Chapter 387 Taiyi Green Wood Mark

“Immortal body?”

“Taiyi Green Wood Mark?”

Zhou Yuan’s expression could not help but change as he savored the information that had entered his head. “What a boastful claim.”

Despite what he said, a look of pleasant surprise surfaced in his eyes. He had realized that the marks carved on the plant were actually a Genesis technique.   

This Genesis technique was extremely mysterious. He may not know what rank it was, but judging from how patriarch Cangxuan had painstakingly carved it onto the plant, it was obviously different from the four other mid grade Heaven tier techniques. 

“I am curious to find out what makes this technique so special that made patriarch Cangxuan treat it so differently.”

The Decoder Saint Rune in Zhou Yuan’s eye spun, as the markings were reflected in his eyes. Boundless yet cryptic information soon surfaced in his mind. 

After observing it for a brief moment, Zhou Yuan finally understood what the Taiyi Green Wood Mark was. 

It was an extremely amazing Genesis technique personally created by patriarch Cang Xuan. It allowed one to absorb the Taiyi Qi from the surroundings, using it to create a certain mark, which was known as the Taiyi Green Wood Mark.  

With regards to the so-called Taiyi Qi, it only existed within magical ancient wood element objects. The older the wood, the more Taiyi Qi it contained...

Although the Taiyi Green Wood mark would not increase one’s power or strengthen one’s body, it would bestow a frightening amount of life energy to the user. 

It was more than just regenerating one’s limbs. If one reached the perfect level, as long as one was not disintegrated to dust in an instant, one would still be able to slowly regenerate one’s entire body no matter how terrifying the injuries; even if only a head remained.  

In a certain manner of speaking, this could be considered an immortal body. 

“Is it really so frightening?” Zhou Yuan’s heart pounded loudly, as his breathing became ragged. This was the first time he had seen such an amazing Genesis technique. 

A technique that could bestow a terrifying amount of life-force to the user. 

This was practically a god-like survival skill!

It was no wonder that patriarch Cang Xaun had taken the time and effort to carve it onto the plant. At the advanced level, one would surely become one of the most annoying existences in this world. 

Just think about it, if you were engaged in a life-and-death struggle with someone who was nearly impossible to kill, how troubling would that be...

“I wonder what tier this Genesis technique is?” Zhou Yuan licked his lips. Even though the Taiyi Green Wood Mark did not boost one’s combat power, its utility may even exceed that of a high grade Heaven Genesis technique. 

“However… reaching the perfect level of the Taiyi Green Wood Mark is easier said than done.” After a surge of excitement, Zhou Yuan gradually began to regain his cool. 

To learn the Taiyi Green Wood Mark, the most critical item was that Taiyi Qi.

The older and rarer the ancient wood was, the stronger the Taiyi Qi it possessed. However, such ancient wood were surely rare resources, and Zhou Yuan did not know how much Taiyi Qi he would have to absorb in order to reach the perfect level...

He looked at the plant in front of him, as he awkwardly scratched his head with a bitter smile. 

However, it was fate that allowed him to obtain the Taiyi Green Wood Mark, and there was no way he would give up on it. With a deep breath, Zhou Yuan kept the plant into his Universe bag. 

He had evidently already made up his mind. He would do whatever it takes to master the Taiyi Green Wood Mark.

After he keeping the Taiyi Green Wood Mark, Zhou Yuan took another look at the ancient room, before he cupped his fist and bowed. This was his way of showing his appreciation to patriarch Cang Xuan for leaving this manual behind to bless someone like himself.

After which, he turned around, pushed open the door and left. 

The scene in front of him began to change once again, and it wasn't long before his surroundings brightened. Zhou Yuan lifted his head, only to find that he was already standing at the entrance of the Ancient Manuals Tower.

The door behind him was shut again.

Zhou Yuan was stunned. His gaze did a quick turn, and he quickly realized that there were two figures standing on the steps in front of the door. 

The hunched over elderly man, who was sitting down with a broom in his arms, was naturally old Xuan.  

However, it was the young looking figure beside old Xuan who left Zhou Yuan in shock. It was the peak master of Sword Cometh Peak, Ling Jun. 

To think that such an important person would be here...

The instant Zhou Yuan discovered peak master Ling Jun, the latter tilted his head slightly, as his deep pool like eyes nonchalantly swept a glance at the former. 

This glance alone caused Zhou Yuan to feel a stabbing pain all over his body. It was as if peak master Ling Jun’s gaze contained an extremely dreadful sword aura. If he showed even the slightest hint of killing intent, a single glance would instantly pierce Zhou Yuan’s body.  

Fortunately, peak master Ling Jun quickly withdrew the sword aura in his eyes. He turned around, approached Zhou Yuan and said with a faint smile, “Zhou Yuan, you are extremely talented. Are you interested in joining my Sword Cometh Peak?”

He did not beat around the bush, directly stating his intent to recruit Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan was put on the spot by these words. Wasn’t peak master Ling Jun being too direct?. 

“Le Tian and the others lost to you because they were useless, and I have already punished them accordingly. Given your talent, it is a waste for you to stay at Saint Genesis Peak.” 

“If you come to my Sword Cometh Peak, I promise you that you will become one of the ten Chosens within three years. How about it?” Asked peak master Ling Jun. 

Zhou Yuan let out a bitter laugh, before he shook his head and said, “This young one appreciates peak master Ling Jun’s kind intentions.”

There was no change in peak master Ling Jun’s expression, seemingly unsurprised by Zhou Yuan’s rejection. He merely looked deeply at Zhou Yuan, before he asked, “I am a little curious as to why you insist on staying in the pitiful Saint Genesis Peak?”

Zhou Yuan replied with a calm expression, “I’ve already mentioned it during the peak selection ceremony. I was fortunate enough to receive a blessing from patriarch Cang Xuan in the Saint Remains Domain. I came to the Cangxuan Sect not only because of my admiration for the patriarch, but also because I hope to restore Saint Genesis Peak to its former glory so as to repay him.”

Peak master Ling Jun fell silent. 

On the steps, old Xuan lifted his aged face, glanced at Zhou Yuan, and said, “I never imagined that even someone from the younger generation would understand the meaning of gratitude.” 

He then turned towards peak master Ling Jun, and said with his raspy voice, “Saint Genesis Peak is a lonely and desolate place that cannot match up to the liveliness of Sword Cometh Peak. You should head back soon.”

When he realized that old Xuan was asking him to leave, peak master Ling Jun withdrew his gaze from Zhou Yuan and looked towards old Xuan. Following which, his body began to fade, ultimately vanishing from sight. 

Zhou Yuan finally heaved a huge sigh of relief deep inside when he saw peak master Ling Jun leave. Merely standing in front of the former had made him feel a terrifying pressure. It was after all not pleasant to stand in front of someone who could take your life in the blink of an eye. 

He had been truly afraid that peak master Ling Jun might still be upset with him over what happened at the purple sash selection test, and give him a literal ‘death glare’...

Old Xuan slowly staggered to his feet. He leaned on his broom, as his murky eyes stared at Zhou Yuan. A long while later, he finally opened his mouth and slowly said, “You… entered master’s training chamber?”

He paused for a moment, before he continued, “The items in there… are beyond the reach of ordinary disciples…”

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