Chapter 371 Boundary

“Advanced Ethereal Form?!”

When Le Tian’s voice sounded, several onlookers immediately gasped in shock as gaze after gaze tinged with astonishment looked towards the misty valley.

“I see…”

Some disciples involuntarily exclaimed. It was said that once one reached the advanced level of the Ethereal Form technique, one would gain the ability to turn fully ethereal, even concealing the ripples from one’s own Genesis Qi. It was an extraordinary survival skill that could save one’s life. 

However, it was difficult to reach the advanced level. In the current Cangxuan Sect, only a handful of disciples have managed to achieve this feat. 

How long has it been since Zhou Yuan began his practise of the Ethereal Form technique?  It was unbelievable for him to have reached the advanced level!

Beside Le Tian, Lu Xuanyin was also taken aback. She soon gritted her teeth and said, “That fellow is truly as slippery as a fish. To think that he can still put up such a fight even after being trapped!”

She had initially believed Zhou Yuan it would be the end of the road for Zhou Yuan after trapping him here. However, who could have imagined that he would take advantage of the terrain to conceal himself, resulting in them being unable to find him. 

She looked towards Le Tian and asked, “Senior brother Le Tian, what should we do now?”

So many gold sash disciples from Sword Cometh Peak had been deployed for this operation today. If Zhou Yuan was allowed to slip away right under their noses, their Sword Cometh Peak would truly lose all face. 

Le Tian gazed at the mist-filled valley below with slightly narrowed eyes. With a soft laugh, he said, “Even though junior brother Zhou Yuan has surprised me somewhat, it will be a little too naive for him to believe he will survive with just the advanced Ethereal Form.”

His gaze swept about the area, looking towards the Sword Cometh Peak disciples as he said, “Fellow brother disciples, use your Genesis Qi to seal the valley. Deploy the Swordfish Boundary!” 


The Sword Cometh Peak disciples immediately responded to Le Tian’s words. In the next instant, streams of powerful Genesis Qi rose from within their bodies like smoke, and quickly spread out to envelope the entire valley.   

The Genesis Qi was akin to a giant net, covering the entire valley.


After covering the valley, the Genesis Qi began to shake as beams of Genesis Qi light shot forth, dashing into the valley like swimming fish.

As the fish swam past, the thick fog was torn apart, and gradually began to dissipate.

These Genesis Qi fish were linked to each other, and could penetrate every nook and cranny, allowing them to tear through even the ungraspable mist. 

Evidently, this was a unique searching method from Sword Cometh Peak. 

Le Tian stood in the sky, his sharp gaze fixed on the valley below, as his senses observed every tiny vibration. Under his careful watch, the Genesis Qi fish continued their advance. 

As the Genesis Qi continued to slice through the fog, the mist in the valley grew lighter and lighter.

In the end, all the mist was pushed back towards the deepest part of the valley, ultimately gathering in a small area, which was less than a few feet wide. 

At this juncture, the powerful Genesis Qi from the Sword Cometh Peak finally stopped, as if they had ran into an obstacle.

In the sky, a small smile appeared from the corners of Le Tian’s lips when he saw this. 

He waved his sleeve, sending out a gale of Genesis Qi. It immediately blew away the final patch of mist, and boulder promptly appeared. 

The air above the boulder rippled faintly. In the end, a figure gradually materialized, appearing before the eyes of the crowd.

That familiar figure belonged to Zhou Yuan!


Regretful sounds were immediately heard outside the valley. Zhou Yuan had still been found in the end. 

“What a pity. If Zhou Yuan could continue to hide from them, Sword Cometh Peak would be the ones making a fool of themselves today.” A disciples sighed. 

“The fact that he was able to conceal himself from Sword Cometh Peak for so long already demonstrates that he is fairly skilled. After all, this valley isn’t that big…”

“Le Tian is after all the top gold sash disciple of Sword Cometh Peak. Zhou Yuan is still a little inexperienced in comparison…”


Outside the valley, Le Tian smiled slightly when he saw Zhou Yuan’s figure appear. With a wave of his hand, the numerous Sword Cometh Peak disciples surrounded Zhou Yuan and bean to approach. Finally, he stepped into the valley and walked towards Zhou Yuan.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan has some good techniques. You nearly managed to hide from us.” Le Tian stood in front of Zhou Yuan as he spoke with a smile.

