Chapter 374 Sword Cometh Peak Team Wiped Out


A gentle breeze blew past in the leveled valley, sweeping up a cloud of dust. 

Regardless of whether it was outside the valley or the mountain range, everyone’s gazes seemed to have frozen as they stared at the figures in the valley. 

At this current time, a bloody fog was still drifting in the air, while the Sword Cometh Peak disciples fell on their backs, one after another.

Beams of light descended from the sky, sweeping up the heavily injured disciples, and tossing them out of the mountain range...

Only then did the countless stunned gazes gradually begin to return to their senses.

By this time, most of the Sword Cometh Peak disciples were already gone from the devastated valley, and only two figures remained.

The one standing at the front was Le Tian. His hair was scattered behind him, and his complexion was deathly pale, making him cut an extremely sorry figure. 

Behind him, was a completely unscathed Lu Xuanyin. Her main task had been to control the Divine Sea Pearl earlier, and had thus not poured any Genesis Qi into the glowing sword. As a result, she had not been caught up in the earlier clash.

However, even though she looked completely unhurt, her eyes were filled with terror. She trembled as she stared at her front, where the boulder Zhou Yuan sat on previously had already turned into dust, leaving him silently standing there. 

Zhou Yuan’s sleeves had been blasted apart at some unknown time. He wore an expression of cold indifference, while blood flowed from the corners of his eyes, making him look rather terrifying.  

Zhou Yuan paid no heed to the blood, as he continued to stare at the pale Le Tian. 

Under his stare, Le Tian’s chest rose faintly. Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly vomited out a mouthful of fresh blood, before a bitter smile appeared on his face. 

“Zhou Yuan, you are truly something.” His voice was hoarse. 

Le Tian never imagined that this would be the final outcome of their hunt.

Nearly twenty of the most elite gold sash disciples from Sword Cometh Peak had joined forces, and yet, they had not only failed to easily finish off Zhou Yuan, but instead allowed him to successfully set up a boundary, turn the tables on them and wipe out their entire team. 

With regards to such an outcome, even Le Tian had no choice but to smile bitterly. However, he was not upset about it at all. After all, he had already went all-out against Zhou Yuan. That was the reason why he had chosen to ignore his image, and sent so many gold sash disciples after the latter. 

He had already tried his best, but had still lost in the end. 

This wasn’t because he underestimated Zhou Yuan. Rather, Zhou Yuan simply had too many cards hidden up his sleeves.

“Zhou Yuan…”

“You are really formidable...”

“In the future, you might become one of the top disciples in our Cangxuan Sect…”

Le Tian let out a hoarse chuckle, before slowly shutting his eyes as his body began to fall. He had also exhausted all his Genesis Qi in the previous clash. 


A beam of light fell from the sky and swept him away. 

When Zhou Yuan saw that Le Tian had disappeared, he finally gingerly raised his hand and wiped off the traces of blood at the corners of his eyes. A sharp pain stabbed him between his brows, making him feel a little dizzy. 

This was a sign that he had pushed his Spirit to its limit. 

If Le Tian and gang had managed to hang on for just a little while longer, the one who lost would have been him instead. His opponents were after all no push-overs, and were most outstanding amongst this batch of gold sash disciples from Sword Cometh Peak. 

Each one was likely as strong as Wei Youxuan. 

If not for the boundary, Zhou Yuan knew that there was no way he could fight against so many of them all by himself. 

Thankfully, he was the last man standing.


The instant Le Tian’s body was swept out of the selection test, an earth-shattering commotion erupted both inside and outside the mountain range, a wave of noise dashing into the sky.

What had they just witnessed?!

Zhou Yuan had singlehandedly eliminated all the top gold sash disciples of Sword Cometh Peak!

Numerous disciples had their mouths ajar, their faces were filled with shock. 

The scenario of a single person eliminating all the participants from an entire peak had never happened in the Cangxuan Sect before!

However, they had just witnessed it today...

