Chapter 375 Beneath the Ten Peaks

A wave of noise surged through the mountains, clearly demonstrating how shocked the many disciples were inside. 

In fact, it even spread to the highest peak. 

Six powerful existences that were renowned across the entire Cangxuan Heaven, turned their attention towards the deepest part of the mountain range. They were naturally aware of the outcome of that fight. For a time, surprise flashed across the faces of sect master Qing Yang and the rest.

“Haha, this is interesting.” Sect master Qing Yang chuckled, a look of appreciation in his eyes. As the sect master of the Cangxuan Sect, he was naturally felt pleased to have such an outstanding disciple in his sect. 

Snow Lotus Peak master Liu Lianyi also looked in amazement at the figure in the depths of the mountain range. She soon turned to look at peak master Ling Jun and said with a skin deep smile, “Peak master Ling Jun, Sword Cometh Peak has been constantly snatching up all the most talented disciples over the years. But from what I can see, they don’t seem to amount to much? I can’t believe that the entire team was eliminated by a Saint Genesis Peak disciple.”

She did not get along well with peak master Ling Jun, and was naturally not going to miss out on the chance to rub it on when Sword Cometh Peak had suffered such a huge loss. 

Peak master Ling Jun nonchalantly smiled as he said, “That disciple named Zhou Yuan is truly a rarely found good seedling.”

His gaze swept towards a certain direction, where the elders from Sword Cometh Peak were located. When these elders noticed his gaze, all of them lowered their heads in embarrassment. 

The eliminated disciples belonged to their factions after all. 

Peak master Ling Jun suddenly said, “It seems like my gold sash disciples lack training.”

The group of elders heard his words felt their hearts shake when they heard his words. Even though they could not detect any hints of anger in peak master Ling Jun’s voice, his words were evidently voicing his displeasure. 

Le Tian and gang’s performance had made peak master Ling Jun feel quite humiliated. After today’s debacle, punishment was unavoidable.     

As elders of Sword Cometh Peak, they clearly understood peak master Ling Jun’s character. If Le Tian and his crew managed to finish off Zhou Yuan, even if others complained that they were ganging up on him, the peak master would ignore them. This was because he only cared about the results, and not the process.

However, Le Tian and his crew had lost, causing Sword Cometh Peak to lose face in the Cangxuan Sect. In peak master Ling Jun’s eyes, these disciples would undoubtedly be regarded as useless. 

As they thought about the punishment that Le Tian and the rest would face, the elders could only sigh inside. Le Tian was actually an extremely talented disciple. Otherwise, there was no way he could become the number one gold sash disciple of Sword Cometh Peak. However, peak master’s opinion of him would drop drastically after today.


While the entire place was in shock, Zhou Yuan gently massaged his throbbing head in the flattened valley, before he turned his indifferent gaze towards the pale Lu Xuanyin.

She was now the only remaining Sword Cometh Peak disciple. 

When she saw the indifference in Zhou Yuan’s eyes, her already pale face turned even paler. The result of the fight had hit her the hardest, leaving her in utter shock. 

Never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined that all the Sword Cometh Peak disciples would be eliminated by Zhou Yuan. 

As she looked at the young man, who she knew in the outer mountains. The same young man who she had once never bothered to glance at. She could not believe that he had unknowingly become so powerful... 

The young man from the outer mountains back then was now already beyond her reach!

“You… what do you want?!” Lu Xuanyin’s voice trembled as she spoke. She was trying her best not to be intimidated by Zhou Yuan’s aura. 

Zhou Yuan made a grabbing motion with his hand, and the Heaven Yuan Brush began to grow. A sharp and icy expression suddenly filled his eyes. 


He shot forward, the sharp tip of his brush akin to a spear as it tore through the air. With unmatched ferocity, it thrust towards Lu Xuanyin’s head.

A sonic boom sounded. 

The snow-white brush tip rapidly enlarged in Lu Xuanyin’s eyes, causing her scalp to turn numb as she felt the murderous aura gushing towards her. She had a feeling that Zhou Yuan was truly planning on ending her life with this thrust. 

Over the years, Zhou Yuan had fought tooth and claw to the top, and there was naturally a ruthless side to him. He had merely been choosing to hold it back when faced against his fellow disciple in the past.  

However, he truly loathed Lu Xuanyin. If it wasn’t for this woman, he wouldn’t have to deal with so many problems. As such, he lost his cool, and allowed his vicious side to appear. 

In the face of his terrible aura, Lu Xuanyin rapidly staggered backwards in fear, seemingly forgetting to resist. It was only after the sharp force pounced towards her and left a small scar on her face, that she suddenly came to her senses and shrieked, “I admit defeat!”

That snow-white brush tip containing deadly force stopped inches before her. The remnant force caused her hair to turn disheveled, making her cut an extremely sorry figure. 

Zhou Yuan calmly gripped the Heaven Yuan Brush, as he shot an icy look at Lu Xuanyin.

A beam of Genesis Qi light descended from the sky, sweeping away the terrified girl. 

Zhou Yuan withdrew the brush and placed it standing beside him. There was obviously no way he would actually kill Lu Xuanyin in a place like this, as it would likely get him expelled. Thankfully, the battle today should have finally scared that woman away. 

Moreover, Sword Cometh Peak had lost a great amount of face today, and would likely face some difficulties in the near future. Therefore, they would likely be unable to spare energy to cause trouble for him for the time being.

As he lifted his hand, seal after seal began to fly over, landing on the back of his hand. 

There were a total of twenty six seals. 

These were the seals donated to him by Le Tian and the other Sword Cometh Peak disciples. 

With these seals, he could finally ascend one of the peaks. At the very least, he was definitely going to become a purple sash disciple. 

After collecting the seals, Zhou Yuan lifted his head and looked at the other disciples around the edges of the valley. They had been observing the fight between him and Sword Cometh Peak previously. 

When the surrounding disciples saw Zhou Yuan’s look over, their eyes widened slightly as looks of caution and wariness appeared on their faces. They began to slowly back away, showing that they had no intention of fighting with Zhou Yuan. 

Evidently, seeing Zhou Yuan wipe out the entire Sword Cometh Peak team had left a deep impression in their hearts. 

Only Su Wan from Cangxuan Peak moved forward, and landed at a spot near Zhou Yuan, and said, “I never expected you to be so capable. Can’t believe you actually managed to eliminate all the Sword Cometh Peak disciples.”

Zhou Yuan grinned at her. He had a good opinion of Su Wan. After all, he had seen earlier that she was the only one who had stepped forward to help him, although she was ultimately stopped by Wang Chen from Lightning Prision Peak.

“The ten peaks are not far from here. Want to head there together?” Asked Su Wan.

Zhou Yuan fell into thought for a moment, before he nodded with a smile. His Spirit was hurting badly. With Su Wan around, he could take this opportunity to recharge. 

Therefore, the two of them decided to travel together.

The other disciples quickly gave way. There was no longer anyone dared to stand in Zhou Yuan’s way after witnessing him wipe out the Sword Cometh Peak team.

Hence, the subsequent travelling was a smooth, and without any obstacles. 

Eventually, Su Wan and Zhou Yuan began to slow down. A giant mountain stood to their front, ten peaks rising from it like ten fingers. 

At the bottom of each peak was a thick and heavy looking stone door. 

It was clear that one could ascend the peaks by passing through here. At the same time, one would finally learn what format the championship battle would take. 

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