Chapter 367 One Punch


A wave of berserk Genesis Qi suddenly exploded within the dense forest, tearing up the surrounding ground as thick tree after tree was snapped at their waist.

A space had been cleared in the forest, Zhou Yuan standing in the middle of the crumbled ground, as a disciple fell facing the sky some distance to his front, before being swept up by a ray of light.

A glowing seal landed on Zhou Yuan’s fist.

He now had four seals.

“Sixteen more…” Zhou Yuan frowned. He had been searching for lone disciples for quite some time, only to realise that the disciples from the other six peaks had began to group up in twos and threes to guard against the other peaks for the time being. This made it harder for him to act.

After all, none of the other participants were small fries, and if he was tangled up in a fight with them for too long it would take a toll on him even if he ultimately won.

What’s more, he also had to guard against the Sword Cometh Peak participants at all times.

It was at a time like this that the pitiful state of Saint Genesis Peak was revealed. The participants from the other six peaks numbered in the dozens, while the combined total of all three factions of Saint Genesis Peak only amounted to five.

Of these five individuals, three were from Lu Hong’s faction. It would already very courteous of them to not cause trouble for Zhou Yuan, so it was practically impossible for him to work together with them.

“No wonder Saint Genesis Peak has so few purple sash disciples…”

Zhou Yuan secretly shook his head. A competition like this was far too disadvantageous for Saint Genesis Peak, and it was already pretty amazing for them to have one or two new purple sash disciples each year.


While various thoughts swirled in Zhou Yuan’s head, his eyes suddenly widened as he abruptly turned towards the forest on his right.

The Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand rapidly enlarged as countless snow-white hairs shot out. Every hair was razor-sharp as it tore through the air, a rather formidable attack indeed.


Deadly Sword Qi swept out from the forest, deflecting all of the snow-white hairs with clings and clangs.

The giant trees in the vicinity were caught in the aftershocks, crashing to the ground one after another.

Zhou Yuan looked over, only to find a young man sword with a green edge. The Genesis Qi around him was extremely strong and vigorous, while also exceedingly sharp, a sign that it was made from sword Qi.

The young man’s sword was slanted downwards at his side as he smiled at Zhou Yuan and said, “Hehe, I’m only passing by junior brother.”

Zhou Yuan glanced at the back of the young man’s hand, and saw three seals. This surprised him a little. To think that this fellow had also managed to defeat three disciples.

Looks like this was no ordinary person.

“You’re from Sword Cometh Peak?” Asked Zhou Yuan as he grasped the Heavenly Yuan Brush.

“Sword Cometh Peak’s Luo Dao.” The young man nodded with a smile.

“You’ve been following me for some time, right?” Said Zhou Yuan. The truth was that he had already faintly sensed that someone was secretly tailing him since earlier. This someone was likely Luo Dao.

Luo Dao nodded again upon hearing this.

“You’re trying to delay me?”

A playful smile seem to rise from the corners of Luo Dao’s mouth as he stared at Zhou Yuan and nonchalantly said, “Delay you? Junior brother Zhou Yuan, you think too highly of yourself.”

“Although senior brother Le Tian has his own plan, I feel that you do not have the qualifications to make so many of our talented Sword Cometh Peak disciples come deal with you.”

“That’s why I’m revealing myself now.”

A dazzling radiance surged on his sword as he slowly raised it to point at Zhou Yuan. There was a sharp and proud look in the young man’s eyes as he said, “After I take care of you by myself, senior brother Lu Tian will understand that his plan is unnecessary.”


However, the instant the words left his mouth, Zhou Yuan’s etherealized body had already shot forward, leaving after images in the air as he dashed towards Luo Dao.

“Ignorant fool!” Fury flashed in Luo Dao’s eyes upon seeing that Zhou Yuan clearly showed no concern for his words, and had instead chosen to ignore them and attack. In Luo Dao’s eyes, his opponent was obviously looking down on him.

“Do you really believe that defeating Wei Youxuan gives you the right to be so cocky? Allow me to inform you that Wei Youxuan had already been defeated by me when he was still in Sword Cometh Peak!”

