Chapter 348 Genesis Star Pill

Saint Genesis Peak, Dao Seeker Hall. 

In today’s morning lesson, numerous gazes were continuously cast towards the figure seated on the first golden mat, which belonged to the first seat gold sash disciple. It had originally belonged to Tong Long, but had been replaced by Zhou Yuan ever since the cave match.

Zhou Yuan was currently the undisputed number one gold sash disciple under Shen Taiyuan. 

With regards to this matter, even Tong Long had no objections. After all, if Zhou Yuan had not stepped forward and ultimately turned the tables, the former would have long lost all face. 

The strength Zhou Yuan had displayed during the cave match had finally convinced all his fellow senior brothers. 

The whispers spreading in the Dao Seeker Hall today were likely related to the fact that Zhou Yuan was going to participate in the upcoming purple sash selection test. 

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, even though you performed spectacularly during the cave match, I’m afraid that it is still a little too early for you to take part in the purple sash selection.”

Zhang Yan walked over with a skin deep smile, and sincerely said, “The participants of the selection are no pushovers, and not a single one will be weaker than Wei Youxuan. Such a rash decision may very well end up ruining your hard-earned reputation.”

Due to the fact that he had saved the day during the cave match, Zhou Yuan’s reputation within Shen Taiyuan’s faction had soared recently. Many of the disciples had been originally displeased by the extra attention Shen Taiyuan lavished on Zhou Yuan, but such complaints had now all disappeared. After all, the talent and potential Zhou Yuan displayed was enough to shut their mouths. 

Consequently, even Zhang Yan had wised up recently. It was only today after finding out about Zhou Yuan’s participation in the purple sash selection that the former finally found a reason to speak. 

After all, news that Zhou Yuan was going to take part in the purple sash selection test had already spread to the entire Cangxuan Sect, causing quite a stir. 

Some of the other disciples faintly nodded at Zhang Yan’s words, evidently of the same opinion that Zhou Yuan was taking the purple sash selection test too lightly. 

When Zhou Tai saw this, he spoke up for Zhou Yuan, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan merely wants to have a feel of the purple sash selection test, and prepare himself for the future. No one can say anything even if he fails. After all, who hasn’t failed in the purple sash selection test before?” 

Zhang Yan smiled, “I am afraid that others may not share your view.”

At the highest seat in the hall, Shen Taiyuan opened his eyes. He ignored their argument as he looked at Zhou Yuan and said, “Since I have already nominated you, there is no point in putting any more thought into your decision. Focus your attention on preparing for the upcoming purple sash selection test. As for the result, there is no need to be overly worried. Treat it as an opportunity to gain some experience.”

Everyone could tell that Shen Taiyuan was not too optimistic about Zhou Yuan’s odds either. Rather, he hoped Zhou Yuan would take it as testing the waters, and familiarize himself with the purple sash selection test. He would subsequently be able to make a proper attempt the following year. 

Shen Taiyuan paused for a moment, a rare smile appearing on his face as he said, “I’ve heard that for the champion of the selection will be awarded a Genesis Star Pill.”

“Genesis Star Pill?!”

These words immediately caused an uproar to erupt within the hall. Numerous disciples could not help but swallow as their eyes filled with blazing desire. 

Even Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and the other purple sash disciples were clearly filled with longing. 

Zhou Yuan also felt a little overwhelmed. A Genesis Star Pill was an extremely precious pill that was exceedingly difficult to produce. Its effect was relatively simple. Like its name suggests, it could increase the number of Genesis stars in one’s Qi Dwelling and strengthen one’s foundation. 

However, one could only consume a single Genesis Star Pill during Alpha-Origin stage, and any additional pill would have no effect. Even so, fully absorbing a single pill would greatly strengthen the foundation of one’s Qi Dwelling. 

One should know that one’s Genesis Qi foundation was the most important factor during the Alpha-Origin stage. This was because it laid the necessary groundwork in order to enter the Divine Dwelling stage. The better one’s foundations, the more powerful one would be after advancing to the Divine Dwelling stage. 

