Chapter 382 Champion

On the scattered remains of the mountain peak, the awkward situation continued.

Zhou Yuan and Xu Yan were only separated by a few feet, but there was already no chance that a fight would break out between them.

Zhou Yuan was seated on the ground as he gradually neutralized the sharp Genesis Qi that had invaded his body. Xu Yan some distance away, not daring to even move, let alone send out his Genesis Qi to expel the poison.

His previous attempt had already made him understand just how terrifying that blood-red poison was.

As such, while the battles on the other nine peaks grew increasingly intense, their battle arena stayed strangely peaceful and quiet.

With regards to this situation, the numerous watching disciples were unable to decide whether they should laugh or cry.

They had originally believed Zhou Yuan would have zero chance in this fight. Who could have imagined that he would succeed in pulling off such a strange plan.

It seems that Sword Cometh Peak was destined to lose all face due to him.

On the mountain top, Xu Yan’s expression fluctuated indeterminately. He glanced at the giant incense stick at the center of the arena, finding that nearly a third of it had been burnt. In addition, the participants on the other nine peaks were gradually beginning to lose to their opponents.

If this situation continued, the victor’s crown would really end up on Zhou Yuan’s head.

When that happened, Sword Cometh Peak would truly lose all face, and his mission would certainly end up in failure. In fact, he would likely be punished as well.

These thoughts made Xu Yan’s expression turn even uglier. Soon after, he looked towards Zhou Yuan and said in a low voice, “Zhou Yuan, don’t even think for a moment that making Sword Cometh Peak lose all face will be good for you.”

Zhou Yuan raised his eyelids.

“Everyone knows that us Sword Cometh Peak disciples are not to be trifled with, and the worst possible people you can offend in the Cangxuan Sect. If you take things too far today, someone from Sword Cometh Peak will most certainly seek vengeance on you in the future.”

Zhou Yuan nonchalantly replied, “Senior brother Xu Yan, you say that I take things too far, but it’s your Sword Cometh Peak that sent so many gold sash disciples to hunt me today.”

Xu Yan turned rigid for a moment. His tone soon softened as he said, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, I have a suggestion…”

“As long as you admit defeat now, our Sword Cometh Peak will owe you one, while also writing off everything that happened before, and no Sword Cometh Peak disciple will ever cause any trouble for you in future. How about it?”

Zhou Yuan could not hold back his laughter. What a thick skin. To think that Xu Yan would be capable of saying such words. Looks like the current situation had put him under a tremendous amount of pressure.

“Forget it, I can’t afford for Sword Cometh Peak to be indebted to me.”

He shook his head as he answered in a calm voice. How could he not know that he had offended Sword Cometh Peak today. However, they only had themselves to blame. To think that Xu Yan was asking him to admit defeat now in order to save what little dignity they had left. Zhou Yuan could not possibly agree to such a shameless request.

Sword Cometh Peak may be akin to a rising star, but so what? Everyone was part of the same Cangxuan Sect. If Sword Cometh Peak did go overboard, Zhou Yuan believed that sect master Qing Yang and the other peak masters would not idly stand by.

Moreover, he was not a weak-willed individual. Sword Cometh Peak’s overbearingness this time had naturally angered him.

Since you guys were the ones who started this, losing all face shall be the consequence you bear.

“Zhou Yuan, you’d better not push your luck!” Xu Yan’s tone had turned to one of anger. He had already put down his airs and tried to politely persuade the former. And yet, Zhou Yuan refused to budge, clearly showing no respect for Sword Cometh Peak.

However, Zhou Yuan could no longer be bothered to respond. He closed his eyes and focused on neutralizing the Genesis Qi that had invaded his body.

Upon seeing this, Xu Yan anxiously shouted a few more times. However, he was only met by silence, causing his face to turn green with rage.

Time slowly flowed in this manner.

At this point in time, only half of the giant incense stick was left.

