Chapter 365 It Begins

A majestic mountain range towered across the land, the mountains separated by giant snaking rivers. Mists swirled around the mountains, giving them a solemn and grand aura.

This mountain range was the location of the purple sash selection, and was known as the Purple Mountains.

It had also become the busiest place in the entire Cangxuan Sect today.

Countless glowing figures seemed to fill the sky as they landed on the mountains in the vicinity of the Purple Mountains, causing the spacious land to become rather crowded and noisy.

The popularity of the purple sash selection was evidently far from ordinary.

A Genesis Qi cloud descended from the sky, landing on one of the mountain tops. Shen Taiyuan waved his sleeve, dispersing the Genesis Qi as the figures of numerous disciples were revealed, Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao included amongst them.

The group were quite excited as they gazed upon the lively spectacle. An occasion as grand as this only occurred a few times a year after all.

“Is this the venue of the purple sash selection?” Zhou Yuan curiously lifted his gaze to observe the majestic, unbroken mountain range. Ancient trees towered within the extremely lush foliage, which was also blanketed by a layer of mist, giving the place a somewhat mysterious air.

“That’s right, this place is known as the Purple Mountains, and every purple sash selection will take place here.” Shen Taiyuan stood beside Zhou Yuan, his normally strict and stern old face filled with a smile when he looked towards his disciple. One could tell that Zhou Yuan’s surprising battle achievements made Shen Taiyuan treat the former as a treasure.

“All of the participants will be sent into this mountain range to compete for victory.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. Looks like the purple sash selection was a free-for-all brawl of sorts, making it much more complicated than the one on one bracket type duels, because it represents chaos and the lack of rules.

Everything would be for the sake of obtaining victory in the end.

“Zhou Yuan, there are not many rules for the purple sash selection, and all kinds of tactics can be employed. The sect won’t say much as long as lives aren’t threatened.” Shen Taiyuan looked towards Zhou Yuan and cautioned, “After all, the sect does not wish to nurture disciples that purely have strength without wit and tactic.”

Zhou Yuan nodded in agreement. The disciples in the sect did not face much dangers, but there would eventually come a time when they would have to leave on missions. The situation in Cangxuan Heaven was complicated, and even the disciples of a titan like the Cangxuan Sect would encounter numerous dangers outside. If all one had was recklessness, one would not survive for long.

However, such chaos would also make it even more uncertain and dangerous for him.

Especially knowing that someone from Sword Cometh Peak would be targeting him.

“Zhou Yuan, I know that you are eager, but there are many strong opponents. My advice to you is not to aim for champion, but take success as managing to rank amongst the top ten and be promoted to purple sash.” Said Shen Taiyuan.

Zhou Yuan smiled and nodded. “Don’t worry teacher Shen, I will naturally take a step back if the situation does not bode well and give up on vying for first.”

Shen Taiyuan nodded, before pointing towards the misty mountain range as he said, “There are ten peaks in the depths of the Purple Mountains. The ten individuals who manage to ascend these ten peaks will be the top ten.”

A thoughtful look rose on Zhou Yuan’s face. “Then how will the champion be decided?”

Shen Taiyuan answered, “You guys will only find out after ascending the ten mountains, because it may be different from the past selections.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. He had nothing more to ask.

Not long after they arrived, a Genesis Qi cloud suddenly descended from the sky. A white skirt fluttered in the wind, revealing Li Qingchan’s figure.

She directly landed next to Yaoyao, immediately causing countless burning gazes to look over. These two were after all the top beauties of the Cangxuan Sect, and just the sight of them standing together would make one’s heart beat a little faster.

Li Qingchan paid no heed to these gazes, merely sweeping a glance at Zhou Yuan, who was standing next to Shen Taiyuan, as she said, “I’m afraid that things will be difficult for Zhou Yuan during this selection.

Yaoyao did not comment, merely continuing to stroke Tuntun.

Li Qingchan stared at Yaoyao’s face and said, “I can ask the Snow Lotus Peak disciples to aid him as repayment for the favor you did me. How about it?”

Her prideful nature made her feel that she owed Yaoyao due to the Genesis reservoir affair. Hence, she was always trying to find a way to repay the former to remove the discomfort she felt whenever she met Yaoyao.

Yaoyao thought for a moment, before she shook her head and leisurely said, “I feel… that he doesn’t need it.”