Therefore, the Genesis Star Pill was also known as the Alpha-Origin miracle pill. This implied that it had miraculous effects for Alpha-Origin experts. 

It is rumoured that even in the entire Cangxuan Sect, only the ten great Chosens had the privilege to take this pill, while the rest of the disciples could only watch in envy. Hence, rewarding a Genesis Star Pill for the purple sash selection was definitely a surprise. 

Such a reward filled the few purple sash disciples in the hall with envy. Although they had also been rewarded when they passed the selection, their rewards paled in comparison to the Genesis Star Pill. 

Zhou Yuan licked his lips as a fire was lit within his heart. The prize for the upcoming purple sash selection test was definitely extremely tempting. If he obtained the pill, it would greatly expedite his cultivation progress.

Furthermore, it would also boost his chances in the year-end chief disciple selection.

Zhang Yan glanced at Zhou Yuan, gloating a little as he remarked, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan is truly lucky. It’s a pity that the upcoming purple sash selection test is filled with experts.”

“Su Wan from Cangxuan Peak, Wu Yue from Hongya Peak, Mu Chunlei from Snow Lotus Peak, Le Tian from Sword Cometh Peak, Wang Chen from Lightning Prison Peak, Xia Yu from Spirit Rune Peak… these are all the first seat gold sash disciples from the master factions of the various peaks. Given the allure of the Genesis Star Pill, I believe that the champion will come from within their ranks.”

The main faction of each peak was also called the master faction, and were the strongest faction from their respective peaks. 

Le Tian from Sword Cometh Peak for example. Back when Lu Hong’s faction was part of Sword Cometh Peak, Wei Youxuan would have to bow his head and greet his senior brother disciple when he met Le Tian. From this, one could easily imagine how powerful these individuals were.

The other disciples in the hall looked at Zhou  Yuan in pity, evidently feeling that Zhou Yuan would stand no chance with such formidable figures around. 

In contrast, Zhou Yuan remained calm in response to Zhang Yan’s gloating voice. Thanks to the information from Shen Wanjin, he was already aware about these individuals. They were indeed the top candidates for the upcoming purple sash selection test. 

Even so, which of Zhou Yuan’s foes over the years had been simple pushovers? In fact, even before he had opened his channels to begin cultivation, Wu Huang’s name had already spread across the entire Cangmang Continent. However, the one who had remained standing in the end had not been Wu Huang.

Zhou Yuan had managed to make a come back even with such a despairing gap between them. What was the adversity he faced now in comparison?

On the highest seat, Shen Taiyuan glanced at Zhang Yan, causing him to shut his mouth in embarrassment. However, he was not overly concerned by it and secretly muttered to himself, “Even if he has defeated Wei Youxuan, he is still lacking compared to them. Do you really believe that another miracle will occur?”

Shen Taiyuan did not dwell on this topic. Instead, he looked towards Zhou Yuan again and instructed, “It will be very difficult to become champion, so I hope that you can settle for the next best thing and not aim for the number one spot. As long as you place within the top ten, you will still be promoted to a purple sash disciple.”

Zhou Yuan nodded in acknowledgement. However, his lowered eyes flickered in thought. 

If it wasn’t for the Genesis Star Pill, he would have no interest in becoming champion. However, he had already been tempted by it. The so-called miracle pill of the Alpha-Origin stage was not something he could resist.

This was a fortunate encounter. If he could seize it, it would further strengthen his foundation. 

Moreover, wasn’t success on the path of cultivation dependent on whether one could seize the fortunate encounters that appeared before one’s eyes? This was how Zhou Yuan had paved his path for so many years. Otherwise, how could he have reached the stage he was at today?


Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath, gradually suppressing the fire burning deep within his eyes. 

He knew that he would have to concentrate every fibre of his being in his training for the next two months and prepare for the upcoming purple sash selection, the event that would soon become the focal point of the entire Cangxuan Sect. 

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