Luo Dao’s foot violently slammed into the ground as a wave of sharp Genesis Qi unfurled from his body, instantly tearing deep gashes in the ground around him.

Sharp sword Qi swam through the air like fish, heading straight for Zhou Yuan.

However, Zhou Yuan was even quicker, leaving an after image behind as the sword Qi landed on empty air.

His gaze locked onto Luo Dao.

Zhou Yuan knew that the Sword Cometh Peak disciples were definitely rushing here. Hence, he needed to finish off Luo Dao as soon as possible.

The rage in Luo Dao’s eyes intensified at the sight of the menacingly approaching Zhou Yuan. The sword in his hand suddenly shuddered as a sword cry rang out. Vigorous Genesis Qi poured into it, causing countless rays of sword light to explode from its body as deadly power pulsed.

Even a sixth layer disciple would have to retreat in the face of such power.

However, light azure scales began to appear on Zhou Yuan’s body to protect him.

The Heavenly Serpent Scales!


Luo Dao icily chuckled as the sword in his hand thrust forward. It instantly split apart the space before him like lightning flashing through the night sky with unstoppable momentum.

The sword light was reflected in Zhou Yuan’s pupils, but not a single change could be seen on his face. Not only did he not move to avoid the deadly strike, instead, he even extended a hand to grab it.

He was going to receive it with his bare hands.

“Courting death!” Luo Dao’s eyes hardened. His sword attack could cut even a mountain. To think that Zhou Yuan dared to receive it with his bare hands.

Sword and hand touched.

At the instant of contact, white brush hairs suddenly wrapped around Zhou Yuan’s scale covered hand like a silk glove.

It was the hairs from the Heavenly Yuan Brush!

“Grade 4 Genesis Rune, Mystic Gold Hand!”

A Genesis Rune suddenly brightened on Zhou Yuan’s palm as a peculiar ripple spread. Golden light emerged, bathing the hand covered in scales and the brush hair glove in a dark golden gleam.

As if it was a hand made from solid gold.


The golden hard reached out and grabbed the sword light, its sharp blade grating against his palm, creating a shower of sparks.

However, no matter how the sword light struggled, it was unable to cut through Zhou Yuan’s multiple defensive layers.

Shock surfaced in Luo Dao’s eyes.

He could not believe that Zhou Yuan had really caught the sword with his bare hands. Moreover, he had even made Luo Dao’s invasive sword Qi lose its effect!


Zhou Yuan’s golden hand slipped down the sword as his ethereal figure rapidly approached in Luo Dao’s shrinking pupils.


Golden Genesis Qi swirled around Zhou Yuan’s other scale covered fist as it mercilessly slammed into Luo Dao’s gut.

This punch directly scattered the flowing Genesis Qi in Luo Dao’s body.

With the Genesis Qi his body now scattered, his body curled in pain as he turned deathly pale.

He never imagined that in a single exchange, Zhou Yuan would find an opening to scatter his Genesis Qi with a punch, causing him to lose all his battle power!

Zhou Yuan chuckled as he gazed at the disbelief on Luo Dao’s face before he calmly said, “The truth is that you should have listened to your senior brother Le Tian. Wanting to take me on alone to gain glory… you’re still too naive senior brother Luo Dao.”

A ray of light fell from the sky, wrapping around Luo Dao.

The instant he was being sent away, however, a jade pendant suddenly shattered at Luo Dao’s waist, scattering a fragrance that rushed towards Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan rapidly backed away, but some of it still managed to touch him.

Luo Dao howled, “Don’t be so happy Zhou Yuan, senior brother Le Tian and the rest will soon find you can kick you out!”

Before his voice could fade, he had already been sent out.

Zhou Yuan sniffed his body, finding an extremely faint but hard to remove fragrance. This caused him to frown slightly for a moment, before quickly turning around to dash into the dense forest.

“So you want to play huh… then I’ll accompany all of you from Sword Cometh Peak till the end!”

As Zhou Yuan left, he did not know that the battle he had just swiftly ended would cause a commotion outside the mountain range.

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