Chapter 366 Selection Battles


The entire place seemed to explode when sect master Qing Yang’s booming voice sounded.

Swish! Swish!

Under the excited gazes of countless disciples, glowing figure after figure suddenly rose from the ground, flying past the grand winder rivers as they swarmed towards the misty mountain range.

All of the participating disciples had begun moving at this moment, creating a rather grand sight.

Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath as he watched this scene, feeling the blood in his body faintly beginning to boil under this atmosphere.

“Go get them senior/junior brother Zhou Yuan!”

Yelled his surrounding fellow disciples to boost his morale. Zhou Yuan was going to represent their faction after all, and if he managed to win, it would also make them well known in the Cangxuan Sect.

Zhou Yuan cupped his fists together towards the crowd and smiled. His gaze then turned towards Yaoyao, as she sent a faint smile towards him, “Li Qingchan made a bet with me, so you’d better not end up shaming me.”

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched as he helplessly shook his head. Without further ado, his foot pushed off the ground, sending his figure soaring into the air, transforming into a glowing silhouette that landed towards the misty mountain range.

On another peak far away, Lu Xuanyin’s coldly watched Zhou Yuan fly into the mountain range as she let out an icy chuckle. In the next instant, her figure also shot forth.

Under the thunderous cheers all around, numerous disciples made their way into the arena.

After they were in, Genesis Qi began to gather in the sky above, transforming into many mirrors. The numerous participants could be seen in the mirrors, allowing the disciples outside to spectate.


On a certain mountain peak, Gu Hongyi gazed at the mirrors, evidently searching for Zhou Yuan’s figure.

Upon seeing this, the several girls crowding around her broke into grins and said, “Senior sister Hongyi, are you looking for Zhou Yuan again?”

“Aren’t you a little too concerned about him?”

“What about our fellow Cangxuan Peak disciples, can’t you show them a little attention too?”

Gu Hongyi rolled her eyes in response to their teasing, ignoring these talkative girls as she continued her search.

At this moment, a group of male Cangxuan Peak disciples approached. A young man in blue robes was leading them, appearing quite handsome with his somewhat long and narrow eyes.

Around his waist was a purple sash, clearly revealing his status.

Upon seeing him walk over, the eyes of the girls around Gu Hongyi brightened as they called out, “Senior brother Qin Lan!”

Qin Lan was clearly quite famous in Cangxuan Peak, and was an elite even amongst the purple sash disciples. In addition, everyone knew that he was currently interested in Gu Hongyi.

“Junior sister Hongyi.” Qin Lan displayed a faint smile at them before looking towards Gu Hongyi.

Gu Hongyi swept a glance at him and nodded as she half-heartedly said, “Oh, it’s senior brother Qin Lan.”

Her gaze returned the Genesis Qi mirrors, only pausing a few moments later when she found that familiar figure, as a smile appeared on her pretty face.

Qin Lan followed her gaze as his eyes narrowed slightly. “Junior brother Zhou Yuan might be in quite a pickle. I’m afraid that it will be unlikely for him to be ranked amongst the top ten.”

Gu Hongyi frowned, her tone turning a little cold as she said, “Isn’t senior brother Qin Lan being a little too presumptuous.”

Qin Lan merely chuckled. “From what I know, the first agenda of the Sword Cometh Peak disciples led by Le Tian is to surround and eliminate Zhou Yuan. Does junior sister Hongyi believe that he has any chance against such a line-up?”

Gu Hongyi’s expression changed slightly. She was only aware that Lu Xuanyin would be targeting Zhou Yuan, and never expected that the Sword Cometh Peak’s Le Tian would also be a part of this.

Did Lu Xuanyin really command so much respect?

Qin Lan’s smile grew when he saw Gu Hongyi’s expression change. There was a mocking look in his eyes as he turned towards the figure in the mirror, as he seemed to sincerely say, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan is too brash. He’s clearly just a new disciple, and yet he seems to love shamelessly basking in the limelight. It will be good for him to be taught a lesson now since our fellow disciples will not take things too far. Otherwise, if he offends someone outside the sect in the future, the price he pays then will be much, much worse.”

