Chapter 353 Jin Zhang and Xia Yu

Zhou Yuan slowly advanced in the swirling mist, his eyes filled with vigilance as he looked around. He could just barely make out several glowing runes emerge from within the mist, a clear sign that the place was filled with countless Genesis Runes.

This boundary was akin to a maze. If one moved about recklessly, one would very likely fall into one of the Genesis Rune traps inside, and ultimately be drowned by a sea of Genesis Runes.

As such, every step had to be taken with extreme caution.

“I’ve already been separated from big sis Yaoyao…” Mumbled Zhou Yuan to himself. Yaoyao should be heading towards the other location.

He lowered his head, looking at the ring on his finger as he gave it a gentle rub. Looks like he had to work faster. If he wasn’t ready when Yaoyao reached the boundary core, he would instead become a burden to her.

His eyes faintly glimmered in thought. A long while later, his footsteps suddenly paused as he stared at the mist in front of him. He had detected a faint, strange undulation from that spot. 

However, Zhou Yuan did not stop here. Instead, he walked forward decisively. 


The instant his foot landed, he felt the scenery around him change rapidly. Searing heat waves rushed him from every direction, as scarlet-red filled his eyes. The originally mist-filled surroundings had transformed into a world of lava. 

The heat was so intense that Zhou Yuan’s felt skin burn.


All of a sudden, giant bubbles rose from the flowing lava river in front of him. In the next instance, the bubbles exploded, transforming into a hundred feet large lava hand that viciously swiped at Zhou Yuan. 

With a quick grabbing motion, the Heaven Yuan Brush appeared as it rapidly drew a series of mysterious strokes in front of him. 

“Ice Mountain Rune!”


With one final stroke, a bright light exploded from that floating Genesis Rune, as the surrounding Genesis Qi swiftly gushed towards it. A chill spread, as a razor-sharp hundred foot tall ice mountain shot out from within the rune, directly colliding with the giant lava hand. 


The two forces crashed into each other, sending lava, ice and snow all over the place. 

Boom! Boom!

Meanwhile, numerous streams of lava rose from the lava river, seemingly covering the sky and land as they blasted towards Zhou Yuan. 

“Great Golden Bell Rune!”

The tip of the brush seemed to dance, creating a Genesis Rune above him that immediately began to glow. In the end, a faint golden bell appeared, shielding his entire body. 

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Countless lava streams smashed into the golden bell, causing its surface to ripple. 

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained calm as he began to walk forward even under the lava bombardment, stepping onto the lava river and heading towards the bank. 

Attacks continuously erupted from the lava river. However, Zhou Yuan neutralized each one with Genesis Runes. 

After a few minutes, he finally reached the opposite bank. 

The world of lava instantly disappeared the moment his foot touched the ground, as mist gushed towards him once again. 

Zhou Yuan knew that he had just passed an important checkpoint. 

“Although it was quite powerful, it's still within my limits.” Muttered Zhou Yuan to himself. Instead of rejoicing, however, his brows furrowed slightly. 

Given how formidable the Genesis Rune Boundary was, the checkpoints within should be more powerful than this. The main reason was likely because eighty percent of its power was being directed elsewhere. 

Obviously to Yaoyao’s location. 

The reason why he had such an easy time was because Yaoyao was doing most of the heavy lifting. 

Zhou Yuan pursed his lips, not feeling overly dejected because of this. After all, he understood that only by doing what he could would he best be able to assist Yaoyao. 

Therefore, he took a deep breath, before stepping into the mist once again. 

In front of Spirit Rune Hall, numerous disciples were practically glued to the two enormous Genesis Qi mirrors in the sky. 

“It seems like Zhou Yuan does have a little ability…” Some disciples could not help but remark when they saw Zhou Yuan pass the lava checkpoint. They could not help but admit that Zhou Yuan had been fairly adept at drawing Genesis Runes earlier. 

