Chapter 376 Top Ten

Ten peaks rose from the majestic mountain like ten fingers. At the foot of each peak stood ten heavy stone doors that one needed to cross in order to ascend the peaks, blocking the paths of numerous disciples. 

Zhou Yuan stood at the foot of the mountain, sighing inside as he gazed at the ten stone doors. Once he passed through any of these doors, he would finally be promoted to a purple sash disciple, and become a pillar of the Cangxuan Sect. 

Of course, what naturally followed was the envious luxurious treatment that every purple sash disciple enjoyed. 

Only god knew how many disciples worked tirelessly in hopes of receiving it.

Zhou Yuan gazed at the stone doors, but did not immediately make a move. Instead, he quietly stood there as he tried to calm the stabbing pain his Spirit was experiencing...

As he waited, the sound of rushing air continuously sounded in the vicinity as figure after figure arrived. 

There was obviously much less people compared to earlier. However, every one of them was surrounded by powerful Genesis Qi, and had sharp and determined looks in their eyes. It was obvious that none of them were ordinary individuals. 

After all, they had to defeat numerous opponents in order to reach this place, many of whom were considered elite gold sash disciples of the Cangxuan Sect, and were definitely not weak.

There were currently five figures standing at the very front of the group. 

They were Su Wan from Cangxuan Peak, Xia Yu from Spirit Rune Peak, Wang Chen from Lightning Prison Peak, Mu Chunlei from Snow Lotus Peak and Wu Yue from Hongya Peak...

The five of them were the number one gold sash disciples of their respective peaks, and strongest amongst everyone here. None of the other disciples even dared to stand too close to the five, clearing showing that none of them had any intentions of fighting with these five. 

Of course, besides these five individuals, there was also no one within a few dozen feet radius of Zhou Yuan. 

In fact, even Su Wan and the four other first seat gold sash disciples looked at Zhou Yuan with wariness. 

It was obvious that Zhou Yuan’s feat of wiping out the entire Sword Cometh Peak team had simply been too shocking. What’s more, Le Tian had been amongst this group, someone whose strength was equal to their own.

Even so, all of them were ultimately kicked out of the selection by Zhou Yuan. Such battle power was indeed very terrifying. 

Therefore, no one dared to offend Zhou Yuan. Though they knew that Zhou Yuan had won because of the boundary he had set up, it was still part of his ability. 

As more and more disciples gathered at the foot of the ten peak mountain, Su Wan, Wang Chen, Xia Yu and the rest finally made their move. Everyone watched as they moved forward, each individual arriving in front one of the stone doors. 

Following which, standing in front of their respective doors, they swept their gazes around the place.

Their intent was clear; these five doors were taken. 

When Zhou Yuan saw this, he too moved, landing in front of the sixth stone door. 

Anyone who disagreed could step forward and challenge any of the six. If the challenger won, he or she would be able to take their spot. 

However, it was obvious that not many disciples had the courage to challenge these first seat gold sash disciples of their respective peaks. 

If it was the past, Zhou Yuan would definitely be challenged by numerous disciples if he tried to take over one of the stone doors. In their eyes, the Zhou Yuan from back then was not qualified to do so.

However, after Zhou Yuan’s battle with the Sword Cometh Peak disciples, everyone had already  erased such thoughts from their minds. 

In fact, they would rather challenge the other five. None of them had the courage to face this demon of a disciple who had wiped out the entire Sword Cometh peak team. 

As such, only four stone doors remained. 

In other words, intense battles would soon occur in front of these last four doors. 

In order to be promoted to a purple sash disciple, every disciple here had raised their battle power to the limit. Therefore, an extremely chaotic battle was sure to erupt in front of these doors. 

In contrast, the area around Zhou Yuan and the other five would be deserted and peaceful, since no one was going to challenge them.. As such, they could only quietly observe the fights taking place in front of the four remaining doors... 

