Chapter 350 Challenging Spirit Rune Peak

After Yaoyao’s departure, the events that transpired quickly spread throughout the entire Cangxuan Sect like a gust of wind, naturally causing quite a huge uproar as a result. 

Although Yaoyao hardly did anything ever since she joined the Cangxuan Sect, the attention on her far exceeded that of Zhou Yuan’s. 

In fact, the general consensus in the sect was that even Li Qingchan, the current top beauty of the Cangxuan Sect, would soon be knocked off her perch by Yaoyao. 

A single glimpse of the beautiful and mysterious girl during the peak selection ceremony was all it had taken for her to be imprinted in the minds of numerous male disciples.

Yaoyao was not one of those girls who merely had good looks. She was also so talented in Genesis Runes that even peak master Bai Mei valued her greatly. His appraisal of her was so high that he had even made that shocking declaration that he was willing to handover the role of peak master to her in the future. 

As a result, even though Yaoyao kept a low profile, her popularity was no less than any of the ten great Chosens. 

It was also why after this most recent incident concerning Yaoyao, news of what happened spread to the entire Cangxuan Sect in the shortest possible time. 

“What is going on with Spirit Rune Peak? Didn’t peak master Bai Mei say that he would welcome junior sister Yaoyao anytime?”

“I heard that it’s because many disciples are displeased by peak master Bai Mei’s ‘next peak master’ offer. Thus, they set up a Genesis Rune Boundary in order to humble junior sister Yaoyao.”

“In fact, I heard that even Ye Ge showed up…”

“Tsk, tsk. Ye Ge is one of the ten great Chosens, and is usually rarely seen. To think that he would actually show up huh?”

“So, what happened in the end?”

“It seems like junior sister Yaoyao failed to break the boundary. However, she left saying she will continue tomorrow.”

“That’s basically challenging all the Spirit Rune Peak disciples on her own. If she does manage to break it, every Spirit Rune Peak disciple would have to hang their heads in shame when they meet her in the future!”

“Haha, interesting. I’m definitely heading over tomorrow to cheer for my goddess!”


In half a day, it had become the hottest topic in the sect, so widely talked about that it surpassed long reigning debate about the purple sash selection. From this, one had no choice but to marvel at the power of a beauty. 


Snow Lotus Peak. 

Li Qingchan was stunned when she heard the news. Promptly, her beautiful eyes glimmered as she softy said, “Ye Ge hates the limelight. I wonder why he voluntarily stepped up to stop Yaoyao this time?”

“Is it because of what happened in Genesis reservoir? But he doesn’t seem to be such a petty fellow.”

She pondered for a moment, gently tapping her fingers as she mumbled to herself, “He seems to have another objective… ah…”

Li Qingchan’s lips parted for a brief moment, before she lifted her face and looked in the direction of Spirit Rune Peak with a slight grin, “Ye Ge, this method of chasing girls might work on ordinary girls. However, if you use it on Yaoyao, I am afraid that you are only wasting your effort.”

“Looks like I’ll have to go watch tomorrow. Yaoyao is fairly formidable in Genesis Runes, and it is quite surprising that she returned empty-handed on the first day. It seems that Ye Ge must have put in quite a bit of effort…”


After leaving Spirit Rune Peak, Yaoyao headed straight back to the purple Genesis cave dwelling. 

A bored Tuntun was lying slumped on the ground in front of the cave. When it saw Yaoyao’s figure, its eyes immediately sparkled as it leaped towards her. 

However, Yaoyao’s clear eyes cast an indifferent glance at it, instantly causing Tuntun to shiver as it froze in its steps. Its senses told it that it would most definitely be sent flying if it jumped over now. 

Yaoyao was clearly not in a good mood although no emotion could be seen on her gorgeous face. 

Therefore, Tuntun could only watch Yaoyao as she headed towards the deepest part of the cave dwelling. After hesitating somewhat, it sullenly followed on its little legs. 

The deepest part of the cave was where the Genesis Qi spring was located. 

Zhou Yuan was seated by the spring with his eyes lightly shut. In his cupped hands, was a palm-sized golden heart that radiated a strong heat, golden flames spreading from within it. 

It was the Golden Crow Heart. 

The Genesis Qi from Zhou Yuan’s palms continuously clashed against the Golden Crow Heart. The two entities gradually blended together, before being absorbed into his body. 

Under this process, the golden heart shrank little by little. 

This training continued for quite some time, before he finally slowly opened his eyes. 

The first thing he saw was Yaoyao standing next to him, her crystal-clear eyes staring at him. 

Zhou Yuan stretched as he asked with a smile, “Big sis Yaoyao, weren’t you going to Spirit Rune Peak today?”

The moment these words left his mouth, he immediately saw Yaoyao’s eyes seem to narrow slightly, as a dangerous sensation radiated from her. 

