Chapter 373 Might of the Heavenly Lightning and Mystical Fire


Red thunderclouds churned above the valley. In the next instant, red thunderbolts filled with the scent of destruction howled forth, raining down on the Sword Cometh Peak disciples below. 

Moreover, fire seemed to burn around the thunderbolts. 

In the face of the boundary’s power, even Le Tian’s expression had become solemn, his eyes filled with caution. 

Several powerful and thick streams of Genesis Qi shot out from Le Tian, Lu Xuanyin and the rest, forming layers of protective Genesis Qi barriers. Evidently, they planned on working together in order to withstand the attacks from the boundary. 

Boom! Boom!

The bombardment of burning thunderbolts began, blowing apart the Genesis Qi shields one layer after another like a hot knife through butter. 

As each layer was shattered, Le Tian and his crew desperately squeezed out all their Genesis Qi to continuously repair the shields in order to maintain their defenses...

Boom! Boom!

As Le Tian and gang defended, thunderbolts continued to fall from the red thunderclouds above.  

The entire valley was devastated by the resulting shockwaves. The ground was rapidly torn apart, as numerous boulders evaporated into dust. 

Zhou Yuan sat on a boulder with a look of indifference on his face. His eyes were lightly shut, while the Spirit between his brows continuously flickered. Controlling a boundary of this level took an extremely heavy toll on his Spirit. 

If his Spirit had not broken into the mid Corporeal stage, he would have likely exhausted his Spirit energy after a single round of attacks. 

Outside the valley, countless gazes unblinkingly watched the astonishing clash. 

As they watched, complicated feelings rose within their hearts. Who could have imagined that the top elite gold sash disciples of Sword Cometh Peak would wind up in such a sorry state: singlehandedly trapped by Zhou Yuan in this valley, and assaulted by a heavy barrage of attacks. 

They turned to look at that young figure atop the boulder,their eyes were filled with caution and respect. 

Before today, many of them had regarded Zhou Yuan as a new disciple who had just entered the inner mountains. Even though he had some accomplishments under his belt, he was still lacking compared to the veteren disciples, and they did not consider him as a serious threat. In fact, even after his performance at Spirit Rune Peak, many people still attributed his success to Yaoyao, which inevitability downplayed his accomplishments. 

However, Zhou Yuan was currently facing the most outstanding gold sash disciples of Sword Cometh Peak all by himself, a feat that finally made everyone feel slightly in awe of him.

This new inner mountain disciple had already became powerful that he now possessed the qualifications to challenge and even surpass the senior disciples...

Boom! Boom!

The red thunderclouds churned violently as they absorbed Genesis Qi from their surroundings, transforming it into an endless shower of red lightning. 

Inside the valley, Le Tian and gang bitterly hung on inside the layers of Genesis Qi shields. 

However, it was clear that the scales were slowly by surely tipping against them. 

“Since the boundary is able to absorb the surrounding Genesis Qi, the ones who run out of stamina first will be us!” Said Le Tian in a heavy voice, the smile on his face had vanished long ago. 

The other disciples asked in a panic, “What should we do?”

Le Tian stared at the red thunderclouds in the sky as he said, “It is meaningless for us to focus on defense. We must go on the offense instead. Only be destroying the thunderclouds will the boundary naturally crumble!”

“We must prepare our strongest attack and destroy the thunderclouds!”

“But once we disperse our defenses, how will we protect ourselves against the red thunderbolts?”

Beside him, Lu Xuanyin gritted her teeth as she retrieved a longan-sized white glowing jade ball. The glowing ball was covered in ancient runes, and looked as if an entire sea had been poured into it. 

“Senior brother Le Tian, this Divine Sea Pearl of mine specializes in defense, and should be able to buy us some time.”

Le Tian’s eyes lit up when he saw this. The Divine Sea Pearl was a defensive Genesis treasure, and could be found in the Glittering Jewels Pavillion. However, it was not cheap, and cost at least three thousand pieces of Genesis jade. Nonetheless, most purple sash disciples will try their best to purchase one before going out on missions. He never expected Lu Xuanyin to possess one as well. 

“Then we’ll have to trouble junior sister.”

Lu Xuanyin shook her head, as she stared at Zhou Yuan and said, “It’s no trouble at all. I do not want to become his stepping stone and help grow his fame.”

Initially, she thought that she could finally teach Zhou Yuan a lesson, and relieve the pent up resentment in her heart. However, the situation was now completely out of her expectations. In fact, a single slip was all it would take for them to end up boosting Zhou Yuan’s fame via their Sword Cometh Peak’s reputation. 

This would be extremely humiliating for Sword Cometh Peak. 

If that were to happen, none of them would be able to escape punishment. 

Dread rose within Lu Xuanyin’s heart the moment she recalled their peak master’s character. She knew that the stakes were already too high, and there was no way they could allow themselves to be defeated by Zhou Yuan...

With these thoughts in mind, Lu Xuanyin gently flicked her wrist. The Divine Sea Pearl promptly transformed into a glowing dot as it rose into the sky. In an instant, a screen of ocean-like water spread, wrapping around them like a capsule. 

Glowing runes appeared on the water, pulsing with powerful Genesis Qi. 

Boom! Boom!

Thunderbolts bombarded the water shield, stirring violent ripples on it. However, the attacks were ultimately neutralized by the water shield. 

