Chapter 352 Two Guardians

The entire place seemed to erupt into a frenzy the moment Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan’s figures disappeared into the mist boundary, many disciples whispering among themselves, as they debated the outcome of today’s event… 

While they were talking, Genesis Qi suddenly gathered in the air above Spirit Rune Hall, ultimately taking the form of two giant Genesis Qi mirrors under the countless gazes of the watching disciples. 

As the mist in the mirrors faded, two figures gradually surfaced. 

The two figures were revealed to be Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao, who had just stepped into the boundary moments ago. 

Evidently, their every move was being projected by these mirrors. 

The noise slowly died down, as numerous disciples turned their gazes towards the mirrors, attentively watching the two figures within...

“Zhou Yuan simply does not understand his place. The cave match ended not too long ago, and he’s already creating such a huge commotion again…” At a certain spot in front of Spirit Rune Hall, Lu Xuanyin with her arms crossed, a cold gleam appearing on her face as she gazed at the Genesis Qi mirror. 

Next to her, was a faintly smiling Xu Yan. The lingering trace of amazement in his eyes due to the sight of Yaoyao earlier was only gradually beginning to fade at this moment as he chuckled and said, “You’ve overestimated him this time. He currently does not have the qualifications to receive such lavish treatment from Spirit Rune Peak.”

“Zhou Xiaoyao is the real star of today’s show.”

At the mention of this name, Lu Xuanyin tightly pursed her lips, clearly somewhat displeased. Nonetheless, she had no choice but to admit the cruel reality that Yaoyao’s popularity in the Cangxuan Sect had far exceeded her own. 

“Can they really break this Genesis Rune boundary?” Asked Lu Xuanyin. 

She naturally hoped that Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao would fail, because if they succeeded, Yaoyao’s skyrocketing popularity would likely surge even higher. 

Xu Yan fell silent for a moment, before he slowly said, “I am afraid it’s not going to be easy. Zhou Xiaoyao must be insanely talented in Genesis Runes for peak master Bai Mei to regard her so highly. However, this Genesis Rune boundary is extremely intricate, and requires two individuals working in perfect sync in order to break through.” 

“If she cooperated with Ye Ge, it would be extremely easy to break the boundary. However, she chose Zhou Yuan…”

“According to the rules, one cannot rely on Genesis Qi but instead one’s mastery over Genesis Runes to break this Genesis Rune boundary. However, Zhou Yuan does not seem to have any outstanding talent in Genesis Runes.” 

“Therefore, it was a mistake for Zhou Xiaoyao to ask Zhou Yuan for help, because he would only end up dragging her down.” Towards the end, even Xu Yan shook his head as if lamenting the beauty’s poor judgement...

He paused for a moment, before he continued, “Moreover, according to what I know, this boundary is split into two parts, each part possessing its own core. In addition, there is a disciple guarding each core.” 

“The two core guardians are renowned individuals from Spirit Rune Peak… and a battle with them will be unavoidable if the boundary is to be broken.” 

“Yaoyao’s side may not be a problem, but as for Zhou Yuan… I am afraid he will not be able to triumph over his opponent.” At this juncture, a playful smile appeared on Xu Yan’s lips. 

Upon hearing his evaluation of the situation, Lu Xuanyin’s eyes brightened slightly as she smiled and said, “Many are here because of Yaoyao. If she ends up failing due to Zhou Yuan, I am pretty sure that most of them would be pissed at him. Things will become very entertaining when that happens.”  

Xu Yan smiled as he nodded. 

“This is the price to pay for basking in the limelight too often…”


“Hongyi, is that the Zhou Yuan you keep bringing up? It doesn’t seem like there is anything special about him.” 

At another corner, several pretty girls were gathered together. The most attention grabbing amongst them was a tall girl dressed in red. Her long legs would haunt the dreams of any man, while a red whip hung from her tiny waist, giving her a wild yet sexy look. 

That beautiful and familiar face obviously belonged to Gu Hongyi, who had chosen to join Cangxuan Peak.

At this current moment, there was a long-haired girl standing beside Gu Hongyi, who was blessed with a great figure. It was this very girl who had spoken earlier with a grin. 

When the other girls heard this, they also grinned as they nodded, “But he seems to be quite a troublemaker. It has not even been two months since he joined the inner mountains, and he’s already caused so many commotions.”

