Chapter 360 Breaking the Boundary

An impossibly gigantic mottled divine grindstone slowly loomed towards Xia Yu’s Spirit in the vast, endless starry sky. In its presence, her Spirit felt as tiny as a grain of sand.

Terror wildly sprung up in her heart like weeds.

No matter how strong Xia Yu’s Spirit was, an uncontrollable trembling bubbled from the depths of her Spirit in the face of this scene. She could clearly sense just how terrifying the mottled divine grindstone before her was...

“What… what is this?!”

Even Xia Yu’s voice was shaking at this moment.


The mottled divine grindstone slowly approached Xia Yus’ Spirit. No matter how frantically she tried to flee, it was useless in the face of the divine grindstone’s infinite mass.

As such, she could only powerlessly watch as it slowly crushed down onto her.


Her Spirit seemed to shatter at this moment.


A miserable shriek followed.

On the mountain top, Xia Yu’s tightly shut eyes abruptly opened, fear filling her large eyes as she stumbled backwards with a deathly pale face.

The Spirit between her brows had turned dim, evidently injured due to the earlier sight.

As she staggered backwards, a foot suddenly found empty air, sending her body falling down a cliff.


A stream of snow-white whizzed downwards, wrapping around her slender waist. Zhou Yuan was perched on the cliff, looking down at the fear and panic filled eyes of Xia Yu as he smiled slightly and said, “Thanks for the win little senior sister Xia Yu.”

With a little jerk of the Heavenly Yuan Brush, he gently tossed Xia Yu towards one of the other mountain peaks.

Xia Yu landed on the mountain, her pretty face still pale as she looked at Zhou Yuan, and asked in a slightly shaky voice, “What did you do to me? Was that an illusion?”

But why had it felt so real? If it had been fake, she had no doubt that her tough Spirit would have been able to easily withstand it.

Zhou Yuan merely smiled, not answering her question. It was through the divine grindstone brand master Cang Xuan had left on his Spirit that he was able to practice the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method.

However, those without this brand would have no way to resist the divine grindstone.

Even so, it was practically impossible for him to drag someone else’s Spirit into the divine grindstone’s realm. If Xia Yu had not underestimated him and allowed him to approach her, he would never have succeeded.

Fortunately for him, he had ultimately succeeded.

And now, the mountain below his feet was the exact location of the boundary core...

He raised his finger, feeling the ring on it grow increasingly hot. Yaoyao was obviously hurrying him. Hence, Zhou Yuan slammed his foot into the ground.


The mountain peak instantly began to crumble, cracks spreading as boulders tumbled downwards. The original majestic mountain top was soon reduced to a pile of rubble.


At another location in the boundary.

Yaoyao stood on a water pillar, while the chief disciple of Spirit Rune Peak, Jin Zhang, yawned some distance in front of her, before he playfully said, “Junior sister Yaoyao, the location of the boundary core is about to change.”

The water pillar under her feet gradually began to shrink at this moment, evidently soon to return to the ocean.

Once the boundary core location changed, Yaoyao’s advantage would be reset to zero.

Moreover, after suffering at the hands of the illusion rune from earlier, Jin Zhang would be even more vigilant, and try his best not to be caught by it again.

Yaoyao lowered her head to look at the gradually shrinking water pillar. Not a single ripple could be seen on her face as she gently stroked the finger on her hand. She knew that Zhou Yuan would not be able to use Genesis Qi in this boundary, and his battle with the number one gold sash disciple of Spirit Rune Peak was indeed going to be quite unfavorable for him.

Thus, even if Zhou Yuan ultimately failed, Yaoyao would not feel any disappointment. In her opinion, this boundary was actually quite good training for Zhou Yuan. If they failed today, they would just come again tomorrow.

Until the day Zhou Yuan would finally defeat Xia Yu.


However, while these thoughts were swirling in Yaoyao’s head, her expression suddenly changed for the first time, as if sensing something.

On the surface of the ocean, Jin Zhang’s originally relaxed expression froze as he violently lifted his head to look in a certain direction, his voice tinged with disbelief, “The second boundary core has been destroyed? How can this be?! How can little junior sister Xia Yu lose?!”