As someone who was strongly attached to life, Zhou Yuan instantly detected the microscopic change in Yaoyao’s expression. He immediately coughed as he very carefully asked, “Did something happen?”

“Did some bastard anger you? Tell me who it is, and I will go right now to destroy him!” Zhou Yuan patted his chest as he righteously declared. 

Yaoyao’s slightly narrowed eyes slowly returned to their original state. She sat down beside him, before she nonchalantly said, “The Spirit Rune Peak disciples set up a Genesis Rune Boundary in front of Spirit Rune Hall, and want me to break through it in order to enter.”

Zhou Yuan was shocked. He promptly frowned as he said, “What about peak master Bai Mei? Wasn’t he the one who allowed you to visit Spirit Rune Peak any time you please?”

Yaoyao calmly said, “That Genesis Rune Boundary was most likely set up with his guidance. After all, even Ye Ge cannot set up such an elaborate boundary. I attempted to break through earlier, but failed.”

“Even big sis Yaoyao can’t pass?” Zhou Yuan was truly shocked this time. He knew just how unbelievably gifted Yaoyao was in Genesis Runes.

“That boundary is split into two parts. With the exception of instantly destroying it with brute force, it is impossible for a single person to pass through. Therefore, the cooperation of two individuals are required to simultaneously destroy the core in order to break the boundary.”

Yaoyao slowly said, “Ye Ge was hinting that I should work together with him to break the boundary…”

“Why would he be so kind?” Zhou Yuan asked suspiciously. They had ruined Ye Ge and Kong Sheng’s plans in the Genesis reservoir, so why would he be so kind as to help her?

There was no expression on Yaoyao’s pretty face. She merely cast a sideways glance at him. 

A flash of understanding suddenly struck him as he blurted out, “That bastard has designs on you?!”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes widened in anger as he cursed, “A toad lusting after a swan. This bastard Ye Ge!”

He may have even been the one who came up with the idea, and was trying to use it as an excuse to build a closer relationship with Yaoyao. What a cunning fellow! 

Furthermore, the fact that he could pull of such a stunt in Spirit Rune Peak meant that peak master Bai Mei was likely also in the know. In fact, he might even be assisting Ye Ge from the shadows. 

“That old bastard!” When he thought of this, Zhou Yuan gnashed his teeth as he swore. 

“They actually dare to dig at the corner of my wall?!”

“Oh?” Yaoyao ominously glinting eyes were immediately cast over, a dangerous sensation pulsing from them as she asked, “What did you say?”

Cold sweat immediately popped up on Zhou Yuan’s forehead as he quickly said, “What I meant was how dare they try and take you away. If that happens, who will guide me in future?”

Yaoyao slowly withdrew her gaze as she offhandedly asked, “What level is your Spirit currently at?”

Zhou Yuan honestly answered, “Initial Corporeal stage.”

Yaoyao raised her brow, clearly somewhat discontent. “No progress these past few months?”

Zhou Yuan felt quite awkward. He had spent most of his effort on his Genesis Qi cultivation during this period of time, and had indeed neglected his Spirit cultivation. However, he quickly added, “But I feel that I’ve reached the peak of the initial stage, and a breakthrough is just around the corner.”

Yaoyao fell silent for a moment. In the end, she stared at Zhou Yuan and said, “You will go to Spirit Rune Peak with me tomorrow and break that boundary. Yes or no?”

Zhou Yuan’s lips pulled outwards into a slight grimace. He may have caused a few commotions previously, but they were all limited to Saint Genesis Peak. In comparison, Yaoyao intended to directly oppose all the Spirit Rune Peak disciples… 

He could only imagine how intimidating it would be if followed her tomorrow. 

“Oh, you’re unwilling?” A smile seemed to appear on Yaoyao’s beautiful face as her tone softened. 

The hairs on Zhou Yuan’s entire body instantly stood up, before he solemnly declared in a righteous voice, “As long as big sis Yaoyao asks, I will climb a mountain of swords and swim through a sea of fire. A mere Spirit Rune Peak is nothing!”

“We’ll destroy them tomorrow!”

Though Yaoyao knew that he was putting on a show, a tiny smile appeared on her lips, as a sliver of warmth fleeted across her eyes. She gently patted Zhou Yuan’s shoulder, before sauntering away with her hands behind her back. 

Although her emotionless face was as unreadable as before, her footsteps seemed to have become a little lighter. 

As he watched her alluring figure, Zhou Yuan rubbed his cheeks and whimpered. Looks like there was going to be a war tomorrow. 


Those bastards actually dared to bully Yaoyao… Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly as a murderous glint flashed in their depths. 

And they even dared to try and dig at the corner of his wall. Even if it was the peak master Bai Mei, Zhou Yuan would not allow it! 

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