Chapter 380 Genesis Qi Clash


A green crescent moon fell from the sky like a streak of green light, seemingly tearing apart even space itself wherever it passed.

The falling crescent moon was the embodiment of horrifying power.

Zhou Yuan lifted his head, an extremely grave expression on his face as he gazed at the falling crescent moon. He could just barely make out the shadow of sword within the crescent moon.

The crescent moon surrounding the sword was actually made from sword aura.

In the face of an attack like this, Zhou Yuan knew that he would be instantly cleaved into two no matter how many layers of defense he had.

Even the majority of seventh layer Alpha-Origin experts would try to flee as far as they could from this crescent moon.

Numerous sighs of pity could be heard outside the mountain range. The moment Xu Yan decided to throw away his dignity and use this attack, was the moment that the battle would finally be decided.

They truly could not imagine how Zhou Yuan would be able to withstand such a terrifying attack.

Amidst the sighs of pity, many disciples watched as Zhou Yuan suddenly grasped his hands in front of him. Scorching undulations seemed to spread from his body, so hot that even the ground below his feet began to melt.

A scarlet-red aura rose from Zhou Yuan’s body.

His feet slowly spread apart as his cheeks abruptly ballooned. Everyone watched as his face suddenly turned red as a burning cold.

In fact, even his eyes had taken on a scarlet-red hue.

Zhou Yuan’s hands swiftly formed a seal as the Genesis Qi in his body violently bubbled like boiling water.

The strange movements from Zhou Yuan was met by uncertainty in the eyes of countless disciples. However, some of the keener disciples soon realized something, and immediately blurted out, “Zhou Yuan is using a Heaven Genesis technique!”

“From the appearance of that technique… if my guess is not wrong, it should be the Heavenly Sun God Record!”

“I’ve heard that Zhou Yuan was given a low grade Heaven Genesis technique by the sect when he became champion of the peak selection ceremony. That must be the Heavenly Sun God Record!”

Cries of surprise spread, shocking countless disciples. Didn’t this mean that Zhou Yuan had managed to learn the Heavenly Sun God Record?!

He really is a monster!


Amidst the gasps and cries of surprise, Zhou Yuan’s had already expanded as much as the could. In the next instant, his mouth suddenly opened as shout rang out from within.

“Heavenly Sun God Record, Heavenly Sun Fire!”


Along with his voice, a several hundred feet wide ball of white fire was spat out. It felt as if the air around was instantly combusted, while the rocky arena below their feet began to melt.

This bundle of fire was enough to melt an entire mountain.

Its power was domineering to the extreme!


The white fire dashed into the sky. Under countless astonished gazes, it ultimately slammed into the swiftly descending green crescent moon.


A berserk Genesis Qi shockwave devastated the area.

Under the madly burning white fire, the green crescent moon rapidly began to shrink at speed which could be seen by the naked eye. However, the pulsing green light sword Qi was also extinguishing the fire.

The two forces frantically eroded each other.

In a short span of a few dozen breaths, the giant blaze of white fire had been fully extinguished, while the green crescent moon had shrunk to the size of a mere foot...


The green crescent moon swung downwards, its sharp edge heading straight for Zhou Yuan.

Heavenly Serpent Scales appeared on Zhou Yuan’s arms. His grip tightened around the Heavenly Yuan Brush, as he yelled. Omni Python Qi surged out, and wrapped around the brush like a giant python, before being powerfully swung at the incoming crescent moon.

“Million Whale Rune!”


The Heavenly Yuan Brush and crescent moon smashed into each other as a clear clang echoed. A hundred feet wide shockwave quickly followed, plowing through the entire surface of the mountain peak.


The ground was rapidly torn apart.

Zhou Yuan’s figure received the brunt of the aftershock, leaving deep marks on the ground as his feet slid backwards. The Heavenly Yuan Brush also grated across the ground, creating a line of sparks.

As the dust settled, one could see that the entire arena was a mess.

Countless nervous gazes shot over.

Only to find that Zhou Yuan’s figure had appeared on the edge of a cliff, mere inches away from falling off.

The Heavenly Yuan Brush had been deeply impaled into the ground in front of him, while his arms were drenched in blood. Even the Heavenly Serpent Scales had been completely shattered due to the overwhelming force from the green crescent moon from earlier.

Although he was now a pretty miserable sight to behold, anyone could see that he had successfully withstood Xu Yan’s terrifying attack.

No one had expected Zhou Yuan to meet it with an attack of his own. He had first used a Heaven Genesis technique to exhaust nearly eighty percent of the crescent moon’s power, before striking a decisive blow that ultimately managed to destroy the attack.

Such rich battle experience made one gasp in amazement.

Zhou Yuan swung his hands, sending out a spray of blood. His expression remained unchanged as he muttered to himself, “What a pity. If I was at the fourth layer Alpha-Origin stage, my Heavenly Sun Fire would have been enough to destroy that green crescent moon.”

