Chapter 349 In front of Spirit Rune Hall

Discussions about the purple sash selection test grew increasingly heated over the next few days. Everyone was arguing over who would emerge as the champion in the upcoming selection. 

It went without saying that the most popular candidates were the first seat gold sash disciples from the master factions of the various peaks. 

Su Wan of Cangxuan Peak, Wu Yue of Hongya Peak, Le Tian of Sword Cometh Peak, Wang Chen of Lightning Prison Peak, and Xia Yu of Spirit Rune Peak… these names were continuously mentioned by the many disciples, each one extremely popular. They were after all well known and powerful individuals, who were already more than qualified to challenge the purple sash selection since long ago. 

Through the upcoming purple sash selection, their reputations grew once again. 

Although all of them were formidable practitioners, there could only be one champion, and only one Genesis Star Pill would be awarded. Thus, the upcoming selection was looking to become an intense battle of the titans. 

As for Zhou Yuan, after the initial commotion caused by the news of his participation, his name was gradually forgotten. 

It was likely that after the initial surprise, many disciples simply assumed that he was participating to gain experience and prepare for future attempts. Hence, let alone being a popular candidate for champion, many felt that he would not make it to the stop ten. 

Zhou Yuan was not bothered at all by this treatment. He merely continued his low-key training in his purple Genesis cave dwelling, ignoring all the ongoing discussions.

As such, his name gradually faded from sight in the bustling Cangxuan Sect like a pebble being washed away by the waves. After all, when put next to such a grand occasion like the purple sash selection, a single gold sash disciple was hardly noteworthy...

Time slowly passed by in this manner day by day.


Inside a certain cave dwelling. 

Yaoyao stood in the herb garden, tending to the various Genesis resources she had planted. Though she was wearing a simple dress, the sight of her beautiful face amidst the blooming flower garden seemed to make all the gorgeous flowers around her lose color. 

Quite some time later, she gently stretched her waist, before her gaze swept towards the depths of the cave. During this period of time, Zhou Yuan had hid himself deep within the cave to cultivate, hardly ever showing himself. As a result, her days were starting to become a little boring. 

“I could make a trip to Spirit Rune Peak…”

Muttered Yaoyao to herself. Just yesterday, she had sent a letter to Spirit Rune Peak to inform them of her intentions to visit Spirit Rune Hall today. She had heard rumors of its collection of countless ancient Genesis Rune, and it was the only place that could draw her interest in Spirit Rune Peak. Without it, she would have directly rejected peak master Bai Mei’s invitation back then. 

She walked into one of the rooms, and changed into a clean set of clothes. After which, she gave Tuntun, who was anxiously following her, a little kick, sending him onto a nearby boulder. 

“Guard the cave and make sure no one disturbs him.”

After she spoke, she left the cave with Tuntun staring at her in bitterness. 

Spirit Rune Peak. 

Yaoyao walked up the stone steps, passing numerous Spirit Rune Peak disciples. Every disciple turned their gaze towards her. Some of the male disciples in particular could not help but stop as they stared at Yaoyao with amazement in their eyes. 

On the other hand, several of the female disciples were staring at her in jealousy. Yaoyao was simply too beautiful. In fact, she was so gorgeous that they couldn’t even bring themselves to compare with her. 

The crowd would part wherever Yaoyao passed. 

Even though she was clearly not doing anything special, she was akin to a phoenix that had barged into a crowd of beasts, so beautiful that every beast wanted to approach, and yet also feeling too ashamed to do so. 

Some of the more famous male disciples stirred restlessly. However, none of them ultimately dared to take that first step and approach her. 

Despite the attention, Yaoyao’s gorgeous face remained impassive. In fact, her gaze did not shift even a single inch, merely continuing to be directed at the stone stairs in front of her as she slowly strolled up. 

“May I ask where Spirit Rune Hall is?” When she was lost, she would stop, turn to the nearby disciples and ask in a clear yet nonchalant manner. 

The faces of the disciples would immediately turned red immediately. The beauty before them was so gorgeous that they didn’t even dare to look at her directly. Instead, they could only point in a certain direction flusteredly. 

“Thank you.”

A fragrance whiffed past their noses, the beauty already walking away, leaving behind countless male disciples that were staring longingly at her figure, all of them now ashamed at how poorly they had behaved previously. 

Though she caused quite a commotion along the way, Yaoyao eventually arrived in front of Spirit Rune Hall, a place in which innumerable ancient Genesis Runes were said to have been collected. 

A giant, ancient hall towered at the summit of a mountain, surrounded by thousands of stone steps. From the bottom of the stone stairs, one could experience the full majesty of the Spirit Rune Hall.

Yaoyao’s brows knitted together slightly when she arrived, realizing that there were already numerous disciples gathered here. Furthermore, every gaze turned towards her the moment she approached. 

There seemed to be something strange about these gazes. 

When she walked towards Spirit Rune Hall, the disciples did not give way. 

Yaoyao asked in an indifferent voice, “Do I have to force my way through?” 

There was a commotion in the crowd, before it finally parted. Following which, a slim figure slowly walked out, eventually coming to a stop in front of Yaoyao. That familiar face belonged to Ye Ge, whom she crossed blows with in Genesis reservoir. 

“Haha, we meet again junior sister Yaoyao.” Ye Ge greeted Yaoyao with a smile.

“What a grand line-up. Are they here to deal with me?” Yaoyao swept a glance at Ye Ge as she said, “Has peak master Bai Mei gone back on his word? In that case, I won’t enter Spirit Rune Hall.”

