Chapter 384 Reward

Saint Genesis Peak, Dao Seeker Hall.

It was Shen Taiyuan’s turn to use this place today. As a result, the atmosphere in the hall was rather jovial. Amongst the many disciples of the Cangxuan Sect that were still gushing over Zhou Yuan’s battle accomplishments in the purple sash selection test, Shen Taiyuan’s disciples were likely the most excited.

Over the past few days, disciples from their faction realized that they were receiving much more attention than before in the sect. In fact, disciples from the other peaks would even occasionally approach to inquire about certain things. 

Such a situation was basically unimaginable in the past, where others would lose interest in conversation upon learning that they were from Saint Genesis Peak. Furthermore, the other disciples would often look down on Shen Taiyuan’s disciples, not even bothering to hide the contempt at times. 

After all, everyone knew that Saint Genesis Peak was the most pathetic peak in the Cangxuan Sect.

However, Zhou Yuan’s performance in the purple selection test had made every disciple take notice of Saint Genesis Peak again. At the same time, they now also knew of Shen Taiyuan’s faction in Saint Genesis Peak...

This raised the spirits of Shen Taiyuan’s many disciples, who had almost gotten used to being overlooked. 

In their excitement, they could not help but constantly cast their gazes towards a certain spot near the front of the hall.

On the last purple mat sat a young and slim figure who had a purple sash around his waist. It was naturally Zhou Yuan.

After the purple sash selection test, Zhou Yuan was successfully promoted to a purple sash disciple. Therefore, he was no longer the first seat gold sash disciple, but someone who now had a place amongst the purple sash disciples. 

Even though the strength Zhou Yuan had displayed during the purple sash selection allowed him to be placed in the middle rankings of the purple sash disciples, he rejected the position Shen Taiyuan had arranged for him. Instead, he chose to be placed last amongst the purple sash.

To many disciples, one’s seat represented one’s rank and status. However, this was not very important to Zhou Yuan. In his eyes, the position of his seat did not matter as long as he could become a purple sash disciple.

Furthermore, choosing the last seat allowed him to appease some of the other disciples, and prevent them from feeling that he was too overbearing, though he currently did have the qualifications to be so.

This was how people were at times. When you had strength but choose to take a step back, others would feel that you are humble and kind, making them have a favorable opinion of you. 

Just as Zhou Yuan predicted, his decision to take the last seat caused several purple sash disciples to be thankful and even admire him. As a result, Zhou Yuan’s influence in Shen Taiyuan’s faction began to grow. In fact, several of the higher ranked disciple were very friendly whenever they met him.

While the hall was bathing in this warm atmosphere, a smile appeared on Shen Taiyuan’s usually stern face as he looked at Zhou Yuan. 

His gaze was filled with satisfaction and joy. 

Zhou Yuan had truly won him face during the purple sash selection test. In fact, some of the elders he encountered from the other peaks would even show their envy at having such an excellent seedling who would potentially become one of the ten Chosens in the future...

A disciple as talented as Zhou Yuan was not easily found after all. 

“Zhou Yuan…”

Shen Taiyuan smiled as he said in a kind voice, “Sect master sent someone to deliver your reward today.”

Light glimmered on his palm, as an opened jade box appeared. A green-jade like pill silently sat within it. 

A strong fragrance spread, making it seem as if the Genesis Qi in the entire hall had turned richer in an instant. 

The Genesis Star Pill!

The prize that was only given to the champion of the purple sash selection test!


The numerous disciples in the hall were practically drooling as they stared at the box. Even the eyes of purple sash disciples like Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan burned with desire. 

This was the Genesis Star Pill after all, known to many as the miracle pill of the Alpha-Origin stage!

The Alpha-Origin stage was a stage where one had to keep on building up one’s foundations. The stronger one’s foundation, the more powerful one’s Divine Dwelling would be when one broke into the Divine Dwelling stage in the future. 

Since the Genesis Star Pill could strengthen one’s foundation, one could easily imagine just how attractive it was to any Alpha-Origin practitioner. 

However, it was quite a difficult task to manufacture this pill. Therefore, only disciples who contributed greatly or achieved amazing feats would obtain one. 

At the very least, none of the disciples currently in the hall had ever had the privilege of enjoying one. 

Zhou Yuan also lifted his head and looked at the green pill in the jade box, as desire flashed in his eyes. The reason why he fought so hard for the championship title was not for the sake of fame, but rather for this Genesis Star Pill!

With this pill, he believed that he would definitely reach the fourth layer Alpha-Origin stage. 

His fight with Xu Yan and taught him the importance of having a strong Genesis Qi foundation. If Zhou Yuan were to fight Xu Yan again after advancing to the fourth layer Alpha-Origin stage, Zhou Yuan was confident that it was going to be difficult for Xu Yan to defeat him even if the latter was willing to sacrifice himself. 

Furthermore, as it was only a fight within the sect, and not a life and death struggle, it would be inappropriate for Zhou Yuan to use Silver Shadow. Truthfully speaking, it would not be a difficult task for Zhou Yuan to slay Xu Yan. 

With a wave of Shen Taiyuan’s sleeve, the jade box landed in front of Zhou Yuan under countless envious stares. 

Zhou Yuan reached out with both hands and respectfully received box as he wet his lips. Looks like he should find an opportunity to go into secluded cultivation to completely absorb the Genesis Star Pill. 

After giving the Genesis Star Pill to Zhou Yuan, Shen Taiyuan chuckled and said, “Zhou Yuan, now that you are a purple sash disciple, in accordance to the rules of the sect, Saint Genesis Peak will grant you a low tier grade 6 Qi cultivation technique, allowing you to cultivate a low tier grade 6 Genesis Qi.”

Zhou Yuan was stunned, before he promptly smiled awkwardly. Since he practiced the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, he could not learn any other Qi cultivation techniques. Furthermore, his Omni Python Qi was already a peak grade 6 Genesis Qi. Low tier grade 6 Genesis Qi could not possibly compare to it.

When Shen Taiyuan saw Zhou Yuan’s smile, he continued, “I know that you had a fortunate encounter, and do not care for a low tier grade 6 Qi cultivation method… however, it is the rules after all, and I am merely asking out of formality.”

He paused for a moment, before he said, “This should be the reward given to all newly promoted purple sash disciples. If you do not need it, it only makes sense for you to be compensated in some other form. I have already submitted a request to sect master in hopes of permitting you entry into our Saint Genesis Peak’s Ancient Manuals Tower.”

“It is said that our patriarch once cultivated in the Ancient Manuals Tower, and it is a place of many wonders and mysteries. Many of the disciples who entered were bestowed Genesis Qi techniques,  Genesis weapons, Genesis treasures…” 

“If you are lucky, you may even obtain a Heaven Genesis technique.”

His words instantly caused an uproar to sweep over the hall. This time, even Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and the other purple sash disciples could not help but feel a little envious. 

Ancient Manuals Tower was in a manner of speaking, a treasure trove of their Saint Genesis Peak, and even the elders lacked the authority to open it. The only way to open it was to submit a request to sect master. Over the years, only a handful of disciples had entered the tower, and no one had expected Shen Taiyuan to make a request to sect master for Zhou Yuan. Such treatment truly made one green with envy. 

Shen Taiyuan ignored the other disciples, focusing only on Zhou Yuan as he asked with a smile, “So, are you willing?”

Zhou Yuan was similarly shocked. Soon after, he bowed respectfully to Shen Taiyuan. The former was indeed fairly touched by how much the latter appreciated and took care of him.

Zhou Yuan nodded with a grateful smile on his face.

“This disciples is willing.”

“Thank you teacher Shen.”

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