Chapter 362 Disadvantageous Praise

News of the boundary breaking trial on Spirit Rune Peak ultimately spread in the sect, creating quite a stir as expected..

As a result, Yaoyao’s already high popularity instantly soared to even greater heights, making it not the least bit inferior to any of the ten great Chosens, making her somewhat of a legendary figure within the sect.

In fact, it was rumored that even sect master Qing Yang and the other peak masters fell into a dispute of sorts after the event. All of them wanted to recruit Yaoyao to their peaks.

After all, from the strength Yaoyao had displayed, she already possessed the qualifications to take one of the seats amongst the ten great Chosens. Thus, wouldn’t recruiting her be akin to having one more Chosens from your peak?

In the Cangxuan Sect, the resources allocated to each peak was decided one the quality of their disciples. This was a rule that even sect master Qing Yang had to abide by.

Hence, gaining a Chosen would bestow the peak with more cultivation resources, which would be an extremely happy occasion for everyone from the peak.

The numerous peak masters clearly knew how much effort and luck was required to groom a Chosen, so everyone was naturally itching to get their hands on Yaoyao.

Therefore, this matter was fiercely debated over by the peak masters and sect master Qing Yang, but was ultimately unable to be resolved due to everyone being unwilling to back down.

In the end, their chose to respect Yaoyao’s decision, and let her decide which peak to join...

While Yaoyao’s reputation began to soar into the heavens, Zhou Yuan, who had also made some contributions in the boundary breaking trial, was also affected somewhat.

The main reason was because he had defeated Xia Yu.

Xia Yu was the number one gold sash disciple of Spirit Rune Peak, and one of the strongest contenders for champion in the upcoming purple sash selection. Zhou Yuan’s triumph over her undoubtedly drew the attention of many people.

Previously, news of Zhou Yuan’s participation in the purple sash selection had not really garnered much interest, and quite a number of disciples had even laughed at him in secret for overestimating himself. It had only been slightly over a month since he entered the inner mountains, and yet he dared to participate in the selection. One must know that even someone as outstanding as senior brother Chu Qing had waited half a year to take first place in the purple sash selection.

As such, many felt that Zhou Yuan was grossly overestimating himself by participating.

However, such thoughts faded away like smoke after the boundary breaking trial. Although everyone found out later on that Xia Yu had been defeated by Zhou Yuan’s Spirit attack due to being caught off guard, it was already enough to prove that his mastery of Genesis Runes was a force to be reckoned with, and should not be underestimated.

At this current time, just his Genesis Rune mastery alone was already enough to qualify him for the purple sash selection.

Hence, originally overlooked Zhou Yuan became one of the more talked about individuals in the purple sash selection, gradually becoming one of the highly supported contenders for champion, a 180 turn from his previous treatment.

This change undoubtedly created even more uncertainty in the purple sash selection.


While the Cangxuan Sect was abuzz with news about them, Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao seemed to have vanished from sight, locking themselves away in Spirit Rune Hall, while completely ignoring everything else that was happening outside.

Spirit Rune Hall had begun collecting countless ancient Genesis Runes ever since the Cangxuan Sect was established, and boasted an amazing collection. Thus, even Yaoyao had grown quite excited after entering, wanting to bury herself here forever and never leave this place.

Zhou Yuan was likewise overjoyed by the collection in Spirit Rune Hall. However, his understanding of Genesis Runes was not as deep as Yaoyao’s, and was thus limited to study the Genesis Runes at his level.

Even so, Spirit Rune Hall’s collection was an eye-opening experience. The numerous strange and wondrous Genesis Runes drawing nothing but praise from him.

Hence, the two individuals spent their days submerged in the vast sea-like Spirit Rune Hall, even forgetting the passage of time.

In a short few days, Zhou Yuan could already feel his Genesis Rune mastery increase. If he were to duel with Xia Yu again now, he believed that he would have nothing to fear in a direct clash.


On a particular day.

Zhou Yuan stood in front of an old stone shelf, as he voraciously flipped through a tattered old book, the ancient Genesis Runes recorded within captivating him deeply.

