Chapter 390 Dragon’s Resentment Poison Erupts

Bzz! Bzz!

In the depths of the cave dwelling, powerful waves of Genesis Qi continuously pulsed from Zhou Yuan’s body, causing the cave around him to tremble faintly. 

Zhou Yuan was seated on a boulder, his clothes flapping wildly without any wind.

Resplendent golden light shined from his body, originating from his Omni Python Qi. The rapidly intensifying light represented his swiftly growing Genesis Qi foundations. 

It was already far from comparable to half a day ago.

Zhou Yuan had clearly reaped tremendous benefits from the Genesis Star Pill.

Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi continued to grow. After half an incense stick of time, the growth finally reached its peak as he suddenly opened his tightly-shut eyes.


A golden shockwave that was visible to the naked eye, swept outwards, violently shaking the entire cave dwelling when it collided with the cave walls. 

A dazzling gold shimmered in Zhou Yuan’s eyes, only gradually subsiding after some time. 

However, the powerful Genesis Qi undulations surging from from his body were still as its peak level just moments ago, clearly far exceeding what it had been before. 

“Alpha-Origin, fourth layer!”

Unconcealable joy immediately flooded Zhou Yuan’s face. 

After successfully absorbing the Genesis Star Pill, he had finally advanced to the fourth layer Alpha-Origin stage. 

He looked at the interior of his Qi Dwelling, seeing his Genesis Qi stars shining brightly within. All of them were clearly packed with powerful Genesis Qi. 

Wisps of of Qi rose from these Genesis Qi stars, taking on the shape of a giant python in his Qi Dwelling that let out a hiss. 

“1200 stars!”

With a single thought, Zhou Yuan sensed the number of Genesis Qi stars in his Qi Dwelling, causing the joy on his face to reach even his brows. This breakthrough had added more than five hundred Genesis Qi stars to his Qi Dwelling!

Zhou Yuan slowly tightened his fist as he savoured the power that was now coursing through his body like a raging dragon. Right now, he felt as though he could shatter mountains and split oceans with a single punch. 

Zhou Yuan muttered to himself, “As expected of the Genesis Star Pill. Without this pill, the number of Genesis Qi stars in my Qi Dwelling will have been much lower.”

With these 1200 Genesis Qi stars in his Qi Dwelling, Zhou Yuan was confident that Xu Yan would no longer be able to bully him with Genesis Qi alone.

Zhou Yuan was in a good mood as he stood up from the boulder, clearly quite pleased with himself. 


While he was over the moon, however, he suddenly heard a deep dragon roar. It was a roar unlike any other that was overflowing with an endless amount of resentment. Anyone who heard it would feel their hair stand on end. 

When Zhou Yuan heard this dragon roar, he was first taken aback. Something quickly dawned upon him as his body began to shiver. The joy on his face rapidly disappeared like the retreating tide, as a deathly pale expression took its place. 

He slowly lowered his head and looked towards his palm, only to find that the blood-red lump originally occupying that spot had violently erupted. Like a sinister blood dragon, it transformed into numerous blood-colored lines that rapidly spread from his palm, rapidly turning his arm blood-red. It was a terrifying sight to behold.

The Dragon’s Resent Poison, which had laid dormant for years, had finally awoken from its slumber right after Zhou Yuan made a cultivation breakthrough!


A painful shriek left Zhou Yuan’s lips, his handsome face hideously twisting in an instant. The intense pain from his arm made him feel as though a thousand different toxins were gnawing his heart, its intensity so great that many would rather die than suffer. 

It felt as though there was a malicious dragon within his body devouring his flesh and blood.

Zhou Yuan fell to his knees, hugging his blood-colored arm. His head was already drenched with sweat, while his face was pale as sheet. 

Nonetheless, he gritted his teeth as he desperately circulated his Genesis Qi in order to resist the resentful dragon’s invasion. 


Thankfully, Zhou Yuan was no longer the same powerless youth from back then. The Omni Python Qi hissed as it continuously clashed with the Dragon’s Resentment Poison. For a time, it seemed like he was just barely able to hold his ground. 

However, the Dragon’s Resentment Poison existed in Zhou Yuan’s body, and was able to devour his flesh and blood. Therefore, Zhou Yuan would only grow weaker and weaker, until he was completely consumed by it. 