He had just felt the second boundary core shatter, which meant that Xia Yu had lost.

A faint smile appeared on Yaoyao’s expressionless face for the first time, the breathtaking sight seemingly giving a little more vibrancy to the ocean around her.

“All of you only thought of how to deal with me… while underestimating him.” Yaoyao’s indifferent voice sounded.

Jin Zhang let out a bitter laugh. Come on, we’ve already dispatched the number one gold sash disciple of Spirit Rune Peak, Xia Yu, to handle Zhou Yuan. Is this still underestimating him? How could they possibly send out a purple sash disciple? It would only be far too disgraceful.

Yaoyao ignored his response. Since Zhou Yuan’s side was ready, there was no longer any need for her to wait, and she immediately stomped her foot.


The water pillar below her feet instantly began to fall apart, ultimately bursting into a spray of water.

When the water pillar shattered, the two boundary cores were completely destroyed.

The ocean swiftly began to recede.

When Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan opened their eyes again, they found themselves standing before Spirit Rune Hall, while the giant mist boundary slowly vanished.

Meanwhile, they also saw the countless shocked gazes looking at them.

The majority of which were directed at Zhou Yuan.

After all, everyone already knew of Yaoyao’s mysteriousness and immeasurable strength, but no one had expected Zhou Yuan to triumph over Xia Yu...

One must know that she was the top gold sash disciple of Spirit Rune Peak, and one of the strongest contenders for the upcoming purple sash selection!

Wouldn’t Zhou Yuan’s victory over her mean that he also had the qualifications to vie for the champion spot in the purple sash selection test?

This realization was extremely astonishing to many of the disciples.

Lu Xuanyin’s pretty face was an ugly steely green, her fists tightly clenched as she gazed at Zhou Yuan, who was currently the center of attention. As she recalled how gloating she had been earlier, it made her feel as stupid as a clown.

The mocking words she had said earlier had now transformed into slaps that loudly smacked onto her face.

Beside her, Xu Yan’s expression was also a little unnatural. In the end, he could only release a dry laugh and say, “Why did little junior sister Xia Yu suddenly lose in the end? Did she decide to show mercy all of a sudden?”

From what he could see, the mid Corporeal stage Xia Yu who could wield the power of the boundary should not have lost.

He shook his head, turning his gaze towards the ugly looking Lu Xuanyin as he spoke some words in an attempt to comfort her, “No need to be angry. Avoiding this setback means that the heavens are leaving him for you to deal with. Don’t worry, I’ve already made all the preparations, and you will naturally be able to release your frustrations during the purple sash selection.”

Only after hearing this did Lu Xuanyin’s expression ease up a little as she gave a slight nod.

At another corner of the place, a grinning Gu Hongyi said to Su Wan, “So? Didn’t I say that you shouldn’t give your verdict so quickly?”

Su Wan opened and closed her mouth. Moments later, she sighed and responded, “I’ve been convinced. He is far too unusual. Can’t believe he managed to bring about a reversal even at that stage. However, what did he do to Xia Yu at the end?”

From she had seen, the advantage had been with Xia Yu. Even if Zhou Yuan had stepped into the mid Corporeal stage, the former should not have lost.

Gu Hongyi shrugged. Although she was also somewhat puzzled, she did not think about it too deeply. After all, all was right as long as Zhou Yuan won.

Amidst the countless gasps of astonishment, Ye Ge also gradually returned to his senses. He blankly stared at Zhou Yuan, and ultimately let out a bitter laugh. Who could have imagined that the error in his seemingly perfect plan would be Zhou Yuan...

Li Qingchan pursed her lips, a strange look in her eyes as she looked at Zhou Yuan. She never imagined that Yaoyao would be right...

Li Qingchan had been highly skeptical of Zhou Yuan earlier, and thus felt Yaoyao’s insistence to be unreasonable.

However, reality now told her that she was wrong once again...

“This guy…”

She stared at Zhou Yuan with tightly pursed lips.

“Have I really underestimated him too much?”

She had no choice but to admit that Zhou Yuan had pulled off a beautiful victory.

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