Chapter 378 Strenuous Battle against Xu Yan


An eight hundred foot tall dark green Genesis Qi pillar rose into the sky, stirring the wind and clouds as a powerful sword aura pulsed from it, causing the entire area to be filled with the cry of a sword.

Xu Yan immediately displayed the astonishing might of a seventh layer Alpha-Origin expert. 

The expression on Zhou Yuan’s face grew increasingly grim as he tightened his grip on the Heaven Yuan Brush. He did not dare to underestimate such a formidable opponent.


When Xu Yan’s Genesis Qi charged into the sky, nine other powerful Genesis Qi pillars also erupted on the other nine peaks, each one reaching the strength of the seventh layer Alpha-Origin stage. 

Evidently, the fights on the other nine peaks had also began. 

However, compared to Xu Yan’s Genesis Qi, the other nine powerful Genesis Qi pillars seemed to be holding back a little. Just like what Xu Yan had said earlier, they were purposefully holding back out of consideration for their junior brothers and sisters...

However, it was clear that Xu Yan had no intentions of doing so. 

In fact, even the many disciples outside the mountain range could detect this as well.

However, they could only sigh in pity with regards to this. Zhou Yuan was truly unfortunate. Out of all the possible opponents, he just had to bump into Xu Yan from Sword Cometh Peak. Anyone else would have most likely gone easy on Zhou Yuan. 

In the river around the mountain range, Lu Xuanyin flew out from the water and tumbled onto the river bank. She lifted her head to look at that powerful Genesis Qi that had erupted from a certain mountain peak, as a look of hatred flashed in her eyes. 

She had lost all face in front of Zhou Yuan earlier. 

Though she resented him, she was also very fearful of him. The heartless ferocity in Zhou Yuan’s eyes earlier as he thrust his brush towards her had sent a chill through her heart. 

As a result, she no longer had the courage to oppose Zhou Yuan. However, it seemed that Zhou Yuan had finally used up all of his blessings. To think that he would be unlucky enough to encounter Xu Yan. 

“Zhou Yuan, it’s too early for your to celebrate. Senior brother Xu Yan will make you understand how stupid it is to offend our Sword Cometh Peak!”

“Don’t even think about advancing any further in this purple sash selection. As for the championship title, you can dream on!”



On the mountain peak, Xu Yan sneered as he suddenly slammed his palms together. 


That eight hundred foot tall dark green Genesis Qi pillar suddenly split apart, transforming into dozens of light rays as they fell from the sky. Each ray was in the shape of a sword, pulsing with an incomparably sharp aura as they descended. 

Their speed was as quick as lightning. 

The sound of rushing wind echoed from above Zhou Yuan. His figure instantly etherealized as he quickly retreated like a wisp of smoke.

Boom! Boom!

Streaks of dark green Genesis Qi viciously rained down. They struck the ground like giant swords, leaving deep scars behind.  

Every blast of green Genesis Qi that landed would give rise to a destructive shockwave.

Meanwhile, Zhou Yuan was akin to a leaf boat floating on the waves, wobbling precariously at every gust of wind. His surroundings were filled with danger, and a single slip was all it would take to capsize him. 

The final stream of green Genesis Qi landed. 

Zhou Yuan’s feet slid across the ground, leaving two long trails upon it. His expression was extremely grim, because there were now numerous small wounds on the surface of his body. 

These wounds had been caused by the sword aura from the green Genesis Qi. 

“As expected of a veteran purple sash disciple.”

Zhou Yuan wiped off the blood on the back of his hand. Not only did Xu Yan have strong and robust Genesis Qi, his Genesis Qi had also reached the grade 6 level. As such, his Genesis Qi was able to invade the opponent’s body at even the slightest contact. If not for the fact that Zhou Yuan’s Omni Python Qi was of a higher grade, just the sword like Genesis Qi that invaded his body alone would give him a huge headache. 

According to his estimates, Xu Yan’s Genesis Qi should be at the low tier grade 6. 

Fortunately for Zhou Yuan, his Omni Python Qi was at the peak of grade 6. This was perhaps one of the few advantages that he had over Xu Yan. 

Upon seeing that Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi had not been disrupted even with the many wounds on his body, Xu Yan raised his brows and said, “Your Genesis Qi is quite high quality huh… to think that you are able to withstand my low tier grade 6 Green Moon Sword Qi.”

It was clear that Zhou Yuan had neutralized all the Green Moon Sword Qi that had invaded his body. 