Ye Ge chuckled softly as he said, “Peak master naturally will not go back on his words.”

“It’s just that when we heard junior sister Yaoyao would be visiting today, many of us Spirit Rune Peak disciples wanted to come see you for ourselves. After all, no disciple has ever received such special treatment from our esteemed peak master.”

There was no change in Yaoyao’s eyes. She merely silently stared at Ye Ge as her red lips parted slightly, “So?”

Ye Ge chuckled. “Therefore, in order to welcome junior sister Yaoyao, we have set up a Genesis Rune Boundary in front of Spirit Rune Hall. If junior sister Yaoyao is interested, you can try to break through. Once you succeed, Spirit Rune Hall will naturally be open to you.”

He paused for a moment, before he followed up, “Of course, peak master is also aware of this.”

Yaoyao finally understood. This was probably because of peak master Bai Mei offer that he would hand over the position of peak master to her in the future. Though she had zero interest in it, the whole affair was still very difficult for the Spirit Rune Peak disciples to swallow. 

Therefore, these disciples prepared to take her down a notch today. 

Ye Ge waved his hand, causing the numerous disciples to scatter, as the sight of a giant sprawling mass of mist spreading in front of Spirit Rune Hall appeared in Yaoyao’s eyes. Uncountable Genesis Runes glimmered within the mist. It was obviously a massive Genesis Rune Boundary. 

Ye Ge smiled as he said, “Haha, I was merely joking earlier. This Genesis Rune Boundary was only put up by them for fun. If junior sister Yaoyao is unable to pass through it, she can enter Spirit Rune Hall from another direction. There’s no need to take my earlier words seriously.”

Yaoyao’s beautiful eyes narrowed slightly as she observed the giant mist boundary. She then cast a deep look at Ye Ge as she said, “A childish provocation. Even without it, I will still enter from the front.”

After she spoke, her long legs immediately strode forward, walking into the Genesis Rune boundary under the amazed gazes of the Spirit Rune Peak disciples. 

As Ye Ge watched her beautiful figure vanish into the mist, admiration rose in his eyes. 

He turned around and walked towards a distant hut. Inside the hut, peak master Bai Mei was seated on a chair as he leisurely enjoyed his tea. 

“Has she gone in?” Asked Peak master Bai Mei with a smile. 

Ye Ge nodded, before he sighed, “Truly a prideful individual. It seems that she is very confident in her abilities.”

A smile soon surfaced on his lips as he softly said, “What a fine beauty. She definitely deserves someone amazing.”

“Heh, you’ve always had very high standards. Have you finally fallen for someone?”

Peak master Bai Mei teased. Soon after, he grinned and said, “That lass is unimaginably gifted in Genesis Runes and is an amazing sapling. It will be great news for my Saint Genesis Peak if you manage to win her favor.”  

Ye Ge smiled faintly. “Won’t I need peak master’s help for this… junior sister Yaoyao is indeed extremely gifted in Genesis Runes. Can this boundary truly stop her?”

Peak master Bai Mei stroked his long white eyebrows as he said, “She is indeed extremely gifted. However, the trick to this Genesis Runes Boundary is that it has two parts to it. Therefore, it will require two individuals to working together to break it.” 

He glanced at Ye Ge as he continued, “When she comes out, you should go up and offer your help. I don’t have to teach you what to do next, do I?”

“A girl like her is extremely prideful, so don’t expect any immediate results. You can only play the long game and slowly try to improve your relationship with her. Remember, every tiny step you advance will be akin to a tremendous amount of progress.” 

Ye Ge smiled, cupped his fists and bowed. 

“This disciple thanks peak master for his guidance.”

After he spoke, he turned around and left the hut, returning directly to the border of the boundary, where he waited with his hands behind his back. 

As time slowly flowed, and an incense stick of time soon passed. 

More and more Spirit Rune Peak disciples hurried over. In the end, even some of the disciples from the other peaks were drawn over, amassing into a rather huge crowd. 

Ye Ge stood in front of the Genesis Rune Boundary, his sleeves swaying with the wind. His handsome appearance attracted the attention of numerous female disciples. As one of the ten great Chosens, Ye Ge naturally had no shortage of admirers in the Cangxuan Sect. 

However, he ignored their gazes, fixated only on the mist boundary. 

The mists suddenly rippled, as countless gazes watched Yaoyao walk out. Her beautiful face was still as calm as before. 

From the looks of it, however, she had failed to pass through the boundary. 

The surrounding disciples immediately began to whisper among themselves. 

Ye Ge walked forward with a smile. Just as he was about to speak, Yaoyao’s deep pool like eyes looked over, before directly walking past him.

“I will break this boundary tomorrow.” There was only indifference in her voice. 

The smile on Ye Ge’s face turned slightly rigid. He hesitated for a moment, before he said, “If you are planning on asking Zhou Yuan for help, I am afraid that he is not up to the task. This boundary can only be broken with Genesis Runes, and not through brute force.”

Even though Yaoyao had failed, she evidently detected the trick to this Genesis Rune Boundary. Therefore, Ye Ge deduced that she was most likely going to look for Zhou Yuan. 

Yaoyao tilted her head and glanced at him. 

“I believe that he can.”

She was already far away by the time her words faded. 

Ye Ge shrugged helplessly as he muttered, “We’ll wait and see. Junior sister Yaoyao, I am the only one who can help you to break through the boundary. As for Zhou Yuan…”

“He’s no good.”

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