Gu Hongyi shot an icy look at him, deciding to pay no attention to him as she walked away.

Qin Lan did not seem to mind her actions. As he watched Zhou Yuan’s figure in the mirror, his gaze seemed to become a little deeper and darker.

“Le Tian… if you’re going to teach him a lesson, you’d better do it properly and with a little more violence.”

“I’ve heard Hongyi has even asked junior sister Su Wan to help him? Hehe, it just so happens that I’m on quite good terms with junior brother Wang Chen of Lightning Prison Peak, and have secretly made a request of him earlier…”


Zhou Yuan’s figure penetrated the mist, landing on the vast mountain range. The mist partially obstructed his vision, making his surroundings appear rather hazy. However, he was still clearly able to sense several Genesis Qi undulations nearby.

“Participants, the ten peaks are located in the depths of this mountain range, and are locked behind stone doors. To open these doors, you will need to acquire twenty seals to use as a key.”

“To obtain a seal, you will only need to defeat one of the other participants.”

“Thus, for the sake of obtaining the key to ascend the ten peaks, go forth and defeat the other participants.”

Sect master Qing Yang’s voice thundered across the mountains after Zhou Yuan and the rest entered.

“Twenty seals?”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed when he heard this. Didn’t this mean that one would have to defeat twenty disciples in order to open the stone doors and ascend the peaks? This was quite a harsh condition.

After all, those that could participate in the selection were not ordinary individuals. One would likely have to go through a tough battle in order to obtain a single seal.

“As expected of the purple sash selection, the difficulty is pretty crazy.” Zhou Yuan sighed.

However, there was no fear in his eyes, but instead a burning eagerness. This purple sash selection was the perfect opportunity to polish his abilities.


Amidst this, he could sense berserk Genesis Qi explosions occurring in the mountain range, a sign that the battles had already begun.

The rules announced by sect master Qing Yang pitted the numerous disciples against each other, causing intense fights to break out almost immediately.

Zhou Yuan did not linger any further. With a push of his foot, his figure shot towards the depths of the mountain range.


Zhou Yuan’s toes brushed past a tree branch, when his eyes suddenly widened.


Berserk Genesis Qi exploded above him, followed by a roar. One could only watch as a figure appeared, ferocious Genesis Qi sweeping towards Zhou Yuan like a storm.

This person had clearly been hiding, waiting for an opportunity to launch a sneak attack when someone else came along.

The powerful attack loomed towards him, but not a single ripple could be seen in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. His five fingers swiftly formed a fist, the azure Heavenly Serpent Scales rapidly emerging as a punch was sent towards the figure descending from above.


A wave of Genesis Qi swept outwards, snapping the surrounding tree trunks.

Zhou Yuan’s figure had not budged from the spot, only the branch below his feet swaying a little. The one that had attacked from above, however, let out a groan as he was sent flying backwards. He quickly turned around to escape, knowing that he had encountered a tough foe.

“Since you’ve attacked, don’t even think about leaving!”

But Zhou Yuan did not intend to let this individual off. His figure instantly turned ethereal, appearing right behind the fleeing figure like a wisp of smoke.

“Please no, forgi…” The figure instantly cried out in horror.

However, Zhou Yuan’s expression remained calm, Genesis Qi surging in his body as a scale covered fist mercilessly slammed into the figure’s back like thunder.


The figure was sent miserably tumbling forward, smearing a hundred feet long track on the ground as he vomited a mouthful of blood.

A ray of light fell from the sky, sweeping up the figure and throwing him into the river at the edge of the mountain range. He had clearly been disqualified.

Zhou Yuan made a grabbing motion with his hand, causing a thumb-sized glowing seal to emerge from the direction the figure had been thrown in. The seal shot towards Zhou Yuan, branding itself on the back of his hand.

One seal obtained.

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s lips lifted slightly as he looked at the faintly glowing seal on the back of his hand.

“Nineteen more…”

His figure faintly etherealized, turning into smoke that darted forward.

At this current time, battles were erupting all over the vast mountain range, burst after burst of Genesis Qi exploding here and there, making the place appear exceptionally busy.

It was a lively start to the purple sash selection.

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