“But this even better. I need not worry about breaking you…” The corners of Xu Yan’s mouth raised slightly, filled with a chilling sensation.  

His foot slammed into the ground the instant his words faded.


Green Genesis Qi swept forth from under his feet like a shockwave, spreading across the entire arena in the blink of an eye. 

“Green Moon Millimeter Sword!”


The Green Genesis Qi vibrated as it seemed to unravel, transforming into innumerable tiny hair-like green sword light. A split second later, hundreds of millions of sword light shot towards Zhou Yuan.  

In the face of this attack, Zhou Yuan was unable to avoid no matter how fast he was.

As he gazed upon the green sword light that seemed to fill the sky and land, Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank slightly. His body immediately etherealized, turning slightly transparent. 

“Ethereal Form!”

“Heavenly Serpent Scales!”

With a shout, light azure scales appeared and covered his entire body. 

Zhou Yuan did not stop after taking these defensive measures. He rolled up his sleeves as a rune surfaced on his arm. The rune flickered with a glossy glow, a sign that it had been prepared some time ago.

“Golden Glass Body Rune!”

In the wake of his yell, the rune instantly began to spread, as a glass like look surged out and enveloped Zhou Yuan’s body. 

Under the glass like glow, even the Heavenly Serpent Scales took on a glassy hue.

The current Zhou Yuan looked like a statute. However, his defensive power had become shockingly terrifying.

Cling! Clang!

The countless tiny green sword light arrived just as Zhou Yuan had finished his preparations. Crisp and clear sounds of collision echoed in the mountain peak.

Like a storm of green swords was violently raining down upon the land.

Outside the mountain range, numerous disciples swallowed when they saw this scene. The fights on the other nine peaks were still in the warm-up phase, while Zhou Yuan and Xu Yan had already unleashed their killing intent, showing no mercy against each other. 

A disciple sighed and said, “Xu Yan is too vicious. The fight has only just begun, and yet he has already unleashed his signature move, Green Moon Millimeter Sword. Even normal purple sash disciples would have no choice but to retreat if they were up against this attack.”

“He has no choice. Zhou Yuan eliminated the entire Sword Cometh Peak team previously. Therefore, Xu Yan must thoroughly thrash Zhou Yuan in order to restore some dignity for his peak.”

“I wonder if Zhou Yuan will survive this barrage…”


Amidst the numerous whispers, the rain of tiny green swords slowly began to thin, before finally ceasing. 

Countless gazes immediately looked over. 

Countless holes had been poked into the ground. Though each hole was the size of a little finger, they were completely pitch-black, and it was impossible to see to the bottom.

At the center of the destruction, Zhou Yuan stood with his arms crossed in front of him. Needle like green sword light seemed to cover every inch of his body, making him look similar to a hedgehog. It was a painful sight to behold. 

Xu Yan’s eyes narrowed as he stared at this scene.


A soft cracking sound was heard from Zhou Yuan’s body. 

The glass-like scales swiftly began to shatter. As they broke, the tiny green swords stuck in them also fell off.

A few breaths passed.

All the glass like scales had fallen off, returning Zhou Yuan’s body to its original color.

Numerous tiny red dots were visible on his body, blood seeping out from them. It was a very pitiful state.

However, Xu Yan snorted as he mocked, “Your turtle shell is really tough.”

These were merely superficial wounds. With his Ethereal Form, Heavenly Python Scales and the defensive rune, Zhou Yuan had managed to block the brunt of the onslaught.

This made Xu Yan’s expression turn rather ugly. 

He had initially thought that this move would be enough to leave Zhou Yuan helpless on the ground.

Zhou Yuan looked at the countless bloody dots on his arms as his expression turned slightly icy. This was the first time since joining the Cangxuan Sect that he had faced so much pressure in a fight.

The seventh layer Alpha-Origin stage was formidable indeed.

However, even if Xu Yan was a ferocious tiger, he had better be prepared to break his teeth if he wanted to bite a hard stone like Zhou Yuan!


Zhou Yuan’s cheeks inflated as he blew out a stream of Genesis Qi that turned into a gale and swept up the dust on the ground.

His figure vanished into the storm of dust. 

“Advanced Ethereal Form… you are indeed skilled at hiding.” Xu Yan let out an icy chuckle when he saw Zhou Yuan’s figure disappear, the icy glow in his eyes growing even harsher and brighter. 

“To think that you would dare to launch a counter attack, how brave of you…” 

“Alright then. I will make you understand… how it feels to be an ant shaking a tree!”

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