Chapter 354 Genesis Rune Battle Part 1

“They finally meet…”

The images projected by the two Genesis Qi mirrors caused the numerous disciples gathered in front of Spirit Rune Hall to exhale in anticipation. Now that they had finally reached this stage, the most exciting part of today’s boundary breaking trial was finally about to start. 

As such, gaze after gaze began to fill with excitement and anticipation. 

“Zhou Xiaoyao is truly formidable…” At a certain corner, Su Wan stared at Yaoyao’s mirror as admiration and surprise flashed across her face. 

This was because Su Wan felt that she could not pass through any of the obstacles that Yaoyao had crossed previously. Moreover, it seemed like those obstacles hardly posed a threat to Yaoyao. This goes to show how talented she was in Genesis Rune. 

Gu Hongyi nodded in agreement. Yaoyao did give off an immeasurable aura. 

“Even though she is powerful, the crux of today’s match lies with Zhou Yuan.” Su Wan’s eyes shifted towards the other mirror. 

She somewhat warily stared at the innocent looking girl with a ponytail. Though Xia Yu was young, she was the top gold sash disciple of Spirit Rune Peak. From this, one could imagine just how talented she was in Genesis Runes. 

“Based on Zhou Xiaoyao’s previous performance, even if senior brother Jin Zhang may not have the upper hand even if he can tap into eighty percent of the boundary’s power… However, the boundary has two cores, and they need to take over both cores at the same time in order to break it.”

“Hence, if Yaoyao is the only one to succeed, the boundary will continue drawing Genesis Qi from its surroundings to maintain it, causing Yaoyao to fall into a deadlock.”

Su Wan looked towards Gu Hongyi as she slowly said, “Based on the current situation, I am afraid that it will be a tall order for Zhou Yuan to break through Xia Yu’s side.”

“Xia Yu’s Spirit has already reached the mid Corpoeral stage. What’s more, she can also utilize the power of the boundary. In fact, Her mastery of Genesis Runes alone has already pretty much doomed Zhou Yuan’s chances.”

Gu Hongyi’s expression changed slightly. In the end, she stubbornly bit her lip and said, “Anything is possible before the outcome is determined.”

Su Wan smile and did not remark, clearly treating Gu Hongyi’s words as her final act of defiance. 

However, gritting one’s teeth and toughing it out in a situation like this would not change a thing. 


Above a boundless ocean. 

Yaoyao’s gorgeous face was impassive as she stared at the young man seated atop the water pillar. The latter was also watching her, a faint smile emerging on his face as he was just about to speak. 

However, Yaoyao’s hand suddenly descended as ancient Genesis Runes seemed to flow down from her fingers, merging into the surface of the ocean. 


Scarlet-red suddenly extended from under her feet. In the next moment, the ocean surface was ripped apart, as a several hundred feet large fire dragon suddenly emerged with a ferocious roar. The scorching heat promptly evaporated the surrounding water, as the dragon charged towards that young man named Jin Zhang with earth-shocking momentum. 

She attacked immediately, wasting no time talking. 

When Jin Zhang saw this, his pupils tightened slightly, before he suddenly clapped his hands. 


The surface of the ocean swelled, as ten thousand feet tall wave rose. A giant water beast howled as it emerged from within the wave, before slamming into the fire dragon. 


A loud sound echoed as violent shockwaves devastated the surroundings, causing huge waves to emerge from the ocean.  

“Junior sister Yaoyao is quite the merciless one.” Jin Zhang sighed as waves raged on the ocean, a grave expression present in his eyes. From the previous clash, he had felt just how terrifying his opponent was. 

To think that she had reached the level of creating Genesis Runes with a casual flick of her hand. If it not for the fact he was able to borrow the power of the boundary, there was no way he would be her match.  

Jin Zhang slowly said, “However, this is the core where I can borrow the power of the boundary. I am afraid that it won’t be so easy for you to pass!”

However, Yaoyao had no intention of talking. She grasped the jade Genesis Rune Brush, its glowing tip streaking across the air as uncountable strokes rapidly took shape, ultimately transforming into numerous ancient Genesis Runes. 

The Genesis Qi in the vicinity was rapidly sucked over. 


Boundless black clouds appeared in the sky above Yaoyao’s head, lightning berserkly moving within them. Thunder boomed across the area, as an astonishing pressure spread. 

This sight caused the expression in Jin Zhang’s eyes to grow even graver. He did not dare to waste a single moment, and lifted his palm. 


