Chapter 372 Heavenly Lightning and Mystical Fire Cover the Valley


When the boundary wrapped around the entire valley, everyone saw red clouds appear in the sky above, as scorching Genesis Qi waves rapidly converged. 

Under the searing heat, the creek flowing in the valley instantly evaporated. 

This sudden turn of events shocked everyone present. 

All of the disciples were stupefied as they blankly stared at the boundary that had risen from the valley, and the red thunder clouds in the sky above. The violent undulations radiating from the clouds were so powerful that even a sixth layer Alpha-Origin expert would feel extremely threatened. 

“A boundary?”

Su Wan’s pretty face was filled with astonishment as she gazed upon this scene. 

“This is the Heavenly Lightning and Mystical Fire Boundary.” A soft voice sounded behind Su Wan. She turned her head to look, only to discover that it was Xia Yu from Spirit Rune Peak, who appeared to have only just arrived. As she looked at the boundary, a look of admiration appeared on her face. 

“Senior brother Zhou Yuan is truly amazing. This boundary is considered a powerhouse among the grade 4 boundaries, but is extremely difficult to set it up. I never expected him to be capable of doing so.” 

This boundary could only be found in their Spirit Rune Hall. This meant that Zhou Yuan had managed to learn it in a short period of time, demonstrating his astonishing talent in Genesis Runes. 

“With this boundary in place, it doesn’t matter how many disciples Sword Cometh Peak sends, there is no longer anything they can do to senior brother Zhou Yuan.” Said Xia Yu.  

Su Wan’s eyes widened, before she took in a deep breath. Zhou Yuan was indeed extremely surprising. To think that he would be able to carve out a path for himself even in such a dire situation. 

If Zhou Yuan managed to escape from Sword Cometh Peak’s encirclement today, they would truly lose all face.

When she thought of this, even Su Wan felt a little joy at their misfortune. 


While the disciples outside the valley were gasping in shock, the commotion outside the mountain range was even more unimaginable. Countless disciples burst out into gasps of astonishment, creating a tsunami of noise that flooded the area.

Just moments ago, everyone was under the impression that Zhou Yuan had been forced into a dead-end by Sword Cometh Peak. Besides voluntarily withdrawing from the purple sash selection to keep his dignity, there seemed to be no other route he could take. However, none of them had expected that he would suddenly blow away their trump card in the blink of an eye...

Unbeknownst to everyone, he had already set up an extremely formidable Genesis Rune Boundary in the valley!

Outside the mountain range, innumerable disciples fell into a frenzied state. Zhou Yuan’s sudden comeback made the blood of even onlookers like them begin to boil in excitement.

A gorgeous smile blossomed on Gu Hongyi’s beautiful face, as her tightly clenched hands slowly loosened. She knew that Zhou Yuan would not give up so easily. 

If they want to force him to his knees, even the elite gold sash disciples from Sword Cometh Peak would have to pay a heavy price. 

Beside Gu Hongyi, Qin Lan expression had turned rather stiff. He too never expected Zhou Yuan to have such a trump card hidden up his sleeve. 

“Le Tian and his crew are trash. I can’t believe they allowed Zhou Yuan to set up a boundary right under their noses!” Qin Lan cursed inside. Even though a Genesis Rune Boundary was extremely powerful, it was quite difficult and time-consuming to set it up. And yet, Zhou Yuan had managed to deploy it right under Le Tian and his crew’s noses. One had no choice but to admit that Le Tian and gangwere truly a bunch of dumbassess. 

They had now lost the initiative, allowing Zhou Yuan to gradually tip the odds in his favor. 


“To think he still had such a trump card.” Li Qingchan slowly withdrew her gaze and turned towards Yaoyao, who had remained calm from start to end. 

Yaoyao gently stroked Tuntun’s fur as she said, “It seems that you are about to lose this bet.”

Li Qingchan sighed and said, “So he wasn’t using the advanced Ethereal Form to hide. Instead, his goal was to to conceal himself with Ethereal Form so that he could secretly set up the boundary. At the same time, he was also baiting Le Tian and the rest into the valley.”

“Now that all the prey have entered the net, it’s time for him to pull it up.”

Li Qingchan stared at the Sword Cometh Peak disciples in the mirror, before she said with some sympathy, “Those guys thought that they were the ones chasing Zhou Yuan, but they would never have imagined that he had been using himself as bait from the start…”

She stared at the young figure in the Genesis Qi mirror, as amazement flitted across her clear eyes. 

Although the current Zhou Yuan was still nothing to fear, Li Qingchan had begun to admire his mental fortitude. It was no longer as strange as before for him to have such a close relation to Yaoyao, because he did have some ability.


Boom! Boom!

Red thunder clouds churned above the valley, as scorching ripples violently pulsed. 

The Sword Cometh Peak disciples, who were about to attack Zhou Yuan, had stopped in a panic, a trace of fear in their faces as they gazed at the boundary before them. 

They could detect an extremely dangerous scent from the boundary.

How could they have expected that what they originally believed would be a piece of cake would suddenly take such a turn. 

As they looked towards Zhou Yuan, the contempt in their gazes turned to graveness. 

Le Tian stared at this boundary as his face gently twitched. He gaze swept about the area, finding several glowing jade strips hidden between the cracks of the rocks around the valley. 

It was these jade strips that formed the boundary. 

However, he had not noticed them previously, and did not know when Zhou Yuan placed them down… 

Le Tian stared intently at Zhou Yuan and said, “You weren’t using Ethereal Form to hide, but to secretly set up the boundary.” 

Zhou Yuan smiled, but did not answer. It was already obvious after all. 

Le Tian smiled bitterly. Previously, he had thought that Zhou Yuan was merely hiding from them. Who could have imagined that the latter never had any intention of hiding. Rather, he was completing a boundary right under their noses. 

Behind Le Tian, there was a dazed look on Lu Xuanyin as she blankly stared at this scene. The joy in her eyes had already completely vanished, fear now in its place. 

“Senior brother Le Tian…” She mumbled with a trembling voice. 

Le Tian took in a deep breath, as he gradually regained his calm. “There is no need to panic, we will deal with him together. Though this boundary is extremely powerful, I don’t believe that it is capable of wiping out our entire party.”

“This is his final trump card. Once we cross it, I will make him pay a painful price!”

Thanks to Le Tian’s words, the panicking Sword Cometh Peak disciples finally regained their balance. They quickly huddled towards Le Tian, as streams of powerful Genesis Qi shot into the air, forming protective Genesis Qi layers above them.  

Le Tian stared at Zhou Yuan like a hawk. Having the tables turned on him had obviously dealt a blow to his ego. However, he knew that there would be a chance to regain his pride as long as they managed to withstand the boundary’s assault. 

Zhou Yuan stared at the Sword Cometh Peak disciples who have banded together, before he chuckled. 

“Since you wanted to send me out, how about…”

“I give all of you a ride first.”


The instant his voice sounded, the Genesis Qi accumulating in the rumbling thunderclouds above finally reached the limit. In the next instant, giant red thunderbolts pulsing with the scent of destruction rained down upon the land. 

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