Chapter 364 Before the Selection

When the day of the purple sash selection arrived, the entire Cangxuan Sect seem to fall into a frenzy, the atmosphere so infectious that even the surrounding Genesis Qi seemed to stir excitedly.

Although the participating disciples were only a tiny fraction of the entire sect, it did not stop the purple sash selection from becoming one of the grandest occasions in the sect.

In fact, the attention drawn by this event was second only to the year end chief disciple selection trial.

After all, though the disciples may not be qualified to participate now, that day would eventually come, and this selection would be the path they would have to take to be promoted.

Purple sash disciples were the true elites and backbone of the Cangxuan Sect.

While also the goal every disciple worked hard towards.

After becoming a purple sash disciple, one’s treatment and status would far surpass the other disciples, becoming the envy of everyone.

Hence, it was not strange for the purple sash disciple to garner so much attention.


A certain purple Genesis cave dwelling.

Prepared and ready, Zhou Yuan’s eyes could not help but brighten when he saw Yaoyao walk out of the little house. She was wearing a light green top and trousers today, the trousers lightly hugging her tiny waist while making her legs appear exceptionally long and slender. Her usually unbound hair was currently tied up behind her head, revealing her fair and graceful neck that seem to glow under the light.

This attire made Yaoyao appear full of youthful vitality, a slight change from her usual aloofness.

Yaoyao slowly walked over with Tuntun in her arms as she swept a glance at Zhou Yuan.

“So pretty.” Zhou Yuan was not stingy with his praise.

However, Yaoyao was completely unaffected, her red lips opening slightly as she said, “How’s the progress on my Taoyao Wine?”

Zhou Yuan’s face instantly turned rigid as he awkwardly said, “I’m still in the research phase… the recipe is not simple, and all the Genesis Resources required are not easy to find.”

“A hundred year Dragon Blood Peach, Clear Spirit Rice, Mystic Sea Spring Water…”

At this point, Zhou Yuan could not help but wet his lips. All of these Genesis Resources were extremely rare, and he had not managed to find a single one in the inner sect’s Glittering Jewels Pavilion. It was obvious that this unknown recipe from Spirit Rune Hall was no ordinary wine.

In fact, such high quality ingredients could probably be used to refine several extraordinary pills.

Of course, given Yaoyao’s standards, ordinary alcohol would not be able to stir her heart.

In response to Zhou Yuan’s complaints, Yaoyao face was akin to the calm ocean. She merely gently stroked Tuntun’s soft fur as she said in a clear voice, “So?”

Her tone made alarm bells ring in Zhou Yuan’s head. He immediately smiled and said, “So I will put in even more effort to search for these ingredients, and help big sis Yaoyao brew it as soon as possible!”

Tuntun cast a disdainful look over. This guy really didn’t have a backbone!

However, Yaoyao appeared quite satisfied by Zhou Yuan’s attitude, the corners of her red lips raising slightly as she said, “Are you properly prepared for the purple sash selection?”

Zhou Yuan nodded with a smile of confidence.

“Don’t worry, I’m also itching to see what Sword Cometh Peak’s meticulous planning and efforts will amount to.”

They had invested much thought and effort into promoting him or the purple sash selection, obviously not out of good will. Hence, whatever tricks they had would soon be revealed today.

No matter what moves they had, Zhou Yuan would just have to receive them.

Yaoyao gave a slight nod.

The duo walked out of the cave dwelling, riding on a Genesis Qi cloud as they arrived on one of the mountains of Saint Genesis Peak. At this current moment, practically all of the disciples from Saint Genesis Peak’s three factions were gathered here.

In a grand event like the purple sash selection, even sect master Qing Yang and the other peak masters would be present. Hence, the elders of the various peaks would bring all of their disciples to watch.

This was why the three elders Shen Taiyuan, Lu Hong, Lu Song and their disciples were already here when Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao arrived.

The duo caused quite a stir the moment they appeared. After all, they were in a sense the most well known disciples of Saint Genesis Peak.

Shen Taiyuan’s disciples greeted them with warm gazes, Zhou Tai, Shen Wanjin and gang quickly crowding over like stars around the moon.

Zhou Tai’s candidly said, “Haha, junior brother Zhou Yuan, I’ve placed quite a big bet of five thousand Genesis jade pieces on you this time. You’ve got to do your best or I’ll be going hungry next month.”

“I’ve also put my entire fortune of two thousand Genesis jade pieces on you. Little Yuan Bro, whether or not I make it big will depend on you.” Said Shen Taiyuan with a flattering smile, his chubby face giving off an oily gleam.

The other disciples also laughed along, declaring how much they had bet one after another.

Zhou Yuan smiled as he acknowledged everyone. As his reputation grew step by step during the last three months, Shen Taiyuan’s disciples had gradually begun to accept him, and were now much friendlier.

The talent and battle achievements Zhou Yuan had racked up had convinced them of his abilities, dispersing the feeling of unfairness they had previously towards his preferential treatment.

Of course, this was with the exception of Zhang Yan and his lackeys.

The disciples from the other two factions looked over with complicated expressions.

Lu Yan muttered under her breath as she watched the numerous disciples crowd around Zhou Yuan. She had been in secluded cultivation when Yaoyao and him went to Spirit Rune Peak, and was thus quite surprised when she heard the sensational news later on.

Zhou Yuan’s reputation in the Cangxuan Sect was rapidly rising, clearly on his way to become a dark horse of sorts. Although he was still a ways from matching the ten great Chosens, he could already be considered an influential figure in the sect.

“What a pity, if teacher Lu had insisted a little more back then, Zhou Yuan may have ended up joining our faction. The entire Cangxuan Sect has probably already heard of Shen Taiyuan’s faction by now…” 

Lu Yan glared at the disciple that had spoken and said, “Don’t spout nonsense, what can a single Zhou Yuan possibly change? He may be talented, but he still has some ways to go.”

“The Spirit Rune Peak affair was mainly Yaoyao’s efforts, while Zhou Yuan merely provided some assistance. I’ve no idea what those people are thinking to hype him up so much recently.” 

She coldly snorted. “There will be no problem if Zhou Yuan is able to remain level-headed, but if he really thinks he’s so great due to such gossip, the fall will only become even more painful if he fails.”

Although Lu Yan did not fully understand what was happening, she was no ordinary disciple after all, and could faintly sense that something was amiss about this situation.

If Zhou Yuan was not careful during the purple sash selection, he would likely have to pay a painful price.

While Lu Yan and the rest were whispering amongst themselves, Lu Hong’s disciples watched with the cold eyes of bystanders.

Wei Youxuan and the gang in particular had rather ominous expressions with a sliver of mockery hidden within.

“Zhou Yuan, celebrate while you can…”

“Once the purple sash selection begins, you will realise that you’re just a pathetic little clown!”

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