Chapter 356 Yaoyao’s Tactic

“Nine Star Rune!”

Jin Zhang stood on a water pillar, as the bronze like Genesis Rune Brush in his hand descended. A complicated Genesis Rune promptly took shape, before the surrounding Genesis Qi stirred and began flowing towards the rune. 

Swoosh swoosh!

Starlight blossomed as the rune seemed to transform into a patch of the starry night sky. Nine giant interlinked stars shot out, and rained down upon Yaoyao with shocking power. 

The entire ocean surface was ripped apart by the tremendous force. 

Jin Zhang’s attack was merciless. Moreover, he was able to utilize eighty percent of the boundary’s power because was standing on the core, allowing him to wield nearly limitless power. 

Nine stars seemed to howl as they rapidly grew Yaoyao’s clear eyes. With a gentle shake of her hand, numerous strokes flowed from her jade brush. 

“Millenium Ice Shield Rune!”

A Genesis Rune was swiftly formed, and immediately submerged into the water below. A thousand foot tall water shield instantly rose, standing in front of her as it transformed into a giant ice shield. Mysterious glowing runes were embedded into the shield, making it appear indestructible. 

Boom! Boom!

The nine stars descended, viciously blasting onto the ice shield as cracks immediately appeared. 

Star after star fell as more and more cracks emerged. In the end, the ice shield reached its limit and promptly exploded into ice shards that filled the sky. 

Jin Zhang raised his brows slightly when he saw that his Genesis Rune attack was neutralized, but was not surprised. He faintly chuckled as his Genesis Rune Brush fell once again, and a Genesis Rune merged with the water below. 

Ch! Ch!

In the next instant, a faint sound was suddenly heard from the water beneath Yaoyao’s feet. One could only watch as innumerable razor sharp icicles shot out, aimed at Yaoyao’s vital points. 

Yaoyao’s foot gently tapped the air, and soared into the sky with a gentle gust as she drew another Genesis Rune. 

“Steel Water Rune!”

The ocean surface rippled as an area of the sea rapidly turned pitch-black like black metal. 

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Countless razor-sharp icicles stabbed at the black metal like water. However, the black water was as tough as metal, and every icicle that smashed into it was shattered into pieces. 

The two parties rapidly exchanged blow after blow in an exceptionally intense battle. Every Genesis Rune boasted alarming power, making the fight far more ferocious than the duel between Zhou Yuan and Xia Yu. 

However, Jin Zhang was obviously the one with the initiative, borrowing the endless power of the boundary to release an unending onslaught, while Yaoyao chose to concentrate on neutralizing his attacks. 

As such, it naturally appeared like she was more on the defense. 

Atop the water pillar, Jin Zhang’s eyes flickered faintly in thought as he observed Yaoyao’s alluring figure. From the earlier exchanges, he could feel that Yaoyao was somewhat wary of him, likely because the latter must have deduced that he currently enjoyed a limitless source of power thanks to the boundary. 

“Since junior Sister Yaoyao likes to play defense, try countering this attack!”

With a slight smile on his face, Jin Zhang’s brush fiercely jabbed in the air. 


Countless glowing dots instantly rose from within the ocean under Yaoyao’s feet. Upon closer inspection, one would realize that two large crescent moons were slowly taking shape in the water below. 

The crescent moons slowly spun like blades, slicing apart the water as they swept past.

An indescribable sharp aura spread from them, and even the moon light that spilled out drilled numerous holes in the ocean surface. 

Jin Zhang looked at Yaoyao and said, “This is the Double Moon Spirit Rune. Normally speaking, using it will spend all of my energy. I can only use it without restraint in a place like this.”

“I hope junior sister Yaoyao can give me some pointers on it.”

He pointed, and the two crescent moons in the ocean quickly rose. Following which, they charged towards Yaoyao at an alarming speed, the pulsing moon light leaving two thousand foot long scars on the ocean surface...

Countless gasps sounded when the crowd in front of Spirit Rune Hall saw this shocking attack. 

Everyone present knew that this Genesis Rune was Jin Zhang’s most prided signature killing move. No expert below the ninth layer Alpha-Origin stage could block his Double Moon Spirit Rune. 

“Sigh, why did Zhou Xiaoyao allow Jin Zhang to complete the rune… once its used, she has no hope of victory.”

“She has been constantly forced into the defense, and seems to be rather wary of Jin Zhang. The latter can borrow the power of the boundary after all.”

“What a pity…”

Numerous disciples shook their heads as they sighed, while relaxed expressions appeared on the faces of the Spirit Rune Peak disciples. They believed that once the Double Moon Spirit Rune was used, the pace of the fight would completely fall into senior brother Jin Zhang’s hands. 