“That’s crazy, right?!” Some disciples muttered to themselves, while others felt that they were dreaming. 

Numerous disciples swallowed, respect appearing in their eyes as they looked at the young figure projected by the Genesis Qi mirror. After today’s battle, Zhou Yuan’s reputation would likely exceed even some of the veteren purple sash disciples. 

As she listened to the commotion that infected the many mountains, Gu Hongyi’s face began to glow. She proudly stuck out her chest as she turned to look at the shell-shocked female disciples around her and said, “So how was it?”

You guys were making fun of me earlier, but now all of you must be shocked, right?

The female disciples turned to look at one another, evidently so stunned by Zhou Yuan’s accomplishment that they were at a loss for words. 

A pleased grin emerged on Gu Hongyi’s face, before she glanced at Qin Lan, whose face was now a mix of green and white, and said, “Senior brother Qin Lan, what do you think now?”

Qin Lan’s expression was rather ugly as he forced a smile and said, “Haha, his luck is not bad. His boundary was also at its limit earlier, and if Le Tian had held on for just a little longer, Zhou Yuan would have been defeated instead.”

His words drew the disdain of not only Gu Hongyu, but even made some of the female disciples, who were his fans, purse their lips. They clearly felt that Qin Lan was being too petty, and did not even have the courage to acknowledge the truth. 

Zhou Yuan had taken on all the gold sash disciples from Sword Cometh peak by himself. How gusty was that? And yet, Qin Lan refused to give his acknowledgement. Such pettiness was clear for all to see. 

Under those disdainful gazes, Qin Lan felt his face burn as he quickly withdrew. However, he was filled with anger when he looked towards Zhou Yuan’s projection in the Genesis Qi mirror.   

“Humph, you brainless kid. Do you really think that it is very glamorous for you to eliminate Le Tian and the rest?”

“The two Chosens of Sword Cometh Peak are known to be overprotective. You may have made a name for yourself today, but you have also offended both of them. Therefore, you will definitely suffer in the future!”

The disciples from Shen Taiyuan’s faction were already cheering. All of their faces were flushed with excitement and emotion. 

There was no longer any of the past contempt when the disciples from the other peaks looked over, but instead curiosity in their eyes. Zhou Yuan’s performance in this purple sash selection test had clearly made the other disciples no longer dare to look down on Saint Genesis Peak like before. 

Zhou Tai sighed as he said, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan is truly amazing.”

Zhou Yuan’s victory was certainly a tremendous boost to their reputation. 

Shen Taiyuan stroked his beard, a big smile on his typically stern face. He seemed to feel increasingly gratified as he looked at Zhou Yuan. 

“Old man Shen, it seems like you have picked up a gem this time.” Elder Lu Song walked over as he smiled at Shen Taiyuan. The envy in his voice was difficult to conceal. 

Zhou Yuan had stolen the show today, and since he belonged to Shen Taiyuan’s faction, it would inevitably also allow Shen Taiyuan to gain face. 

In fact, it had been a long time since such amazing battle accomplishments had come from someone from their Saint Genesis Peak. 

Nearby, Lu Yan and the rest were wide-eyed as they stared at this scene. 

Lu Yan involuntarily said, “That kid is simply too strange. It’s almost like he’s an abnormality!”

One of the disciples around her quietly whispered, “Senior sister, do you think that he has the qualifications to catch up to senior Chu Qing now?”

Lu Yan made a pose like she was going to hit him, as she angrily said, “Are you looking for a beating…”

She paused for a moment, her lips pulling outwards as she said, “I admit that he’s very formidable. However, it is still a little unfair to him if he were to be compared to senior Chu Qing for now.”

She stared at that slim figure in the Genesis Qi mirror in silence for a moment, before she slowly opened her mouth again. 

“But if we give him another three years, I believe he might be just like senior Chu Qing, and become the apex disciple of our Cangxuan Sect.”

“Perhaps… he may truly be the one that will lead our Saint Genesis Peak back to glory.”

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