Chapter 361 Into the Hall

The area in front of Spirit Rune Hall was a boiling cauldron of voices, numerous disciples bubbling with excitement as they gazed upon the figures of Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao, who seemed to appear exceptionally dazzling at this moment.

The final outcome had clearly exceeded everyone’s expectations.

The boundary had been the joint effort of numerous Spirit Rune Peak disciples, with even some guidance from peak master Bai Mei in secret. In a certain sense, it could be considered a masterpiece for those on the level of the Spirit Rune Peak disciples. 

Who could have expected that such a masterpiece would ultimately be broken by Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao.

Didn’t this mean that the two had basically faced all of the Spirit Rune Peak disciples and triumphed?

Just how amazing of an accomplishment was this?

There was now a trace of respect in the countless gazes that looked towards the duo, though most of it was admittedly directed at Yaoyao. Everyone knew that she had been the main contributor. After all, nearly eighty percent of the boundary’s power had to be used to deal with her.

Under everyone’s attention, Yaoyao glanced at Ye Ge and asked with icy indifference, “The boundary is broken, can I enter the hall now?”

Upon hearing the icy indifference in Yaoyao’s tone, Ye Ge could only let out a bitter laugh as he nodded.

“Both of us broke the boundary, so Zhou Yuan should also be given the right to enter Spirit Rune Hall, am I right?” Yaoyao mercilessly shot out another question.

Zhou Yuan’s heart shook a little when he heard this. Spirit Rune Hall was was basically Spirit Rune Peak’s bedrock, and was home to a vast collection of numerous ancient Genesis Runes. It would greatly help his Genesis Rune mastery if he could enter and have a look.

Since his Spirit had stepped into the mid Corporeal stage, it was a perfect time for him to be given an opportunity to study in Spirit Rune Hall.

Ye Ge was slightly taken aback, but soon smiled in a carefree manner. “Naturally. From today, junior sister Yaoyao and junior brother Zhou Yuan may enter Spirit Rune Hall any time you please. With the exception of a few restricted areas, you may freely browse through any of the other texts.”

This was quite generous of him, while also showing no of the frustration or anger he should have had after the loss. Such magnanimity caused several disciples to give faint nods of approval. As someone who could become one of the ten great Chosens, Ye Ge was indeed an extraordinary individual.

However, his magnaminty was only met by indifference from Yaoyao. In her eyes, if not for Ye Ge, she wouldn’t have needed to show her abilities in front of so many spectators.

Someone like her who preferred peace and quiet had zero intentions of basking in the limelight.

She was clearly not fond of all these varying gazes.

“Let’s go.”

Yaoyao said to Zhou Yuan before turning around and walking towards Spirit Rune Peak, while Zhou Yuan hastily caught up upon seeing this.

In front of Spirit Rune Peak, Jin Zhang and Xia Yu watched the two figures approach.

Jin Zhang cupped his fists together towards Yaoyao, a look of admiration coloring his eyes. The duel they had in the boundary had given him an understanding of the extent of Yaoyao’s techniques.

Xia Yu, on the other hand, somewhat timidly hid behind Jin Zhang, as her large eyes cast a stealthy glance at Zhou Yuan. Her fair forehead was currently a little red, evidently due to the headbutt Zhou Yuan had given her earlier.

There was no longer any trace of the formidable and confident aura she had give off in their Genesis Rune fight earlier, making her appear to be nothing but a shy and weak little girl.

At the sight of this, Zhou Yuan smiled apologetically at Xia Yu.

The young girl immediately blushed a little at his gaze, a trace of fear still lingering in her large eyes due to the clash of their Spirits earlier, before she quickly hid away like a little fawn.


When the Zhou Yuan duo arrived in front of Spirit Rune Hall, its tightly shut doors automatically creaked open. A dusty, old aura surged out, as if what was inside had experienced countless eons of change.

Yaoyao’s footstops did not pause, stepping straight inside. Zhou Yuan followed, their silhouettes gradually fading from view under the countless watching gazes outside the hall.

The numerous disciples sighed as they watched the two figures disappear, wishing the spectacular battle from earlier could continue.

One could easily imagine how Yaoyao’s reputation would soon reach the pinnacle amongst the uncountable disciples in the Cangxuan Sect, standing shoulder to shoulder with the ten great Chosens.