While Zhou Yuan was struggling against the poison with everything that he had, a figure flew towards him with a sweet fragrance and landed in front of him.

A slim and icy hand gripped Zhou Yuan’s wrist, “Zhou Yuan.”

It was Yaoyao’s voice. 

Yaoyao’s hand was cold like jade, the sensation allowing Zhou Yuan, who was on the brink of losing his rationality due to the intense pain, recover a little. He immediately stretched out his arms and desperately hugged her. Yaoyao’s scent seemed to have a calming effect that Zhou Yuan tried to greedily suck in to suppress the Dragon’s Resentment Poison in his body. 

His body was covered in a filthy mix of sweat and blood, that dirtied her clothes when he tightly gripped her in his arms. 

Due to how tightly he was holding her, Yaoyao felt a little pain, causing her to frown slightly. If it was any other time, she would already be tightly pinching his ear. However, she was unable to bring herself to do so at the sight of Zhou Yuan’s twisted and pained expression. Instead, she could only struggle as she said, “Zhou Yuan, you are hurting me.”

However, Zhou Yuan’s eyes were blood-red and clearly no longer capable of hearing her words. 

When Yaoyao saw this, her finger reached out and forcefully prodded the spot between Zhou Yuan’s brows. Spirit power quickly gushed forth, sending a message directly to Zhou Yuan. 

“Zhou Yuan, concentrate and use the Ancestral Dragon Scripture!”

A voice wrapped by Spirit power rushed into Zhou Yuan’s mind. 

The blood-red in Zhou Yuan’s eyes finally weakened a little, as he regained a little clarity for a split second. He immediately gritted his teeth, and hurriedly activated the Ancestral Dragon Scripture.


The Omni Python Qi seemed to have received a jump start and began to push back against the Dragon’s Resentment Poison, causing his body to fall into total chaos for a time. 

Golden light and a blood-red struggled against each other on the surface of his body, their battle moving everywhere, from the left to the right of his body and then back again. It was an exceptionally fearsome clash indeed. 

Yaoyao’s expression turned a little grave as she watched. The Dragon’s Resentment Poison was extremely overbearing, filled with deep, bitter resentment. There was no way ordinary methods would work to suppress it. 

“The Dragon’s Resentment Poison is too domineering. Only something as tyrannical as it can suppress it.”

Yaoyao’s beautiful eyes flashed in thought, before she promptly said, “Come out.”

Tuntun hopped over from behind, stretching out its tongue when it arrived at Yaoyao’s side in a bid to please her. 

However, Yaoyao ignored its attempt at acting cute. Instead, she stared at it as if she had a plan in mind. 

Under her gaze, Tuntun seemed to feel that something was amiss and began to slowly back away. 

However, it had only taken a few steps back, before Yaoyao reached out, lifting it by the neck as she said, “Zhou Yuan has been feeding you for quite a number of years. Isn’t it time for you to repay him?”

“Sob…” Tuntun had a pitiful expression on its face as it looked at Yaoyao. 

Yaoyao was expressionless. “Lend me some of your sacred Genesis beast blood. I will use it as a medium to draw Genesis Runes in order to help him temporarily suppress the Dragon’s Resentment Poison in his body.”

Tuntun immediately began to struggle violently.

However, Yaoyao took out her Genesis Rune brush and used it to mercilessly knock its head a few times. 

“Hurry up!”

Tears gathered in Tuntun’s eyes. However, it had no choice but to submit under Yaoyao’s fierce gaze. Its claw scratched across its forehead, causing a trail of blood to appear, as drops of glimmering dark golden essence blood rose from the wound. 

As the essence blood rose into the air, the fur on Tuntun’s body seemed to dim somewhat, while it whined in misery. 

“After we get through this, I will make sure Zhou Yuan properly compensates you.”

Yaoyao comforted when she saw that it was indeed quite a loss to Tuntun. With a clench of her hand, the dark golden blood pearls quickly moved to hover in front of her.   

She gripped the green jade Genesis Brush as she shot a glance at hideous sight of Zhou Yuan drenched in his blood and sweat, before she gently pursed her lips. 

“You should thank the stars that Tuntun is around this time…”

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