As more and more thunderbolts rained down, the water shield began to grow thinner and thinner. 

Lu Xuanyin urgently said, “Senior brother Le Tian, I am afraid that the Divine Sea Pearl won’t last much longer.” 

Le Tian solemnly nodded. He icily stared Zhou Yuan and said, “Let’s join forces and transform our Qi into swords! Shatter the thunderclouds!”


As voice rang out, a torrent of powerful Genesis Qi shot into the sky. 

The Sword Cometh Peak disciples around him also began to circulate their Genesis Qi. Stream after stream of Genesis Qi gathered together, transforming into a several hundred feet tall Genesis Qi pillar in the air. 

The Genesis Qi rose straight into the sky like smoke. 

A sharp and deadly aura pulsed from it, causing the surrounding space to distort. 

Le Tian clapped his hands together. He was the person in charge, and the thick Genesis Qi column in the sky thus under his control. 

The pressure of wielding such tremendous power caused the veins to pop out on his forehead, and even his eyes began to turn blood-red. 

He gritted his teeth and began directing the Genesis Qi. Under the shocked eyes of the crowd, the giant Genesis Qi pillar began to shrink, before it finally transformed into a several hundred feet large glowing sword. 

That glowing sword towered between the land and the sky, pulsing with an unrivalled aura of sharpless. 

Up against this glowing sword, even a peak sixth-layer Alpha Origin disciple would be filled with terror. 

“Le Tian is quite the capable indeed. To think that he is able to gather the Genesis Qi from the other disciples and transform it into a sword…” Several disciples sighed in admiration. 

“The Genesis Qi that they practise seems to be of the same source. Looks like Sword Cometh Peak does have its unique methods.”

“If Le Tian can destroy the thunderclouds, Zhou Yuan’s boundary will fall apart. Tsk, tsk, Le Tian does indeed live up to his title as the number one gold sash disciple of Sword Cometh Peak. It's really amazing that he found a way out even in such a desperate situation.”

Atop the boulder, Zhou Yuan naturally realized what Le Tian and the rest were doing. His Spirit shuddered, and the red thunderclouds in the sky began to shrink into the shape of a funnel, as alarming Genesis Qi undulations began to converge. 

Manipulating the boundary on such a grand scale was naturally extremely taxing on Zhou Yuan’s Spirit. In fact, blood had even begun to flow out from the corners of his eye.

However, he showed no signs of stopping. At this juncture, all he could do was advance. 

Otherwise, all of his hard work from earlier would be wasted. 

Therefore, Zhou Yuan remained calm, while the shuddering of his Spirit grew increasingly violent. 

The Saint Spirit Crystal slowly rotated above his Spirit, giving off a glow that continuously replenished his Spirit power.  

Under the nervous stares of the crowd, both parties prepared their strongest attack in hopes of utterly blowing away the other. 

The veins on Le Tian’s face squirmed violently, making him appear rather hideous. He looked at the giant glowing sword, feeling the powerful sword Qi within, before his eyes locked onto Zhou Yuan. 

“If you want my Sword Cometh Peak to become your stepping stone, I can only tell you that you must be dreaming!”


In the wake of his yell, the glowing sword suddenly dashed into the sky, leaving behind a tail of flames. Sword Qi howled, charging straight towards the red thunderclouds in the sky. 

Zhou Yuan’s tightly shut eyes finally opened at this moment, a trail of blood dripping from the corner of his eye. This was the sign that he had pushed his Spirit to its limit. 

He lifted his head, and stared at the red funnel shaped thundercloud. 

“Red! Lightning! Fire!”

A deep voice sounded emerged from his mouth. 


A red light poured out from the thundercloud, taking the shape of a hundred feet wide flaming red ball. Lightning swam and swirled around the flaming ball, as extremely berserk undulations devastated its surroundings.

The entire boundary trembled as the red ball of fire shot out. This was because it had exhausted all its Genesis Qi. 


Under the attention of numerous nervous observers, the glowing sword dashed upwards, while the red flaming ball fell. In the end, they viciously crashed into each other.  


An earth-shattering explosion unfurled above the valley. 

Su Wan, Xia Yu and the other watching disciples quickly retreated to avoid being caught in the aftershocks.

Outside the mountain range, numerous gazes were glued to the epicenter of the clash. 

The violent shockwaves continued to wreak havoc for quite some time, before slowly dying down as the dust also began to settle. 

The valley had been completely destroyed, basically turning into a flat land. The debris scattered all over the ground indicated just how much destruction the shockwaves had caused...

“Who won?!”

Many disciples hurriedly cast their gazes over. 

On the flattened valley, Le Tian, Lu Xuanyin and the rest of their crew had not moved from the spot, their bodies as still as statues. 

Opposite them, the boulder on which Zhou Yuan had sat had already been turned to dust, leaving him now standing instead on his original spot. Fresh blood flowed down from the corners of his eyes, making him appear rather sinister. 

The entire valley was deathly silent. 

A cool breeze blew past. 



Next, countless gazes watched in shock as Le Tian and the rest of the Sword Cometh Peak disciples suddenly vomited mouthfuls of fresh blood. 

Under the setting sun, their bodies began to fall backwards onto the ground one after another. 

It was an extremely shocking sight. 

It was completely silent both outside the valley and the mountain range. 

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