Chapter 386 Picking a Treasure

Darkness immediately descended the moment Zhou Yuan stepped into the Ancient Manuals Tower. This did not last for long, however, as starlight quickly rose from beneath his feet, and spread outwards. 

A starlit walkway appeared in front of him, as countless glowing balls floated up along the sides of the walkway like bubbles.

When Zhou Yuan stared closely at these glowing bubble-like balls, he could faintly see the faint silhouette of some kind of object within them. 

“The items inside should be Genesis Qi techniques, Genesis Runes, Genesis Weapons…” Zhou Yuan pondered. However, there was no way for him to know the contents of the balls. As such, he had no way of deducing their worth. 

Looks like everything will be up to luck. 

“No wonder he said it’s up to one’s fate.” Zhou Yuan gave a bitter laugh. One will be sent out after selecting a glowing ball, even if it turned out to be empty.

Zhou Yuan hesitated as he looked at the glowing balls, not immediately making his choice. Instead, he began to walk forward, dodging the balls that drifted towards him as he advanced.

He planned to have a proper look around first.

He continued to walk as his gaze swept about. Meanwhile, his Spirit sensors also reached out in an attempt to peek into the balls. 

However, his attempts were fruitless, as if the balls were able to block his Spirit senses. As a result, even Zhou Yuan’s mid Corporeal stage Spirit failed to pry into the secrets within them. 

“Can I only pick one at random?” Zhou Yuan frowned. If he did so, he would simply be leaving everything up to chance. It had not been easy for him to come across an opportunity to enter the Ancient Manuals Tower, and it really felt like a waste if he really left everything up to fate.

He mumbled under his breath for a brief period, before a certain idea suddenly dawned upon him. 

“If ordinary methods do not work, what about… the Decoder Saint Rune?”

He immediately acted on his thoughts, and the Decoder Saint Rune located in the depths of his pupils began to spin. As it spun, he cast his gaze towards the floating glowing balls again. To his delight, he saw lights of varying intensities appear inside the balls. 

Though he still could not tell what these objects were, he could now deduce the quality of these items based on the intensity of the pulsing light within. 

From the looks of it, it was clear that the stronger the light, the better the item. 

There were also several balls that were completely empty, lacking any light within them. This was likely because there was nothing inside, and anyone who picked one of them would leave empty-handed. 

Joy appeared on Zhou Yuan’s face. With the Decoder Saint Rune, he no longer had to grope about in the dark. 

Hence, he slowed down as he continued to walk forward, the Decoder Saint Rune in his pupils surveying every ball he passed. 

The time it took to burn half an incense stick soon passed. Along the way, Zhou Yuan found four balls that had the brightest interiors. According to his estimates, the treasures within these four balls should be equivalent to a Heaven tier technique.

Zhou Yuan involuntarily licked his lips, a fiery expression burning in his eyes. A Heaven tier technique was extremely rare even in a place like the Cangxuan Sect. In fact, there was no way an ordinary disciple would obtain something of that level without some kind of major accomplishment or contribution. 

Even Zhou Yuan himself had only recently learnt a single low grade Heaven tier technique. 

Any Heaven tier technique would be a huge boost to one’s battle power when mastered.

“I guess I’ll have to pick one at random.” Zhou Yuan hesitated for a while, before he gritted his teeth and reached towards one of the four balls. 


However, Zhou Yuan’s hand suddenly froze just as it was about to grab a ball. He had just felt a faint vibration from his Universe bag.

Zhou Yuan was taken aback. With a clench of his hand, a jade glow appeared. 

An ancient jade token slowly rose from his palm, giving off an indescribable aura.

It was the signet given to him by patriarch Cang Xuan in the Saint Remains Domain. 

The faint undulations he had felt earlier were from this very object. 

“What is going on?” Zhou Yuan stared in bewilderment at the faintly vibrating signet in his hand. This was the first time something like this has occurred ever since it was given to him.  

Bzz! Bzz!

While Zhou Yuan was trying to figure out what was going on, the glowing balls around him seemed to have also detected the signet’s presence. With a swish, they quickly darted towards the light walls, vanishing into them. 

