Chapter 35 Jade Spirit Waterfall Battle

The atmosphere in front of the Jade Spirit Waterfall instantly fired up after Zhou Yuan and Qi Yue settled on the bet. More and more Great Zhou Institute students came over after hearing the news, stuffing the area until not even a drop of water could seep through.

After all, the stakes were far too great.

3 hours of Jade Spirit Waterfall training time. One must know that with the exception of the A class and the B class, the other classes only had two hours.

“The fish has taken the bait.” The corners of Liu Xi’s mouth lifted to form a delighted smile the moment she saw this, as if she was already able to see Zhou Yuan’s miserable appearance after he was defeated.

By the side, a dark and cold look flitted across Xu Hong’s eyes. Did Zhou Yuan really believe that he had the ability to challenge Qi Yue just because his performance in the Jade Spirit Waterfall was rather decent? Truly naive.

Although the numerous surrounding B class students were a little alarmed by Qi Yue’s acceptance of the bet, these feelings were swiftly replaced by excitement. They knew how strong Qi Yue was and even if the competition this time was not a clash of fists, it would not be too difficult for Qi Yue to achieve victory.

Hence, they felt as if the A class’ 3 hours were practically already in the bag. 

In contrast to the feeling of certain victory that shrouded the B class students, the atmosphere of the A class was rather heavy, and the expressions of many students were gloomy. After all, Qi Yue’s reputation was just a little too overwhelming.

“Zhou Yuan, do you believe in your chances?” Asked Chu Tianyang in a low voice, worry in his eyes.

“I’ll try my best.” Zhou Yuan smiled in response.

Chu Tianyang eased up somewhat when he saw Zhou Yuan’s relaxed smile. The other party was clearly prepared and would not let up until their aim was achieved. Thus, agreeing to the bet was the only thing they could do.

“You can do it!” Su Youwei waved her little fists with the intention of boosting Zhou Yuan’s morale.

“Zhou Yuan, the future of our A class rests on your shoulders!” Song Qiushui could only anxiously look towards Zhou Yuan. Their A class were already in a rather disadvantageous position in the struggle with the B class. If they were to lose 3 hours of Jade Spirit Waterfall training time, it was likely that no one in their A class would be able to reach six channels when the class ranking exam arrived.

Hence, it was not too much to say that the futures of all the A class students hinged on this bet.

Zhou Yuan nodded in response when he saw the worry and hope in the many A class students eyes.

Under the attention of numerous gazes, Zhou Yuan and Qi Yue advanced towards the Jade Spirit Waterfall.

“If your highness has started regret, you can admit defeat sooner so as to avoid suffering too much.” Qi Yue’s smile was as light as a breeze.

“I’ll send those words back at you.” Zhou Yuan did not even look at Qi Yue as he replied in an indifferent voice.

“Looks like it is as the saying goes, one does not cry till one sees the coffin. Since that is so, do not blame me later.” A look of mockery surfaced from the corners of Qi Yue’s mouth. Without further ado, the tip of his foot pushed off the ground and his body landed on the other side of the Jade Spirit Waterfall.

Zhou Yuan and Qi Yue stood on opposite ends of the waterfall as their gazes met. Each could feel the coldness in the other’s eyes.


A split second later, the two took in a deep breath before stepping into the violent waters of the Jade Spirit Waterfall under the attention of countless watching eyes.

A seemingly boundless torrent of water, along with an almighty force, viciously slammed into the two individual’s bodies. However, their bodies were akin to boulders, their feet tightly gripping the ground, unmoving as they allowed the water to crash onto them.

Zhou Yuan’s were shut, the Spirit between his brows throbbing as strands of Spirit sense spread outwards, sucking over all of the nearby quartz energy within the flowing waters to ease the intense pain brought about by the water striking his body.

Meanwhile, the Ice and Fire Genesis Gathering Rune on his body began to emit a faint glow. Cold and heat interweaved as the quartz energy was swiftly absorbed.

The speed of absorption was far greater than an ordinary Genesis Gathering Rune.

“This Ice and Fire Genesis Gathering Rune is indeed effective!” Zhou Yuan praised in his heart as he felt the difference.