However, some of the Spirit Rune Peak disciples immediately retorted, “There is nothing worthwhile to see on his side, you should look at Zhou Xiaoyao instead. After all, more than eighty percent of the boundary’s power has been directed to her side.” 

Other disciples echoed in agreement, and all eyes swiftly turned towards the mirror showing Yaoyao. Inside the mirror, numerous complicated Genesis Runes were given form under her brush, continuously drawing over the Genesis  Qi from the surroundings to block the mad onslaught from the boundary. 

It was an earth-shaking sight. 

The scale of her battle was obviously incomparable to Zhou Yuan’s side, causing many of the watching disciples to secretly wet their lips. 

It was clear that the majority of the boundary’s power was focused on Yaoyao.

Zhou Yuan’s side was undoubtedly much duller when compared to Yaoyao’s. 

“Zhou Xiaoyao’s Genesis Rune talent is truly out of this world.” Xu Yan could not help but remark as he watched Yaoyao fearlessly face the berserk attacks Genesis Rune attacks from the boundary. Rune after rune was thrown out with a casual flick of her hand, neutralizing all of the incoming attacks. 

Lu Xuanyin bit her lip upon hearing this. Although she really did not want to accept it, she knew she had no way to retort. 

On the stone stairs, Ye Ge stood with his hands behind his back, the admiration in his eyes growing as he watched Yaoyao stroll forward while deflecting uncountable Genesis Rune attacks. 

Only a lady this outstanding could touch his heart. 

Even though Yaoyao was breezing through all the checkpoints, Ye Ge expression remained rather calm. He glanced at Zhou Yuan’s mirror and suddenly chuckled. 

He knew that the key to breaking the boundary didn’t lie with Yaoyao. Given how talented she was, it would basically be impossible to stop her even with Jin Zhang defending the core. 

Therefore, the solution to stopping the duo lay with Zhou Yuan. 

As long as they stopped Zhou Yuan, they boundary would never be broken no matter how much of an advantage Yaoyao had on her side… Therefore, Ye Ge had no cause for concern.  

“Junior sister Yaoyao, I’ve told you before that only with my assistance will be able to pass through this Genesis Rune Boundary.” Ye Ge muttered to himself, a strong confidence radiated from his words. 

“Even though it isn’t honorable to force you into such a situation, every man would chase such an amazing girl, and only a powerless fool would do stand by and do nothing…” 

Time slowly passed. 

Inside the Genesis Qi mirrors, Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao continued to pass each checkpoint. As they ventured deeper and deeper, the power from within the boundary grew stronger and stronger. 

They were rapidly approaching the core of the boundary. 

“The’re almost there…” Ye Ge suddenly muttered. 

Yaoyao gracefully advanced with her Genesis Rune Brush in hand. Suddenly, the scene before her eyes began to change, transforming into an endless ocean.  

She stood on the surface of the water, calmness in her eyes as she looked to her front. 

A whirlpool churned before her, as a giant water pillar rose from within. Seated atop the water pillar, was a disciple dressed in golden robes. 

“Spirit Rune Peak chief disciple Jin Zhang greets junior sister Yaoyao.” The young man in golden robes smiled slightly. 

Meanwhile, when Zhou Yuan’s foot slowly descended, he realized that he had stepped onto a mountain peak. He lifted his head, only to see a giant heaven pillar like mountain towering before him. 

A dainty little figure could be seen atop the giant mountain. 

It was a young lady with bright eyes. She had an extremely innocent look, and long ponytails which reached all the way down to her hips. There was currently a slightly shy expression in her eyes as she looked at Zhou Yuan. 

“Spirit Rune Peak Xia Yu greets senior brother Zhou Yuan… “ The young lady’s soft voice sounded. 

A wave of excitement instantly swept through the numerous disciples in front Spirit Rune Hall, as their eyes began to burn with excitement. All of them knew what was coming next. 

The climax of today’s event was finally here. 

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