Even the four balls carefully selected by Zhou Yuan had disappeared. 

Zhou Yuan panicked when he saw this. Why had the signet frightened off all of the balls? How was he going to pick a treasure now?

“What a scam!” However, his panicking was useless. He could only watch powerlessly as the glowing balls disappeared, nearly causing him to burst out into tears. 

While Zhou Yuan was at a loss, the signet in his palm slowly rose into the air, before it began to move forward. 

Zhou Yuan was shocked, but quickly followed after a moment of hesitation. This was where patriarch Cang Xuan used to cultivate, and since he came in with patriarch Cangxuan’s signet, he won’t end up suffering, right?

He followed the signet forward. After a while, his footsteps gradually came to a stop, because he had reached the end of the starlight walkway.

However, the signet did not stop here, but instead slowly inched forward. Next, Zhou Yuan watched in astonishment as a crack was slowly torn open at the end of the starlight walkway. 

The jade token flickered, as if urging Zhou Yuan to catch up. 

Zhou Yuan hesitated for a moment. In the end, he gritted his teeth and quickly walked forward, placing a foot into the crack.

The scenery before him changed the instant he stepped in, now finding himself standing inside an ancient looking room. The interior of the room was quite simple, and gave off an oldish aura. 

The jade token dropped onto the ground, and was picked it by Zhou Yuan before he carefully kept it. 

Zhou Yuan looked at the mat atop the stone bed in front of him, as he muttered to himself, “Is this where patriarch Cangxuan used to cultivate?”

He surveyed his surroundings, before his attention finally stopped on a table in front of the stone bed, where four jade scrolls quietly lay.

Out of curiosity, Zhou Yuan walked forward and randomly picked one of them up, his pupils abruptly shrinking the moment he sent out his senses.

“It’s a mid grade Heaven Genesis technique…”

In the Cangxuan Sect, Heaven Genesis techniques obtained by the disciples would usually be at the low grade Heaven tier, while obtaining a mid grade Heaven tier was several times harder. 

Zhou Yuan never expected that a random scroll he picked up in the room would turn out to contain a mid grade Heaven Genesis technique. 

Shock filling his heart, Zhou Yuan picked up the other three scrolls, and to find that two of them were also mid grade Heaven tier techniques. Moreover, they seemed to be fairly high ranking even amongst other mid grade Heaven tier techniques. 

The last scroll was to most shocking of them all. It held a grade 7 Qi cultivation method!

From how they were so casually placed in the room, it appeared that patriarch Cang Xuan did not really value them. 

However, this was only the case for patriarch Cang Xuan. For someone like Zhou Yuan, they were treasures that he could only dream of. In fact, he was even contemplating whether he could take them all. 

In the end, he managed to suppress his greed. The Ancient Manuals Tower had its own rules after all, and if he was caught, he might end up empty-handed instead. 

“I’ll just pick one of these mid grade Heaven tier techniques.” Zhou Yuan was stuck in a dilemma for quite some time, before he finally gritted his teeth and made his decision. Though the grade 7 Qi cultivation method was superior, it was useless to him. 

Hence, he reached out and grabbed a jade scroll, before turning around as he prepared to leave.

However, he spotted a tiny flash of green from the corner of his eye as his body turned. He paused to take a look, only to discover a small plant that resembled a small pine tree on a corner of the bed. 

It was an unremarkable object that was easy to overlook even if seen. After all, there was nothing special about this small pine tree.

However, the Decoder Saint Rune in Zhou Yuan’s pupils was currently still spinning, causing him to be taken aback the moment he saw the small plant. He could clearly see ancient markings carved on the plant’s body that gave off a peculiar sensation...

As a result, he quickly turned back and put down the jade scroll, before he carefully lifted up that small plant.

The Decoder Saint Rune in his eyes spun as the ancient markings on the plant began to converge, forming an image that was reflected in his eyes.

An ancient message appeared in his brain.

“Immortal body, Taiyi Green Wood Mark.”

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