shouldn’t run into any major problems in the near future. 

After Yaoyao finished saying her piece, she extended her arms and tiredly stretched her back, displaying her alluring curves. She lazily stood up, and glanced at the blood stains on her dress, immediately causing her to frown in dislike.  

“Big sis Yaoyao, please hand me your clothes later. I will wash them for you!” Zhou Yuan smiled in an attempt to please her. 

Yaoyao’s eyes narrowed slightly. She walked to Zhou Yuan’s side, and revealed a dazzling smile that stunned Zhou Yuan for a moment. 

However, he soon felt a sharp pain from his ear. Yaoyao reached out to give him a vicious pinched as she chuckled, “Zhou Yuan, it seems like the Dragon’s Resentment Poison wasn’t much of a threat to you, as it appears that you’ve regained your ability to use honeyed words rather quickly. Looks like I should let you suffer for longer in the future before helping you.”

There was hardly any Genesis Qi in Yaoyao’s body, and naturally did not have much strength. In fact, this tiny bit of pain was something that Zhou Yuan could completely ignore. Nonetheless, he hastily begged for mercy. 

After venting her frustrations, Yaoyao snorted before she turned around and headed towards the small house. 

Zhou Yuan smiled as he watched Yaoyao’s beautiful figure, and sincerely said, “Big sis Yaoyao, thank you. You’ve saved my life again.” 

Yaoyao’s steps paused for a moment, as her lips seemingly moved. As she continued to walk away, her nonchalant voice sounded.

“You should clean yourself up. On another note, Shen Wanjin is outside waiting for you. It appears that he has information regarding a Heaven Task.”

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