Behind him, Lu Xuanyin was also looking at Zhou Yuan with a sneer on her face and joy filling her eyes. He had finally fallen into her hands.

Seated atop the boulder, Zhou Yuan gazed at the twenty or so Sword Cometh Peak disciples surrounding him, as his gaze lowered slightly. “Sword Cometh Peak must think quite highly of me to have sent so many of you. However, I believe it won’t look good for you guys even if you beat me.”

Le Tian sighed helplessly and said, “I was initially of the same opinion. However, after witnessing junior brother Zhou Yuan’s methods, I am glad that I brought along such a huge crew. If not, I may not have even found you today.”

If he was alone, there was no way he would be able to scour every inch of the valley, and force Zhou Yuan out. 

With the advanced Ethereal Form, even if Zhou Yuan could not defeat Le Tian, the former would still easily be able to escape from the latter's hands. 

Le Tian gazed at Zhou Yuan and chuckled. “Thankfully, lady luck chose to side with me in the end. After creating so many waves in the Cangxuan Sect, I believe that you must have had your fill. Therefore, it will be best for you to lay low from now onwards.”

“As such…”

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, on account of the fact that you forced me to rack my brains to force you out, how about you voluntarily quit this purple sash selection and save us the trouble. It will save you a little pain as well.”

He looked at Zhou Yuan with a superficial smile.

“What if I don’t want to?” Zhou Yuan answered with a smile.

Le Tian shrugged. He did not say anything else, and instead waved his hand. The surrounding Sword Cometh Peak disciples immediately locked onto Zhou Yuan, as their formidable sword-like Genesis Qi began to surge. 

Zhou Yuan did not pay attention to these Sword Cometh Peak disciples. Instead, he lifted his head and looked at Le Tian, as a mysterious smile flowed out from the corners of his mouth. 

“Senior brother Le Tian seems to be under the impression that I was only using the advanced Ethereal Form to hide from all of you?”

Le Tian’s eyes narrowed slightly. “What else could it be? The Ethereal Form is indeed a wonderful technique. However, it is quite useless in a situation like this.”

Zhou Yuan grinned, his smile tinged with a hint of mockery.

“Senior brother Le Tian, you were mistaken about something from the beginning…”

“I was not running from the start. My goal… was to bring your Sword Cometh Peak disciples to a beautiful treasured land for a big surprise.”

“And that treasured land is right here…”

Le Tian’s eyes widened slightly, as he stared deeply at Zhou Yuan. However, he did not panic because of the latter’s words, but instead calmly waved his hand. 

“Send him out.”

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, if this is your final attempt to resist, it is a truly childish one.”

It was obvious that he did not believe what Zhou Yun had said. From what he could see, Zhou Yuan was merely bluffing in hopes of causing them to make a mistake so that the latter may find an opening to run away.

Therefore, he gave the order for them to attack without any hesitation at all. 


The Sword Cometh Peak dashed forward the moment they heard his order. Genesis Qi pulsed from their swords as they thrust towards Zhou Yuan. 

Zhou Yuan watched the formidable attacks approach as his gaze lowered slightly. Following which, a ripple suddenly erupted from the Spirit between his brows.

Buzz! Buzz!

The Spirit ripple swept outwards. In that very moment, several light beams began shooting out from the valley, interweaving together. In the blink of an eye, they transformed into a boundary that completely enveloped the entire valley. 

This sudden turn of events caused the numerous disciples outside the valley to be completely shocked...

“You guys have been chasing after me for so long. It’s now time for me to return the favor…”

“I hope all of you will like this present that I have so painstakingly prepared for all of you.”

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth raised slightly as his hands joined together. 

“Heavenly Lightning and Mystical Fire Boundary!”


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