Some distance away, a few Spirit Rune Peak disciples would look over from time to time, their gazes filled with both respect and wariness. The boundary breaking trial a few days ago had clearly convinced these proud Spirit Rune Peak disciples of his strength.

While Zhou Yuan was immersed in the old book, his ear suddenly twitched a little as a faint fragrance entered his nose.

He lifted his head, and found an innocent looking young girl standing nearby, watching him with her large eyes. It was the little senior sister of Spirit Rune Peak, Xia Yu.

Upon seeing Zhou Yuan look over, Xia Yu involuntarily took half a step back, but soon gritted her teeth to stop her retreating feet.

“Is there something I can help you with little senior sister Xia Yu?” Zhou Yuan gave a hollow laugh when he saw this. It seems that his actions back then had left quite a shadow in this little senior sister of his.

Xia Yu very cautiously approached and said in a low voice, “A junior sister from Cangxuan Peak called Gu Hongyi asked me to pass you a message. She said to be careful of Sword Cometh Peak in the purple sash selection.”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback, but soon began to frown. Sword Cometh Peak?

“Thank you little senior sister Xia Yu.” Zhou Yuan cupped his fists together and smiled.

Xia Yu shook her little head, her large eyes gazing at Zhou Yuan as she spoke again, “I’ve heard that you’ve become one of the popular contenders for champion in the purple sash selection.”

“And most of the ones who spread this come from Sword Cometh Peak, creating quite a reputation for you.”

Zhou Yuan was stunned. He and Sword Cometh Peak were not really on good terms, and he had even played a part in disrupting Kong Sheng’s plans. Why would they so kindly build his reputation? It was impossible. 

As he gazed upon Xia Yu’s large and bright eyes, a certain notion suddenly struck him, and he calmly remarked, “What a brilliant plan.”

They were obviously intending to put him on a pedestal, making everyone feel that he had a chance at the championship. Afterwhich, they would send him crashing to the ground, making his fall hurt even more than it should.

The one who had thought of this was truly insidious.

Zhou Yuan cupped his hands towards Xia Yu again. The girl before him was clearly a smart one, and had seen through their intentions. Hence why she had come to warn him.

“Little junior sister Xia Yu, I’m really sorry about before.” The girl had held no grudge against him, and even came to inform him of this critical information. This act made Zhou Yuan feel quite apologetic for being so ruthless during the trial.

Xia Yu shook her head, casting one last glance at Zhou Yuan, before she turned her head in embarrassment and left.

Zhou Yuan frowned as he watched her leave. It seems that his spectacular performance had made some people raise his danger level, resulting in them coming up with such tactics to beat him into his place during the purple sash selection.

“Your luck with women is not bad…” While Zhou Yuan was lost in thought, a slightly teasing voice rang out behind him.

He turned his head, and saw Yaoyao leaning against a stone shelf, the corners of her lips slightly raised as she looked at him.

Under the stare of her clear eyes, Zhou Yuan let out a forced laugh and said, “Little senior sister Xia Yu is just a kind girl.”

Yaoyao lazily responded, “You’d better remember where we currently are. If you don’t want trouble, don’t have designs on the little flower on other’s peaks.”

Zhou Yuan’s gaze scanned the area. Sure enough, he discovered some hints of unfriendliness in the eyes of the Spirit Rune Peak disciples, as if unable to believe he actually dared to seduce their little senior sister.

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s lips could not help but twitch.

Yaoyao seemed to smile as she threw an old book to Zhou Yuan.

“You should fool around less. I picked this out for you. If you don’t want to end up being targeted during the purple sash selection, I advise you to learn it during these next few days.”

Zhou Yuan hastily caught the book, his eyes widening slightly as his gaze swept across it.

“Heavenly Lightning and Mystical Fire Boundary.”

Yaoyao nonchalantly explained, “This boundary should be your limit for now. Once you master it, it will become one of your trump cards.”

Zhou Yuan was elated, a smile revealing itself on his handsome face as he cornily said, “Big sis Yaoyao still treats me the best.”


The corners of Yaoyao’s red lips slightly curved upwards, before turning around to leave with a swish of her black hair.

“You should save such words to trick other young ladies, they won’t have any effect on me…”

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