Chapter 355 Genesis Rune Battle Part 2


When Xia Yu gripped the purple Genesis Rune Brush, the mountain beneath her feet suddenly began to shake violently. In the next instant, the mountain split open as a stone serpent emerged from its belly the mountain with a loud roar, and charged towards Zhou Yuan.  

That stone serpent ferociously rushed forward, shaking the surrounding Genesis Qi as it howled. 

As the stone serpent's shadow began to engulf him, a grim expression filled his face. Xia Yu currently controlled the boundary core, allowing her to use its alarming power. 

The Heaven Yuan Brush in Zhou Yuan’s hand swept forth as a Genesis Rune was formed. It immediately dissipated, transforming into a gale that brought Zhou Yuan’s figure into the sky.

The stone serpent missed its mark. 

However, it quickly gave chase with a roar. 

In the sky, Zhou Yuan continued to draw with the brush in his hand, numerous Genesis Rune strokes appeared in the air.  

“Ice Mountain Rune!”

A massive ice mountain emerged from within the rune. Together with a bone-chilling cold, it viciously smashed into the stone serpent. 

“Dragon Binding Rune!”

The ice mountain shattered as the stone serpent was pushed back. Genesis Qi swiftly gathered around the serpent’s body, transforming into chains that bound its limbs. 

Zhou Yuan had used two grade four Genesis Runes in succession with excellent coordination and timing. Even a sixth layer Alpha-Origin disciple would be trapped by this combination.  

However, the young girl atop the mountain merely watched with calm eyes. Unfortunately for Zhou Yuan, the stone serpent that could borrow the power of this boundary was not going to so easily dealt with. As long as the Genesis Rune hidden within its body was not destroyed, its pursuit would not stop.  


Just as Xia Yu predicted, the stone serpent suddenly roared as a burst of violent Genesis Qi erupted, forcefully breaking the Genesis Qi chains, before the serpent once again began  charging towards Zhou Yuan. 

Zhou Yuan immediately dodged the attack as he frowned slightly. It seems like this stone serpent was not weaker than a sixth layer Alpha-Origin disciple...

“Since the stone serpent is created from a Genesis Rune, the only way to destroy it is to destroy the rune in its body.” Zhou Yuan’s eyes flickered in thought. However, the rune was hidden deep within the serpent's body and was nearly impossible to find. Therefore, it was naturally going to be extremely difficult to destroy. 

Fortunately… this wasn’t really a problem for him.  

With a deep breath, an ancient Saint Rune slowly surfaced in the depths of his eyes. 

The Decoder Saint Rune. 

The rune that could find any weak point. 

The Saint Rune rotated as the stone serpent reflected in Zhou Yuan’s eyes gradually turned transparent. Next, Zhou Yuan saw a slowly revolving Genesis Rune at a particular sport in its belly.

That Genesis Rune was the source of that stone serpent. 

“So that’s where it is…” Mumbled Zhou Yuan to himself.


Meanwhile, the roaring stone serpent approached again, while Zhou Yuan’s rapidly retreating body suddenly stopped. 

The stone serpent’s giant claw mercilessly slashed downwards, the tremendous power shaking even the space around it. 

“Great Swamp Rune!”

The Genesis Rune in his hand left a trail in the air that turned into a Genesis Rune. The rune sucked in the nearby Genesis Qi and instantly expanded, transforming its surroundings into a giant swamp. 


The claw slammed into the swap, as its power was rapidly neutralized. However, the strength of the stone serpent was extraordinary, its claw managing to pierce through the swamp, allowing the remaining force to slam into Zhou Yuan’s body. 


Zhou Yuan’s body was hurtling downwards like a cannonball. His body crashed into one of the peaks below, causing the entire top of the mountain the collapse.

In the air, the stone serpent released a growl, before it began to dive down, clearly not going to show even the slightest shred of mercy. 

However, the instant it dashed downwards, its massive body began to tremble violently as rocks tumbled down.

Surprise flashed across Xia Yu’s face as her gaze turned towards serpent’s belly, only to realize that a glowing Genesis Rune sword was currently lodged into its stomach. 

Moreover, the glowing sword just so happened to pierce the Genesis Rune hidden within the stone serpent’s body. 

The Genesis Rune began to crumble, and the massive stone serpent ultimately exploded with a loud bang. 

Xia Yu’s tiny mouth hung slightly ajar, as a look of bewilderment flitted across her face. She turned her head to look at Zhou Yuan, who was slowly getting up from the collapsed mountain peak, as she muttered to herself, “How did he know where the Genesis Rune was located?”

That Genesis Rune had been hidden deep inside the serpent’s body, and yet, Zhou Yuan had clearly known where it was. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have stopped on purpose, causing the stone serpent to reveal an opening. 

Zhou Yuan slowly rose into the air. He dusted his clothes, before meeting Xia Yu’s gaze. 

Xia Yu’s seemed to glimmer as she softly said, “Senior brother Zhou Yuan, you have truly surprised me by defeating my stone serpent rune with your initial Corporeal stage Spirit.”

Zhou Yuan smiled and replied, “I quite admire junior sister Xia Yu’s talent in Genesis Runes. That serpent rune was no pushover.”

That single Genesis Rune alone was enough to tie down a sixth layer Alpha-Origin disciple. 

Xia Yu covered her mouth as she laughed softly. Then, she slowly said, “If it wasn’t for this boundary, I would have been at a disadvantage after the stone serpent rune was destroyed. However, in this place… my power far exceeds your imagination.”


Xia Yu slowly lifted her hand, before she suddenly clenched.


The surrounding mountain peaks instantly collapsed. As boulders tumbled downwards, four stone serpents slowly arose, and began circling around Zhou Yuan. 

A smile appeared on Xia Yu’s face as she looked at Zhou Yuan and said, “Please give up senior brother Zhou Yuan. You cannot pass.”


In front of Spirit Rune Hall.

As numerous gazes watched the intense match between Zhou Yuan and Xia Yu, all of them involuntarily exclaimed.

“It seems like Zhou Yuan is fairly skilled with Genesis Runes. I can’t believe that he is able to push junior sister Xia Yu to this extent…”

“I have underestimated him. Unfortunately, junior sister Xia Yu has the advantage of location, and there is no way Zhou Yuan can win.”


The Spirit Rune Peak disciples were experts of their craft, and understood how powerful Zhou Yuan’s counterattacks were. In fact, it was already pretty extraordinary to accomplish such a feat using Genesis Runes. 

Ye Ge nonchalantly glanced at the Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi mirror. There had been no change in his expression even when he saw Zhou Yuan destroy the stone serpent. 

“He does have some Genesis Rune talent. However, he is ultimately merely at the initial Corporeal stage. Once Xia Yu becomes serious, only defeat awaits him.”

He was obviously far more perceptive than ordinary individuals. Therefore, he could naturally tell that Zhou Yuan had basically used up all his trump cards. Xia Yu, on the other hand, was just getting started. 

Therefore, there was no need for him to worry about this battle. 

Ye Ge withdrew his gaze and turned to the other Genesis Qi mirror. Projected within this mirror, was the intense fight between Yaoyao and Jin Zhang.

The fight on this side was much more intense, grand and interesting than Zhou Yuan’s.

Ye Ge suddenly frowned slightly while watching, as a suspicious expression flashed across his eyes. 

“Why… does something feel off…”

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