Chapter 370 Turning Ethereal To Hide

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The instant Le Tian’s voice sounded, nine Sword Cometh Peak disciples split off from the group surrounding the valley, and dashed into its fog filled depths. 

That valley was quite large, and its topography was rather complex. However, this was not a problem for the nine individuals, who quickly arranged themselves in a fan formation and began sweeping the area inch by inch. 

Le Tian stood atop a tree, his arms crossed across his chest as he instructed, “The rest should prepare yourselves. We’ll move the moment we pinpoint Zhou Yuan’s location.”

There were nearly ten figures stationed outside the valley, their sharp gazes continuously scanning the interior of that misty valley. 

Su Wan could only release a soft sigh as she watched. There were other Cangxuan Peak disciples beside her, but they had no ties to Zhou Yuan. They would probably be quite unwilling to aid Zhou Yuan, and incur the wrath of Le Tian and his crew. 

When all was said and done, Su Wan lacked the power to command them. 

This also made her rather puzzled by why the Sword Cometh Peak disciples were so obediently following Le Tian’s instructions. Normally speaking, this would only happen if either the chief disciple… or one of the two Chosens gave the order.

However, why would someone of that standing have beef with a gold sash disciples like Zhou Yuan?

Her eyes were furrowed in thought for a long time, but she could ultimately only shake her head her head in defeat, before she looked towards the valley in pity. It seems that she had no way to help this time. Zhou Yuan could only rely on himself to tide through this crisis. 

Of course, Zhou Yuan was already in a checkmate in Su Wan’s eyes. After all, there was no way he could defeat all the elite gold sash disciples from Sword Cometh Peak by himself. 

“Junior sister Hongyi, your senior sister is really quite powerless this time…”

“Zhou Yuan’s talent at drawing trouble is really something.”

Outside the mountain range, Gu Hongyi stared at the scene projected by the Genesis Qi mirror with gritted teeth and clenched fists. Meanwhile, the commotion was also picked up by practically all of the other watching disciples, causing them to break out into noise. 

“Can’t believe that the Sword Cometh Peak disciples have actually trapped Zhou Yuan in a valley…”

“Furthermore, they’re even being led by Le Tian. Looks like Sword Cometh Peak is really going all out this time.”

“Zhou Yuan is truly unlucky. However, it's also quite a testament to his ability to have the entire Sword Cometh Peak banding together to hunt him down. Even if he fails this purple sash selection, he will definitely become famous in the Cangxuan Sect.”

“How could this happen! I placed a huge bet on him!”


While all kinds of opinions and discussions erupted, practically everyone in the area turned their gazes to this particular Genesis Qi mirror.

Atop the most majestic peak, sect master Qing Yang and the six other peak masters also noticed the commotion. 

A quick scan immediately told them what had happened, as astonishment flashed across their eyes. 

It was extremely rare for all the disciples from a single to band together for the sake of dealing with a single person during a purple sash selection. 

“Haha, peak master Ling Jun, it seems like your Sword Cometh Peak disciples are quite experienced in bullying others with numbers.” Snow Lotus Peak master Lianyi’s gaze swept around as a sneer arose on her red lips. 

The handsome Sword Cometh Peak master, Ling Jun, was dressed in white today. He cast his rippleless deep pool like eyes towards the depths of the mountain range, as surprise flashed within them. 

It was evident that he did not expect his disciples to gang up on Zhou Yuan. 

However, he was only a little surprised, and not angry at all. 

Peak master Ling Jun chuckled softly, before he said in an unconcerned manner, “Peak master Lianyi, the purple selection selection does has its rules, and my disciples are not breaking any of them.” 

“That disciple called Zhou Yuan has been riding high recently, and others will obviously become displeased. They’re youngsters after all.”

“However, after he has gone through this experience, I believe he will likely become a more composed individual in the future. Frankly speaking, this isn’t bad news for him.”

Peak master Ling Jun chuckled. He looked towards the Lighting Prision Peak master Lei Jun, as he smiled and said, “Of course, if my Sword Cometh Peak disciples break the rules, I will punish them personally.” 