The chaotic and intense battles lasted for nearly an incense stick of time. 

In the end, four disciples prevailed from amidst a heap of groaning bodies. Though they were riddled with injuries, they were bursting with excitement as they stood in front of the four stone doors, the emotions in their eyes clear for all to see. 

When all ten disciples stood in front of the stone doors, a series of sighs sounded outside the mountain range. 

Because this meant that these ten disciples now possessed the qualifications to become purple sash disciples.

The eyes of countless disciples were overflowing with envy as they gazed at the ten figures. 

To become a purple sash disciple was the goal of every Cangxuan Sect disciple. Moreover, only by first reaching this rank would the path towards the chief disciple be open and even… a Chosen in the future.

“Since the ten purple sash disciples have been decided, it’s time for the most exciting part of the purple sash selection…”

“Yeah. The championship battle is next.”

“I wonder what format this championship battle will take? I am really looking forward to it...”

“No matter what format it is, I believe Zhou Yuan has a very good chance. In fact, he will likely become the champion this time.”

“That is not necessarily true. The reason why Zhou Yuan was able to team wipe the Sword Cometh Peak disciples was because Le Tian and gang were caught off-guard, allowing Zhou Yuan to set up a boundary in secret. Since everyone now knows this trick of his, there is no way they will give him the time to set it up again in a fight.”

“That’s true. Without the help of the boundary, I don’t see how Zhou Yuan could possibly match up to Su Wan, Wang Chen and the other first seat gold sash disciples…”


Many disciples discussed the outcome, their eyes filled with anticipation. The ten purple sash disciples before them were the top disciples that had distinguished themselves from all the gold sash disciples in their Cangxuan Sect. 

And the champion would soon be decided from amongst them. 

One could only imagine how amazing the subsequent fights would be. 


Zhou Yuan stood in front of a stone door as he stretched out his hand. The seals on the back of his hand began to flicker, before detaching themselves and flying into the stone door. 


After the seals entered, a rumbling noise immediately erupted from the stone door. Under Zhou Yuan’s excited gaze, the door slowly opened.

Faint mist filled the area behind the stone door, while a tiny rock path extended towards the limits of one’s sight. 

“The championship battle, huh…”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes glimmered. He would have no interest if it was just a title, as he was a very practical person. He was only interested in the championship prize, the Genesis Star Pill. 

With that pill, he would be able to swiftly advance into the fourth-layer Alpha Origin stage. 

By doing so, he would increase his odds in the year-end chief disciple selection. After all, the opponents he would face in that fight would make his current battles seem akin to small squabbles. 

Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath, before he stepped past the stone door without the slightest trace of hesitation, embracing the mist as he began walking on that small cobbled path. 

The cobbled path brought him upwards. His surroundings were obscured by the fog, while his curious gaze remained directed to the front.

He really wanted to know what the format of the championship battle would be.

Was it going to be a ten person brawl?

As such thoughts swirled in his head, Zhou Yuan’s footsteps did not pause. After half an incense stick of time, he finally realized that he had reached the end of that cobbled path. Meanwhile, the mist in front of him began to dissipate. 

When the mist disappeared, a spacious rocky arena appeared in front of him. 

Zhou Yuan’s gaze immediately locked onto the center of the arena, where a man was resting both his hands on the hilt of a dark gray sword, while his scabbard was propped up on the ground. 

Beside him was a three feet long incense stick wedged atop a boulder. 

When Zhou Yuan saw this person, his pupils shrank slightly.

The figure lifted his head, and revealed a playful smile at Zhou Yuan.

“Zhou Yuan, it seems like you’ve really made a name for yourself earlier...”

“However, I never expected that you would bump into me.”

Zhou Yuan frowned. The figure before him was not completely unknown. This person was also a disciple from Sword Cometh Peak, and seemed to be called… Xu Yan?

Were they dispatching veteran purple sash disciples for the championship battle?

Looks like it was going to be quite a challenge.

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