Gu Hongyi’s lips curled slightly downwards. “At the very least, he ends up victorious each time. Moreover, he is going to take part in next month’s purple sash selection. This already puts him far ahead of his peers, alright?”

The beautiful girl with long hair merely pursed her lips into a smile and said, “Well, that depends on whether he can be ranked among the top ten. Otherwise, what kind of accomplishment is joining just to gain experience?”

“Furthermore…” Her beautiful eyes rotated in thought as she softly said, “I’ve heard that Lu Xuanyin has asked numerous senior brothers from Sword Cometh Peak peak to help deal with him during the upcoming purple sash selection.”

Gu Hongyi immediately frowned. Soon after, she smiled at that long-haired girl and said, “Senior sister Su Wan, you are the strongest gold sash disciples from our Cangxuan Sect, and will most definitely become the champion of the upcoming purple sash selection. You have to help if you see Zhou Yuan in trouble.” 

The beautiful girl with long hair was Su Wan, the hot favorite to clinch the championship for the upcoming purple sash selection, and also Cangxuan Peak’s number one gold sash disciple. 

Su Wan smiled playfully as she said, “Aren’t you being too biased? There are many other disciples from our Cangxuan Sect taking part as well. Why didn’t you ask me to assist them?”

Gu Hongyi frowned slightly and said, “They have nothing to do with me.”

With regards to Gu Hongyi’s directness, Su Wan did not know whether to laugh or to be mad. All she could do was to use her fingers to prod her junior’s slim waist as she said, “You ungrateful lass. Do you know how many times these disciples have secretly fought over you ever since you came to Cangxuan Peak?”

Gu Hongyi had great looks and a powerful background. Therefore, she was naturally extremely popular in Cangxuan Peak. In fact, the elders of the peak were beginning to have a headache as more and more disciples fought over her in secret. 

“Pointless.” Said Gu Hongyi with a slight frown. 

Su Wan shook her head helplessly. She lifted her gaze towards the Genesis Rune boundary and said, “But let’s not talk about the purple sash selection for now. After all, whether he can win today’s battle is still up in the air…:

“A Genesis Rune boundary of this level is not something a gold sash disciple can deal with. When the time comes, he will not only get stuck, but will likely even burden Zhou Xiaoyao…”

From her tone, it was clear that she felt that Zhou Yuan was simply too ignorantly arrogant. In her eyes, he appeared too eager to thrust himself into the limelight with no consideration of his own strength.  

A worried look flashed across Gu Hongyi’s eyes. She too knew that the Genesis Rune boundary before them was not simple at all. 

However, owing to the faith she had in Zhou Yuan, she still said, “Zhou Yuan is not a reckless individual. Since he chose to enter the boundary, he must have some confidence.” 

Su Wan shook her head as she softly said, “According to what I know, there are two individuals guarding the boundary core. One of them is the chief disciple of Spirit Rune Peak, senior brother Jin Zhang…”

“To think that it would be senior brother Jin Zhang…” A solemn expression appeared on Gu Hongyi’s face. Jin Zhang’s reputation in Spirit Rune Peak was inferior only to Ye Ge’s… 

“However, Jin Zhang is clearly there to face Yaoyao… to be frank, Zhou Yuan is not deserving of his time.” Su Wan paused for a moment, before she continued, “However, the person Zhou Yuan will face is no pushover either.”

“Who is it?” Gu Hongyi quickly asked. 

Su Wan stared at the Genesis Qi mirrors floating in the air, wariness flashing across her eyes as she slowly said, “It is the little genius of Spirit Rune Peak of course, junior sister Xia Yu…”

“She is the top gold sash disciple of Spirit Rune Peak, and is also one of the main contenders for the upcoming purple sash selection. I am afraid it will not be easy for Zhou Yuan to get past her.” 

Gu Hongyi’s expression changed slightly, her lips beginning to tightly purse together, as the worry in her eyes intensified. 

To break the boundary together with Yaoyao, wouldn’t Zhou Yuan have to face senior sister Xia Yu?

Even though Hongyi had ample faith in Zhou Yuan, she could not help but be apprehensive of his chances against such an  opponent. 

After all, Xia Yu was going to be an extremely tough opponent to deal with. 

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