Chapter 389 Absorbing the Genesis Star Pill

Zhou Yuan’s face was still creased with worry when he returned to his cave dwelling, likely still fretting over how he would obtain a Heaven Credit in three months. Due to old Xuan’s seniority and rich history in the Cangxuan Sect, Zhou Yuan did not dare to doubt the weight of the old man’s words. He felt that if he truly angered the latter, there was probably no way he could keep the Taiyi Green Wood Mark.

All he could do now was obediently follow old Xuan’s instructions, and hand him a Heaven Credit in three months 

In the cave dwelling, when Yaoyao could not help but ask when she saw Zhou Yuan’s expression, “What happened?” 

Zhou Yuan gave a bitter laugh as he reiterated what happened with old Xuan. 

“A Heaven Credit?” Yaoyao lifted her head in astonishment upon hearing this. She naturally knew how difficult it was to obtain a Heaven Credit.

In fact, many highly experienced senior purple sash disciples were unable to obtain one even after numerous years. 

Yaoyao quickly said, “Show me that Taiyi Green Wood Mark.” 

Zhou Yuan obviously had nothing to hide from Yaoyao. Therefore, he immediately retrieved the plant and handed it to Yaoyao.  

Yaoyao observed the green plant, before she closed her eyes. Her Spirit was extremely powerful, enabling her to just barely detect the information hidden within the plant. Though it was not complete, a brief glance was all she needed. 

A long while later, she opened her eyes and softly said, “What a formidable Genesis technique. As expected of something left behind by that old mister.”

To elicit such high praise from someone like Yaoyao just goes to show how amazing the Taiyi Green Wood Mark was. 

“Exchanging a Heaven Credit for a Genesis technique like this is indeed quite a bargain.” Yaoyao remarked. 

Zhou Yuan smiled bitterly as he nodded. He naturally knew that he was not losing out, but it was simply too difficult to obtain a Heaven Credit. After all, Heaven tasks only appeared a few times a year. 

“Ask Shen Wanjin to keep a lookout first.” Yaoyao suggested. 

“As for you, you should find some time to refine the Genesis Star Pill, and quickly enter the fourth layer. If not, you won’t be able to complete a Heaven task even if you manage to obtain it.” 

Zhou Yuan nodded. This was what he had in mind as well. Shen Wanjin was doing quite well for himself in the Cangxuan Sect, and knew about all the latest rumours and gossips. With his aid, it would save Zhou Yuan the trouble of miserably camping at the mission hall every day...

As for himself, the most important thing now was to improve his strength. 

Once he advanced to the fourth layer Alpha-Origin stage, he should be able to match Xu Yan in a direct fight, no longer having to resort to the same drastic measures he had utilized previously. 

Hence, Zhou Yuan tasked Shen Wanjin keep an eye out for any information regarding the Heaven tasks, while he secluded himself deep within his cave dwelling as he prepared himself. He was waiting for the perfect timing to absorb the Genesis Star Pill to break into the next cultivation level. 

This wait lasted for five days.


Deep within the cave, pure Genesis Qi continuously gushed out from the spring, filling the area with a light mist. A few breaths of the air here would immediately invigorate one’s spirits.  

Zhou Yuan was silently seated on boulder beside the spring. His breaths were long and drawn-out, while his chest barely even moved, almost as if he was in a state of hibernation. 

A long while later, he deeply exhaled from his nose as his eyes slowly opened.

Light surged in the depths of his eyes, as if they were gems containing a hidden glow. 

After five days of preparation, he was now in tip top condition. This was the best time for him to absorb the Genesis Star Pill.  

Zhou Yuan probed the interior of his Qi Dwelling, where more than seven hundred Genesis Qi stars were shining. As he breathed, strands of pure Genesis Qi spread, circulating within his Qi Dwelling. 

“Although I am only at the third layer Alpha-Origin stage, the Genesis Qi foundation of my Qi Dwelling exceeds that of a sixth layer Alpha-Origin expert…”

“Take Xu Yan for example. In my battle with him, I could feel that he had between one thousand to one thousand five hundred Genesis Qi stars…”

“However, my Genesis Qi stars are formed from the peak grade 6 Omni Python Qi, making my much than his in terms of quality.”

“I wonder how much my Qi Dwelling will grow after I advance to the fourth layer Alpha-Origin stage?”

Various feelings surged in Zhou Yuan’s heart. In the end, he took a deep breath, expelling all of these unnecessary thoughts. With a graphing motion, a jade box appeared in his hand, revealing a longan like green-jade pill within it. 

A fragrant aroma spread, seemingly enriching the mist in the entire cave dwelling. 

The pill slowly rose into the air, stopping in front of Zhou Yuan’s mouth, before being swallowed by him in one gulp.


The Genesis Star Pill instantly transformed into a boundless warm stream of energy, surging down into Zhou Yuan’s body like magma. It was as if a mad roaring dragon was wreaking havoc in his body.

The seemingly endless pure Genesis Qi caused Zhou Yuan’s body to expand substantially. The bones in his body creaked loudly, as if they were under a tremendous amount of pressure.  

Zhou Yuan’s expression turned extremely serious. He immediately activated the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, gathering the violent and scorching Genesis Qi, and directing it along his channels. 

Strands of Genesis Qi were refined by the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, before gradually being deposited into the Qi Dwelling where they converged into a whirlpool. In the end, a speck of light appeared deep within the whirlpool, growing brighter and brighter, before eventually transforming into a new Genesis Qi star that rose up to take its place in the Qi Dwelling.

Zhou Yuan was delighted as he felt the new Genesis Qi stars being formed in his Qi Dwelling. H promptly suppressed his emotions, and concentrated on refining the pure pill energy coursing through his body...

A medical fragrance emerged from deep within the cave, gradually growing stronger and stronger. 

As time passed, the Genesis Qi fluctuations from Zhou Yuan’s body steadily began to climb. The air around him was affected as well, causing soft howls to emerge.  

All of this indicated that Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation was rapidly growing. 

However, while Zhou Yuan happily immersed in the increasing Genesis Qi in his body, he failed to notice the blood-red lump on his palm begin to stir, squirming as if triggered by something. 

A faint blood-red glow blossomed like a resentful dragon which had finally awoken from its deep slumber. 

Outside the cave dwelling. 

In a garden, Yaoyao’s hair was tied up in a bun as she carefully tended to the gorgeous flowers. All of a sudden, her finger trembled as she was grabbing a flower. 

The flower’s thorns pricked her skin, causing a sliver of dark red to appear. 

Yaoyao frowned a little. She placed her finger between her lips, applying a slight pressure to it. Following which, she stood up and cast her clear eyes towards the depths of the cave dwelling. 

In that brief moment earlier, she seemed to have heard the resentful roar of a dragon. 

Her eyes widened slightly, before she sighed. 

“Has it finally arrived...”

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