Chapter 383 Sword Cometh Peak’s Punishment

The last purple sash selection of the year had finally ended in a spectacular fashion, though the ending was completely unexpected. 

Though it was over, the resulting shock lingered for quite some time, every disciple in the Cangxuan Sect still relatively in awe. 

In fact, Zhou Yuan’s outstanding accomplishments during the test made even the purple sash disciples to sigh in admiration. 

In the past, these same purple sash disciples would merely show indifferent haughtiness when they heard of Zhou Yuan’s battle accomplishments, listening to them in a disdainful manner. This was because Zhou Yuan’s opponents were merely gold sash disciples, and were hardly worthy of their attention. 

After this selection test, however, they finally withdrew their arrogant attitude, and began to regard Zhou Yuan as someone that was on the same level as them. After all, regardless of what methods Zhou Yuan had used, he was the one who had the final laugh. In contrast, Xu Yan had ended up in a rather sorry state. 

Hence, as word travelled from mouth to mouth, Zhou Yuan quickly became rather popular in the Cangxuan Sect. Although he was only a newly promoted purple sash disciple, his fame exceeded even some of the veteran purple sash disciples. 

While the disciples of Cangxuan Sect were in awe of Zhou Yuan’s battle accomplishments in the purple sash selection, the disciples from Sword Cometh Peak were in their most awkward and embarrassed state. In a manner of speaking, the rise of Zhou Yuan’s reputation came at the expense of the dignity of their Sword Cometh Peak. 

Under the current circumstances, they naturally chose to shy away from any discussions. 

Therefore, even though the entire Cangxuan Sect was filled with discussions centering Zhou Yuan, the disciples from Sword Cometh Peak chose to remain silent. 

At the same time, a piece of news emerged from Sword Comth Peak; every purple sash selection participant from the peak would be demoted to a black sash disciple for a year. 

In other words, not only did Le Tian, Lu Xuanyin and the other gold sash disciples fail to become purple sash disciples, they even failed to keep their status as gold sash disciples, ending up demoted to the lowest rank black sash disciple.

This demotion would last for an entire year. This meant that their rank would only be reinstated after a year. 

In addition, the veteran purple sash disciple, Xu Yan, was also punished. He was demoted from purple sash to gold sash for a year... 

In a manner of speaking, such a punishment was quite severe. Similar punishments had never been given for any of the past purple sash selection tests. This clearly showed the displeasure and anger that peak master Ling Jun felt towards his disciples’ pathetic performances during this test. 

When news of this matter got out, the disciples from other peaks gasped in shock, making them sympathize with Le Tian and the rest for a time. However, the punishment was a direct order from peak master Ling Jun. There was no way to change it unless sect master Qing Yang stepped forward and officially said something. 

Furthermore, all seven peaks were ran independently, the master of each peak having the final say over any matter in his or her peak. Hence, even sect master Qing Yang would rarely intervene in such matters.  

As a result, Le Tian, Lu Xuanyin, Xu Yan and the rest had no choice but to endure their punishment for a year. 


Sword Cometh Peak. 

The atmosphere in Sword Cometh Peak had been a little stifling recently. 

It was because peak master Ling Jun was not in a good mood, leading to several elders to act cautiously so as not to incite his wrath. Consequently, the elders’ disciples were even more cautious, and they did their best to avoid causing any trouble. After all, all of them had personally witnessed what had happened to Le Tian, Xu Yan, Lu Xuanyin and the rest. 

A certain tall peak in Sword Cometh Peak.

Inside a stone pavilion. 

Two young men were seated opposite one another. One of them was dressed in white, and had an extraordinary presence. It was Kong Sheng of Sword Cometh Peak.

Seated opposite him, was a man with long eyes, and a body that gave off a sharp and powerful aura. Naturally, the only disciple in the entire Sword Cometh Peak who had the qualifications to sit side by side with Kong Sheng, was the second Chosen, Zhao Zhu. 

“You are probably the one who incited our Sword Cometh Peak disciples to gang up on Zhou Yuan in the purple sash selection.” Said Kong Sheng as he glanced at Zhao Zhu. 

“Though Xu Yan was the one who came up with the idea, there is no way he could make Le Tian and the rest completely comply with his influence alone.”