By this time, the battles on the other nine peaks were already nearing their end. Only Su Wan, Wang Chen, Xia Yu and the other two first seat gold sash disciples were left standing, as they bitterly struggled against their veteran purple sash opponents.

However, it was clear that they would not last much longer.

Xu Yan’s face turned even uglier when he saw this, and opened his mouth once again to persuade Zhou Yuan. However, Zhou Yuan remained completely unresponsive.

The giant incense stick burned faster and faster. When only a tenth of the stick was left, the other five remaining participants finally reached their limit and admitted defeat.

The instant the final five conceded, every gaze in the entire place converged onto Zhou Yuan and Xu Yan’s peak, complicated expressions filling everyone’s faces.

When these gazes looked at Zhou Yuan, admiration appeared in their eyes.

The championship battle was a competition to see who would last the longest at the hands of the veteran purple sash disciples. Su Wan, Wang Chen, Xia Yu and the rest had tried their hardest to delay the inevitable.

A vast disparity would appear when the other participants compared themselves to Zhou Yuan, because he had forced an impasse on his peak.

In other words, although Zhou Yuan had been unable to defeat Xu Yan, Xu Yan could do nothing about him either.

From a certain point of view, this was already considered an absolute victory.

Though the youthful figure seated on the mountain top was quite a pitiful sight at this time, not a single disciple dared to look down on him. No one could find a single fault in Zhou Yuan’s performance during this purple sash selection.

One could say that Zhou Yuan will now become a legend in the Cangxuan Sect after the purple sash selection.

His previous accomplishments from the peak selection ceremony, Genesis reservoir or Saint Genesis Peak were basically nothing in comparison to his latest one. In a certain manner of speaking, Zhou Yuan had singlehandedly crushed the entire Sword Cometh Peak during this purple selection test.

A single individual crushing an entire peak. Though it was only with regards to the gold sash disciples, it was already a feat that made countless people sigh in admiration.

Zhou Yuan’s tightly shut eyes also opened at this moment. He cast an indifferent glance at Xu Yan, finding the latter’s face was now deathly pale and filled with despair.

It was obvious that Xu Yan also understood that nothing could be changed by this point, and it would be useless no matter what he said now.

He glared at Zhou Yuan and spat out through gnashed teeth, “Zhou Yuan, you’ll regret this!” 

Zhou Yuan remained unmoved. He stood up as he slammed his palm onto the ground, causing spurts of sharp Genesis Qi to shoot out, drilling numerous deep holes on the mountain top.

The Genesis Qi that had invaded his body earlier was now fully neutralized.

Xu Yan’s expression changed slightly when he saw this, clearly not expecting Zhou Yuan to neutralize his Genesis Qi so quickly.

Zhou Yuan swept a glance at Xu Yan. The fight with the latter had made him realize how much he was lacking. To think a single veteran purple sash disciple had pushed him so far.

“The year-end chief disciple selection will definitely be far more difficult, because only the best purple sash disciples will have the qualifications to participate.”

“Someone like Xu Yan may not even be qualified to take part in such an event.”

Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath as he eyes narrowed slightly. Looks like he could not become complacent. If Xu Yan had not underestimated him, Zhou Yuan could not guarantee that he would become the last man standing.

After all, it was already crazily difficult for him to defeat a sixth layer disciple. Challenging the seventh layer was just too much.

While these thoughts swirled in his head, Zhou Yuan suddenly sensed an almighty gaze look towards him, before a warm and boundless voice sounded.

It was sect master Qing Yang!

“The purple sash selection has ended.”

“The champion of this selection, is Saint Genesis Peak’s… Zhou Yuan!”

As the booming voice echoed, countless gazes looked towards Zhou Yuan. Some were filled with amazement, some were filled with respect… in the end, the numerous disciples followed the rites they had always followed; cupping their fists together and bowing.

“Congratulations champion!”

Ordery and clear voices rang out across the land, shaking the seven peaks.

Only at this very moment did Zhou Yuan’s name finally begin to leave its mark in the Cangxuan Sect.

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