Even though he did not know why his disciples were targeting Zhou Yuan, it did not matter to him. After all, someone of his stature had no reason to concern himself with these matters. 

In his opinion, his Sword Cometh Peak disciples were not in the wrong either. Their actions aligned to to motto of their Sword Cometh Peak to be straightforward and decisive like a sword. Once you’ve decided, you should go ahead without any reservations.  

Lighting Prision Peak master Lei Jun was in charge of the rules and punishments in the Cangxuan Sect, and was a stern and serious individual. Silver colored his eyes, as if they contained a world of lighting within them, a rather frightening sight to behold.

He indifferently said, “Although the Sword Cometh Peak disciples’ actions have caused some tongues to wag, they did not break the rules.”

At this moment, sect master Qing Yang chuckled and said, “It is merely a dispute between disciples. There is no need for us to be overly concerned with this matter.”

He paused for a moment, as he looked at peak master Ling Jun and said, “However, their actions today will easily draw the ire of others. Peak master Ling Jun should remind his disciples that though it is good to be straightforward and decisive when one acts, the disciples from the other peaks are still your fellow brothers and sisters.”

Peak master Ling Jun gently nodded and said, “Sect master is right. I will discipline those rascals after the selection test.”

However, judging by his expression, it was clear he did not think his disciples were in the wrong, and had only said those words because the sect master had spoken.


Deep within the mountain range, in the outskirts of the valley. 

Le Tian was standing atop a tree, his gaze tightly fixed on the valley. As time passed, he suddenly frowned a little. He had realized that the search party had already scanned the entire valley once. However, they had not uncovered any signs of Zhou Yuan. 

The Sword Cometh Peak disciples in the valley rose into the sky, and looked towards Le Tian in confusion.

“Senior brother Le Tian, we can’t find him!”

Outside the valley, a wave of noise swept through the area, shock filling the faces of the many disciples from the various peaks. Had Zhou Yuan really concealed himself so well?

A look of confusion flashed across Le Tian’s eyes.

“Could he have fled?” Beside him, Lu Xuanyin’s face was not looking too good at this moment.

Le Tian shook his head and said, “That’s impossible. We have already sealed off this whole area. There is no way he has escaped!”

“Then…” Lu Xuanyin hesitated for a moment. Their previous search had obviously failed to deliver any results.

“He must still be hiding inside!” Le Tian decisively declared. 

He waved his hand and said, “You guys follow me in again. I will lead the search!”

His body moved, taking charge of the nine disciples as they charged into the mist-filled valley. 

With Le Tian now leading them, half an incense stick of time passed, before he floated back up into the air with an ugly expression. 

This time, an uproar broke out even outside the mountain range, countless gazes staring at this scene in shock. None of them had expected Le Tian and his crew to lose track of Zhou Yuan after trapping him in the valley. 

Whispers spread, and some individuals even began to gloat. Sword Cometh Peak had caused quite a stir by so brazenly hunting Zhou Yuan down together, only to end up losing sight of him when he was right under their noses. If they allowed Zhou Yuan to escape, Sword Cometh Peak would lose all face. 

The commotion grew louder and louder as it spread. 

Finally, even sect master Qing Yang and the other peak masters began to turn their attention over once again. 

“Haha, now this is interesting.” Sect master Qing Yang chuckled. 

A look of intrigue had surfaced in his deep and wise eyes, a rarely seen expression to the disciples of Cangxuan Sect.


 Le Tian’s expression darkened in response to the whispers and amused gazes. He hovered above the valley, and looked down at the mist below.

With a deep breath, he suppressed his churning emotions as his eyes glowed brightly. 

“Senior brother Le Tian, should we spread out and continue the search?” Lu Xuanyin could not help but ask. Her expression was also not a pretty sight.

Le Tian did not answer. Instead, he continued to stare intensely at the valley below.

As he stared, another half an incense stick of time passed. 

Behind him, Lu Xuanyin grew increasingly impatient. However, just as she was about to speak, Le Tian’s deep voice slowly sounded. 

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan is truly amazing…”

“If I am not mistaken, you… should have reached the advanced level of the Ethereal Form technique?!”

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