Zhao Zhu smiled helplessly and replied, “They are really useless. They can’t even take care of such a small matter.”

Kong Sheng frowned slightly as he said, “I’ve said this before. There is no need to go after Zhou Yuan. Your actions have only ended up raising his reputation.”

Zhao Zhu gently rubbed with the white-jade like piece in his hand, as he casually said, “It was merely a off-hand remark to Le Tian…”

He paused for a moment, before he continued, “Nonetheless, I was negligent. I originally thought that it would only be a small matter. However… it turns out Zhou Yuan is actually quite capable.” 

His eyes narrowed slightly, as a bright and fierce glint flashed across them.

He had indeed sincerely believed that it was merely an insignificant matter. In fact, he had forgotten about it entirely after speaking to Le Tian that day. 

In his opinion, it was already a great honor for Zhou Yuan to be offhandedly mentioned by someone of his stature. However, he had never expected that this seemingly small matter would cause their Sword Cometh Peak to lose all face...

Kong Sheng slowly said, “Peak master was quite angered this time, and was planning on punishing Le Tian and the rest for three years. Fortunately, I managed to persuade him to lighten it to a year.”

Though he spoke casually, the fact that he was able to change the peak master’s opinion showed how highly peak master valued him. It was a feat that even several of the elders were unable to achieve. 

When Zhao Zhu heard these words, a look of envy flashed across his eyes. Although they were both Chosens he knew that peak master clearly had a higher opinion of Kong Sheng. 

Zhao Zhu smiled and said, “Then I must thank senior brother on behalf of Le Tian and the rest.”

Kong Sheng waved his hand, before he slowly lifted his head to look into the distance. Though there was no change to his handsome defined face, the tone of his voice became a little colder.

“However, it has been a long time since our Sword Cometh Peak suffered such a huge disgrace…”

“Zhou Yuan is truly a calf that doesn’t fear tigers. To think that he actually dares to step on my Sword Cometh Peak to boost his reputation… it seems that he really thinks he’s something special.”

Zhao Zhu chuckled and said, “Should we find a chance to teach him a lesson?”

Kong Sheng helplessly replied, “The kid is still far below us, and we can’t throw away our dignity just to personally teach him a lesson.”


He paused for a moment, before he said, “His companion Zhou Xiaoyao is an enigma. I wonder where she comes from…”

Zhao Zhu raised his brow slightly as he said in an uncaring manner, “I heard that she is merely good with Genesis Runes, and does not have any Genesis Qi cultivation. Though she has ability, senior brother is overestimating her by giving her such praise.”

“If I bump into her in the future, I am curious to find out whether my sword is faster, or her Genesis Runes…”

Kong Sheng smiled as he shook his head. He knew that Zhao Zhu was a proud person, and decided not to speak any further on this topic. Instead, he looked down from the mountain, and mused, “I heard that elder Lu Hong will be paying a visit to Sword Cometh Peak today.” 

“Oh?” Zhao Zhu lifted his gaze. 

“It is probably an order from peak master…” Kong Sheng’s lips curled slightly as he said, “Our peak master cares a great deal about face. Since the Saint Genesis Peak made our Sword Cometh Peak lose face, he is likely going to do a little something about it.”

“Moreover, what better move is there besides asking elder Lu Hong’s faction, which once belonged to our Sword Cometh Peak, to take the chief disciple seat of Saint Genesis Peak and become the top faction of Saint Genesis Peak, completely suppressing the other two factions?”

“Once elder Lu Hong’s faction becomes the master faction of Saint Genesis Peak, a single order from the master faction is all it will take to make Zhou Yuan our gopher, which he will have no choice but to obey.”

Zhao Zhu was stunned. Soon after, he was unable to hold back his laughter as he imagined such an entertaining scene.

“Haha, it seems like our peak master is on a different level than us. Since Saint Genesis Peak caused our Sword Cometh Peak to lose face, peak master will make sure that Saint Genesis Peak will always be below our Sword Cometh Peak in the future…”

The two of them exchanged a look, seeing the smile in the other party’s eyes. At the same time, they were also in admiration of their peak master’s methods.

In fact, they were beginning to look forward to that day. 

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