Boundless water continued to descend, making Zhou Yuan’s and Qi Yue’s figures barely visible. Outside the waterfall, everyone’s gazes were unblinkingly fixed on the duo.

“Zhou Yuan’s previous limit seems to be an hour while Qi Yue on the other hand can reach one hour fifty minutes.” Liu Xi stared at the two silhouettes in the watercall as she coldly smiled, “So the victor will be decided in an hour.”

It seems that Zhou Yuan’s ego had swelled somewhat after having such an easy time in the newcomer exam. Did he truly believe that Qi Yue was in any way like the trash he had faced in the newcomer exam? In Qi Yue’s eyes, there was probably no difference between Zhou Yuan and the trash he had defeated.

Xu Hong nodded. He was very confident in Qi Yue. After all, the quality of a six channel body was enough to allow him to easily endure in the Jade Spirit Waterfall.

The numerous students on the B class side also wore smiles and appeared rather relaxed. After all, Qi Yue’s reputation in the Great Zhou Institute was just too great. He and Zhou Yuan were on completely different levels.

In contrast to them, every one of the A class students wore looks of worry.

Yaoyao glanced at the tightly clenched fists of Su Youwei and consoled in a flat voice, “No need to worry. Zhou Yuan will not lose.”

Her Spirit was powerful and it was likely that no one here could even hold a candle to her. Therefore, she could naturally sense that Zhou Yuan was using the power of his Spirit to absorb large amounts of quartz energy. Moreover, with the aid of the Ice and Fire Genesis Gathering Rune, Zhou Yuan was practically able to endlessly endure in the Jade Spirit Waterfall without tiring.

On the other hand, Qi Yue was relying on his strong body. But no matter how strong the body, the continuous damage from the Jade Spirit Waterfall would gradually erode at it until it reached its limit.

This was why the victor was clear from the start.

Although Su Youwei did not know why Yaoyao was so certain, the former felt a little more at ease. However, her pretty eyes still unblinkingly stared at the waterfall.

Under everyone’s attention, time swiftly passed.

Ten minutes… half an hour… fifty minutes…

An hour rapidly approached. However, what puzzled the crowd was that Zhou Yuan’s figure remained unmoving and had not started shaking, as if he was having an easy time. There was no indicator that he had reached his limit at all.

Xu Hong’s brows faintly furrowed as he glanced at Liu Xi. She was biting down hard on her teeth as she said, “It’s merely stubbornness. Let’s see how long he can continue acting!”

And so, another ten minutes passed and an hour was reached.

Low gasps could be heard from the bank of the lake. They had realised that Zhou Yuan still showed no signs of being washed away by the waterfall, remaining as steady as a rock.

Doubt began to fluctuate indeterminately in Xu Hong’s eyes, while Liu Xi felt her face burn. Her expression also flickered in uncertainty, no longer daring to make irresponsible remarks because she could already feel some of the B class students cast odd looks at her.

“That kid is still able to endure?”

In the Jade Spirit Waterfall, Qi Yue frowned as he sensed the still persisting Zhou Yuan. By this time, intense pain had started to emerge in Qi Yue’s body, but it was still within his tolerance threshold.

“I’ll wait and see if he is acting tough.”

While Qi Yue waited, another half an hour passed.

However, there was still no signs of any movement from Zhou Yuan.

Qi Yue’s face was now rather ugly. He could feel that he was about to reach his limits.

“This brat. No wonder he agreed so easily. Turns out that he was holding back before.” Qi Yue’s eyes darkened, a cold glint surfacing in his eyes as he glanced at Zhou Yuan.

“However, do you think that I did not make any preparations for this bet?”

Qi Yue’s eyes slowly shut as he waited for time to pass. Another twenty minutes passed in this manner and the total time had now reached one hour and fifty minutes, which was also Qi Yue’s limit.

Qi Yue opened his eyes as a sinisterly cold light emerged within them.

“Zhou Yuan. Since you cannot appreciate my kindness, don’t blame me for what happens next.”

The moment this thought was finish, he flipped his tongue and a dark red pill appeared in his mouth before being swallowed in a single gulp.

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