The strength she had displayed today clearly proved that she possessed the qualifications to become on of the Chosens.

It was a fact that truly shook everyone to the very core.

Ye Ge had not moved from the spot, a melancholic expression on his face as he gazed at Spirit Rune Hall.

Li Qingchan arrived beside him, glancing at him as she said, “You’d best not have any other thoughts. If she is truly angered, you will not be able to bear the consequences.”

Ye Ge chuckled and responded, “Can’t I try a little after meeting someone who could finally stir my heart?”

“Although Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan are quite close, I can tell that there are no romantic feelings between them… so I feel that I still might have a chance.”

Li Qingchan nonchalantly said, “As a woman, my intuition tells me that Yaoyao looks down on you.”

Ye Ge frowned a little. As someone who could become a Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect, he was undoubtedly extremely talented. Though he may appear relaxed and carefree, he was also an exceedingly prideful individual. Thus, Li Qingchan’s words were a little hard for him to accept.

“Don’t waste your effort… you should give up on such thoughts, or you may not even have the chance to become ordinary friends.”

There seemed to be a hidden meaning in her words, that were not only directed at Ye Ge but also peak master Bai Mei. He was the one who truly hoped that Yaoyao would stay in Spirit Rune Peak, but his actions this time were really quite inappropriate.

Given Yaoyao’s intelligence, it would not be hard for her to figure things out. When that happened, she may even cut all ties with Spirit Rune Peak out of anger, an act that would surely make peak master Bai Mei want to cry in regret at his antics.

After speaking, Li Qingchan turned around and left.

Ye Ge hesitated for a moment as he watched her leave, and could ultimately only let out a sigh.

From the cold indifference Yaoyao displayed towards him, it seemed that she was indeed not the least bit interested in him.

The crowd of disciples in front of Spirit Rune Hall gradually dispersed. One could easily imagine the commotion that would follow after they brought news of what happened today back to their respective peaks.

Gu Hongyi stretched lazily, revealing her enchanting curves. Her satisfied eyes narrowed slightly as she grinned at Su Wan and said, “What do you think senior sister Su Wan?”

At the sight of her pleased appearance, Su Wan retorted in a slightly annoyed manner, “What are you so happy about, you’re not even related to him.”

She then began to closely examine Gu Hongyi as she mischievously said, “Although you’re quite a beauty yourself, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to tug at his heart strings with Zhou Xiaoyao around.”

Gu Hongyi blushed furiously. She glared at Su Wan and said with embarrassment, “What nonsense are you spouting, Zhou Yuan and I are only friends.”

“Is that so?” Su Wan was clearly unconvinced.

Gu Hongyi gritted her teeth, ignoring the former as she turned around and began leaving Spirit Rune Peak.

“Heh heh, is the little lass embarrassed?” Su Wan was grinning from ear to ear as she led the group of girls to catch up, their giggling drawing the attention of quite a few disciples.

At another corner of the place, Lu Xuanyin’s stared at Spirit Rune Hall with a stormy face.

“This Zhou Xiaoyao is quite terrifying.” Xu Yan sighed, his eyes filled with wariness and fear.

He turned his head to look at Lu Xuanyin as he smiled and said, “However, you need not worry. We may not have any way to deal with her, but our target is Zhou Yuan after all… he isn’t that difficult to deal with.”

“However, from the Genesis Rune mastery he has displayed, we should probably increase his threat level. I’ll make a few more preparations when we return to ensure that junior sister Xuanyin will have the chance to properly expel all of your resentment during the purple sash selection.”

“His spectacular performance today wil only result in numerous disciples having higher expectations of him. In fact, some may even entertain the notion of him being qualified to vie for the championship position. Since that is so, we will eliminate him at the start, making it such that he will be unable to even rank amongst the top ten. I believe this will make him quite frustrated, right?”

“Hehe, I do want to find out whether Zhou Yuan’s head is harder, or my Sword Cometh Peak’s sword is sharper.”

Lu Xuanyin nodded, a little joy and anticipation in her eyes. She had indeed somewhat underestimated Zhou Yuan, but the ones who would be dealing with him this time were the most elite gold sash disciples of Sword Cometh Peak.

Lu Xuanyin breathed in deeply, casting one final icy glance at Spirit Rune Hall, before turning to leave.

She did not believe that Zhou Yuan would be able to turn the tables in the face of such a line-up!

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