The ocean howled as a ten thousand feet tall wave slowly rose behind him. It was so tall that it seemed to blot out the sun, and was a majestic sight to behold. 

Yaoyao stared at giant wave behind Jin Zhang, as her eyes lowered slightly. She soon turned to look in another direction, as she muttered, “Zhou Yuan, I will do my best to draw the power of the boundary here…”

“As the rest, you can only rely on yourself.”

Her brushtip fell the moment the last word left her mouth. One could only watch as giant serpent-like lightning bolts descended, seemingly covering the entire sky as they shot towards Jin Zhang from all directions. 

The giant wave behind Jin Zhang transformed into giant hand, and moved to meet the numerous lightning bolts. 

Incessant booms immediately engulfed the area. 


On a mountain peak, Zhou Yuan lifted his head to look at the young girl atop an even taller mountain. Even though she seemed to be a little shy and nervous, there wasn’t a hint of contempt in his eyes, but instead a grave expression. 

This was because he could detect the scent of danger from the girl’s body. 

Although she called him senior brother, it was only out of courtesy. Zhou Yuan knew that if they were to go by status, he should be the one to address her as senior sister instead. 

“The top gold sash disciple of Spirit Rune Peak huh…” Zhou Yuan muttered to himself as his hand slowly tightened around the Heavenly Yuan Brush. 

He could feel a slight pressure from opponent’s Spirit. Evidently, Xia Yu had reached the mid Corporeal stage, a level stronger than himself. 

However, the most important factor for this battle was one’s Genesis Rune mastery. Otherwise, given Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi cultivation, he would have no reason to fear her. 

“Little senior sister Xia Yu, I hope that you won’t hold this against me.”

Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath, before he suddenly moved the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand. A Genesis Rune quickly took shape as the surrounding Genesis Qi began to gather. 

“Glowing Eagle Rune!”

The Genesis Rune rapidly expanded, Genesis Qi drumming around it as it transformed into a hundred feet tall glowing eagle. That glowing eagle screamed as it soared into the sky. The eagle then tucked in both its wings, becoming a glowing blurry shadow as it dived towards Xia Yu. 

“Swift Wind Rune!”

As the eagle plunged through the air, Zhou Yuan sent out another Genesis Rune. The Genesis Rune wrapped around the eagle's wings, causing its already alarming speed to increase. 

“Mountain Piercing Blade Rune!”

Another Genesis Rune was sent out. Light began to flow on that eagle’s beak, giving it unmatched sharpness that could pierce a mountain.

At the sight of this, Xia Yu’s eyes brightened slightly as she softly said, “Senior brother Zhou Yuan is quite adept with Genesis Runes. To think that he can actually stack them…”

Extremely precise Spirit control was required to achieve this feat. Otherwise, the Genesis Runes would collide with one another, making it extremely easy for them to destroy each other. 


Light streaked across the sky. Even an ordinary sixth layer Alpha-Origin disciple would not dare to underestimate such an attack. 

With a gently stomp, the huge mountain beneath Xia Yu’s feet began to shake. Rocks began to grow from the ground, forming multiple walls of substantial thickness. 

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The eagle screeched as wall after wall was broken through. Rocks flew in all directions, a clear testament to the exceptional ferocity of the attack. 

However, the Genesis Qi around the eagle would dim with every wall it pierced. When it broke through the final wall, the eagle promptly scattered into specks of light that gently sprinkled onto Xia Yu’s face. 

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. The previous attack was not a casual move, but one of his most powerful techniques. Even so, it was easily blocked by her. 

Xia Yu gently touched her cheek, her bright eyes looking towards Zhou Yuan as she said, “Senior brother Zhou Yuan has good technique. If not for my favorable location, I would have been a little troubled by that attack.” 

“If it was any other time, I would not take advantage of you. However, this concerns the pride of all our Spirit Rune Peak disciples. Therefore, I hope that you won’t blame me senior brother!”

A purple Genesis Brush appeared in Xia Yu’s hand as she slowly tightened her grip around it.

The moment her hand closed around the brush, the shy expression in her eyes completely disappeared, replaced by a powerful and confident look. 

Her ponytail gently danced in the wind, as the giant mountain below her feet began to rumble. 

“Senior brother Zhou Yuan, it’s my turn now…”


In front of Spirit Rune Hall, a smile slowly rose from the corners of Ye Ge’s mouth when he saw this. 

Junior sister Xia Yu was finally about to get serious.

Zhou Yuan, you are about to find out how difficult it is to deal with this junior sister of ours from Spirit Rune Peak...

I hope you won’t end up losing too badly.

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