Zhou Xiaoyao, whom was highly praised by peak master, doesn’t seem to be anything special?

Ye Ge’s was focused on the Genesis Qi mirror, frowning as he watched their fight. Even though Jin Zhang had the initiative, the former felt uneasy for some unknown reason. 

Was Yaoyao really so easy to deal with?

Even if Jin Zhang could utilize the power of this boundary, was that truly enough to force Yaoyao into the defense?

“You… what exactly are you plotting?” Mumbled Ye Ge to himself. 


Under the attention of the crowd, the two crescent moons tore across the surface of the ocean at an alarming speed, homing in onto Yaoyao from her left and right. They travelled along mysterious trajectories that sealed off all of Yaoyao’s retreat paths.  

Yaoyao stood atop the ocean, not even the slightest ripple in her calm expression. The Genesis Rune Brush in her hand did not move either, as if she was going to do nothing and allow the two crescent moons to strike. 

The countless disciples in front of the Spirit Rune Hall gasped in shock. 

Ye Ge’s pupils widened a little, but he did not make a sound. He knew that peak master was also closely observing this match, and there was no way he would allow anything to happen to Yaoyao. 

However, why wasn’t Yaoyao putting up any resistance?


Two crescent moons ripped across the surface of the ocean. In the midst of numerous shocked gasps, they flashed past Yaoyao’s delicate body… 

“Was she hit?!” The complexions of numerous disciples paled. Not even a ninth layer Alpha-Origin expert could not withstand such an attack with his or her body, right? 

Moreover, Yaoyao’s strength lay in Genesis Runes, and did not even have a tiny bit of Genesis Qi protecting her body. 

Atop the water pillar, Jin Zhang’s expression changed slightly at the sight of the crescent moons cutting through Yaoyao’s delicate body, as he cried out, “Junior sister Yaoyao?”

However, he immediately realized that something was amiss. Yaoyao was still silently standing there, her clear eyes indifferently looking at him. 

No blood could be seen on her body. 

“What’s going on?!”

Jin Zhang’s pupils shrank, while expression of the numerous watching disciples quickly changed, feeling that something was very strange about this situation. 

Ye Ge was the only one whose eyes were rapidly flickering in thought. A moment later, he seemed to have came to a sudden realization. Disbelief immediately flooded his eyes as he involuntarily cried out, “Could it be?!”


The moment his voice sounded, Jin Zhang suddenly saw numerous cracks appear in his surroundings like broken glass. In that instant, a wave of giddiness swept over his Spirit. 

Crack! Crack!

The cracks grew and extended, as if the entire world around him was about to collapse. 

Jin Zhang initially stunned by the sight of the world crumbling around him. Following which, something suddenly struck him and he immediately bit his tongue, sending a stream of essence blood gushing out that was quickly absorbed by his Spirit. 

Jin Zhang shut his eyes at this moment, only opening them again several breaths later. 

His crumbling surroundings was stealthily repaired as the entire place fell silent. All one could only hear were the gently stirring waves on the ocean. 

There was no trace of the earth-shaking battle earlier.

As if it was just a dream. 

However, Jin Zhang abruptly turned his head to look at where Yaoyao was originally standing, only to realize that it was now empty. He then lifted his trembling head, finding a beautiful figure silently standing atop a water pillar. 

The same pillar where the core was located. 

The core which he had been protecting, had been bafflingly taken over by Yaoyao...

“How did this happen?!” The numerous disciples In front of Spirit Rune Hall were stupefied. 

Ye Ge took in a deep breath, the expression in his eyes turning extremely solemn as he slowly said, “To think that we would have the chance to observe the rare illusion Genesis Rune… her Genesis Rune mastery is truly terrifying. Jin Zhang had been trapped in her illusion rune since the beginning, and that intense fight had merely taken place in his imagination.” 

Jin Zhang had appeared to have the upper hand in the fight, but what he did not know, was that he was only wasting his energy attacking empty air. On the other hand, Yaoyao had mostly likely been watching him randomly hurl out attacks from afar, while slowly walking out of the core area. In the meantime, she had slowly made her way over, and occupied the boundary core…  

Truly… a bizarre tactic.

Ye Ge sighed softly and pursed his lips. As expected, everything was in the palm of Yaoyao’s hand. Fortunately for them, though Yaoyao had taken over one of the cores, she still needed Zhou Yuan’s coordination to break the boundary. 

As long as Zhou Yuan was unable to take over the core on his side, there was ultimately nothing Yaoyao could do. 

Ye Ge lifted his head and turned towards the other Genesis Qi mirror. 

“Junior sister Xia Yu… looks like the rest is up to you…”

“In the first place, we did not have any expectations of Jin Zhang. Your fight is where the real show is, and there is no way Zhou Yuan can defeat you…”

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