Li Qingchan’s brows knitted together. “Aren’t you overestimating him too much? Do you know how many individuals are after him? Your Saint Genesis Peak only has a handful of participants, and look like they won’t be much of a help anyways.”

“So he’ll have to depend on himself.” Said Yaoyao.

Li Qingchan placed extra emphasis on her words as she said, “Do you really think that he can challenge all of the first seat gold sash disciples from the various factions of Sword Cometh Peak alone? Every single one of them is no weaker than Wei Youxuan.”

She clearly felt that Yaoyao’s earlier words were far too irresponsible.

The corners of Yaoyao’s lips raised slightly. “If he can’t, he deserves to be beaten. It’ll teach him to be more serious about his cultivation in the future.”

Li Qingchan was speechless, but she knew that these weren’t Yaoyao’s true feelings. The former fell silent for a moment, before she said, “Do you really believe that he can take on Sword Cometh Peak?”

“We’ll know once he tries. Anyhow, he’s the one that will be humiliated if he loses.” Yaoyao seemed to smile as she spoke.

Li Qingchan stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure. In the end, she turned towards Yaoyao and seriously said, “I believe that he can’t.”

“Why not we wait and see.”


The Sword Cometh Peak disciples were gathered on a giant mountain relatively close to the Purple Mountains. At this current time, Lu Xuanyin, Xu Yan and gang had congregated at a certain location on the mountain peak.

Lu Xuanyin’s gaze was slightly cold as she looked towards a mountain in the distance where Zhou Yuan and the rest were currently standing. Yaoyao’s presence had made their location quite apparent.

“I’ve heard that many disciples have bet on Zhou Yuan.” Xu Yan wore a faint smile beside her.

He too cast his gaze towards at Zhou Yuan as he playfully said, “But that’s fine, the higher their expectations, the greater their disappointment and anger when he falls.”

“It is time for us to let this smooth sailing junior brother of ours encounter a setback, so that he won’t become too arrogant and feel that there’s no one with ability in our Cangxuan Sect.”

Lu Xuanyin nodded, a surge of happiness flashing in her eyes. Looks like the bitter frustration and resentment she held in her heart for several months was finally going to be released.

“Junior brother Le Tian, we’ll have to inconvenience you this time.” Xu Yan smiled at a young man beside him, who seemed to always wear a warm smile on his face, making him look extremely friendly approachable.

It was the first seat gold sash disciples of Sword Cometh Peak’s master faction, Le Tian.

Le Tian wore his usual smile as he said, “I met senior brother Zhao Zhu last night.”

“Senior brother Zhao Zhu?” Both Xu Yan and Lu Xuanyin jumped at the mention of this name. This was the second Chosen of their Sword Cometh Peak, whose reputation and influence was second only to Kong Sheng.

Xu Yan hastily asked, “What did senior brother Zhao Zhu say?”

“He told me that youngsters these days are too proud, and should be taught a little lesson. He assures us that we can do whatever we want.” Le Tian grinned.

Joy immediately surfaced in the eyes of Xu Yan and Lu Xuanyin. They never imagined that even senior brother Zhao Zhu would stand on their side. It seems that Zhou Yuan had really stuck out too much recently.

With Zhao Zhu’s words, there would no longer be any reservations in the hearts of the Sword Cometh Peak disciples.

Xu Yan and Lu Xuanyin exchanged a look, and could not help but chuckle.

Zhou Yuan, you’re all out of chances now.


Clang! Clang!

The excitement in the vicinity of the Purple Mountains grew more and more intense as time passed. The hot sun rose in the sky, hanging high above the land. It was at this moment that clanging suddenly began echoing across the place.

Soon after, every disciple felt a grand aura descend from the sky, accompanied by an indescribable pressure that caused the land to tremble.

Innumerable disciples raised their heads in reverence as they watched several glowing figures descend from the sky, ultimately landing on the highest mountain in the vicinity of the Purple Mountains where several stone seats stood.

The glowing figures seated themselves as the light faded, revealing their appearances.

It was sect master Qing Yang and the six peak masters!

“Greetings sect master!”

“Greetings peak masters!”

All the disciples and elders bowed as they cupped their fists together.

Sect master Qing Yang faintly nodded with a smile. Soon after, his booming voice rang out.

“It is time. The disciples may enter the mountains!”

In the wake of his words, the entire place instantly erupted into noise.

The long awaited purple sash selection had finally begun.

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