The strength of his Genesis Qi was just unable to match up to his opponent’s, resulting in him being unable to bring out the full power of the Heavenly Sun Fire. In the end, he was forced to take action, paying a substantial price in order to destroy the remaining power within the green crescent moon.

The numerous disciples outside the mountain range could not help but cheer when they saw this. Zhou Yuan’s response had been beautiful.

Even at a clear disadvantage, he remained calm in the face of danger, paying the smallest price to neutralize it. Such ability astonished even some of the veteran purple sash disciples.

On the mountain peak, the corners of Xu Yan’s mouth twitched for a moment as he gazed upon the pitiful figure of his opponent. Zhou Yuan’s tenacity was beginning to shake Xu Yan’s heart a little.

The attacks he unleashed earlier would have defeated even a seventh layer disciples long ago, but Zhou Yuan just somehow managed to doggedly hang on.

With such willpower and determination, it was no wonder that he had become famous in the talent filled Cangxuan Sect.

“This guy!” Xu Yan gritted his teeth, the look in his eyes showing that he was a little unable to accept the reality before him.


However, while rage was boiling in his heart, Zhou Yuan’s figure suddenly disappeared.

“Humph!” Xu Yan icily snorted as he sent a palm strike behind him. Although using the Heaven Genesis technique earlier had used up a substantial amount of Genesis Qi, dealing with Zhou Yuan was still not going to be a problem.


Palm winds swatted forth as a hand reached out from nowhere like an eagle claw to meet it, before grabbing Xu Yan’s hand.

Xu Yan let out an icy chuckle as he sent out a fierce thrust with his other hand, Genesis Qi surging as sword Qi pulsed from it.


Zhou Yuan’s other hand also moved forward, his fingers closing around Xu Yan’s hand and locking it in place.

As a result, the two individuals ended up tightly grabbing each other’s hands, ominous glints flashing in their eyes as they glared at each other.

This clearly looked to be a contest of Genesis Qi with their bodies as a battlefield!

Such a situation slightly stunned Xu Yan for an instant, before a sinister smile quickly appeared on his lips. “You really are seeking death. Do you believe that you’ll be able to compete with me in Genesis Qi because I’ve used a Heaven Genesis technique?”

“I’ll let you have a taste of how much stronger the seventh layer Alpha-Origin is than you!”

With a thought, the Genesis Qi stars in his Qi Dwelling abruptly brightened as surging Genesis Qi whizzed out, flowing through his body and into his arms as it maniacally began to invade Zhou Yuan’s body.

Xu Yan’s Genesis Qi was as sharp as a sword, and was a true-blue grade 6 Genesis Qi. Sword Qi began to spread the moment it entered Zhou Yuan’s body, causing him to feel a stabbing pain.

However, Zhou Yuan’s eyes merely hardened in response, seemingly unmoved by the pain, while his roaring Omni Python Qi charged into Xu Yan’s body.

The Genesis Qi of both individuals collided as they attempted to destroy the other.

Numerous disciples gasped when they saw this scene. No one had expected the two to choose such a desperate mode of battle.

“Xu Yan clearly has the advantage in a purely Genesis Qi clash…”

“Yeah, I don’t understand why Zhou Yuan forced Xu Yan into it…”

“I’m guessing it’s because he was being overwhelmed by Xu Yan earlier, and can no longer bear to continue…”

“This is rather foolish of him.”


Under the numerous puzzled gazes, Zhou Yuan and Xu Yan’s figures violently shook on the mountain top, before being flung backwards a split second later, leaving behind countless footprints on the ground as they attempted to stabilize their bodies.

Xu Yan’s cold gaze looked towards Zhou Yuan as he said in a mocking manner, “That was too foolish of you junior brother Zhou Yuan.”

“Your arms have now been injured by my Genesis Qi, and won’t be able to move for the time being.”

Countless gazes were cast at Zhou Yuan’s arms, only to find that it was covered in bloody wounds. It looked as if countless blades had sliced into them, the fresh blood gushing out making them appear even more pitiful than earlier.

If he temporarily lost the use of his arms, Zhou Yuan would no longer be able to do battle.

Like everyone had expected, Xu Yan had gained the upper hand in the earlier Genesis Qi clash.

Under Xu Yan’s mocking gaze, Zhou Yuan lowered his head and glanced at his bloody arms. To everyone’s surprise, however, there was no panic on his face.

“Senior brother Xu Yan…”

He raised his head and looked towards Xu Yan, who appeared to be already absolutely certain of victory, as a playful smile gradually rose from the corners of his mouth.

“Did no one tell you… that it’s best not to engage in a Genesis Qi struggle using the body as the battlefield with me?”

“Because if you do so, the price you end up paying will be far beyond your imagination.”

Xu Yan’s pupils shrank slightly. A split second later, he seemed to suddenly detect something and abruptly pulled up his sleeves. He looked down, only to see that countless sinisterly looking blood lines had appeared on his arms. These blood lines squirmed under his skin, as the resentful roar a dragon faintly echoed.

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