Chapter 347 Xu Yan’s Methods

The commotion caused by the cave match stealthily faded away after a dozen days, the process probably sped up by how low-key Zhou Yuan was being over this period. In fact, hardly anyone would bring it up at this time.

The Cangxuan Sect was after all such an enormous entity which had no lack of interesting events and gossip. A cave match of a decadent peak was naturally unable to hold everyone’s attention for long, even if it had been quite an exciting event. 

Of course, the main reason was because one of the most major events of the Cangxuan Sect was to be held in two months; the purple sash selection test. 

It was a grand occasion that was highly anticipated by every disciple in the Cangxuan Sect. This was because a purple sash disciple was considered a true elite of the sect, a role model that all disciples seeked to emulate. 

If one managed to become a purple sash disciple, one’s status and treatment would be completely different than before. 

However, the purple sash selection was extremely stringent. It was only held twice a year, and there were limited promotions available each cycle. Therefore, only the most outstanding gold sash disciples would pass the test, swapping the gold sash around their waists for a purple one...

Many disciples had spent several years training hard for it. As a result, each selection would be fiercely competitive.  

As the date of the selection approached, the attention of every Cangxuan sect disciple gradually shifted towards it, and every topic of conversation soon began to revolve around the purple sash test. 

Consequently, the top candidates of this cycle quickly became everyone’s topic of interest. Everyone was speculating which individuals would successfully pass the test, and leap through the dragon gate...

It was at this juncture that news of Zhou Yuan’s participation was stealthily leaked, naturally stirring up quite a sensation. 

Zhou Yuan, a name that had nearly been wiped clean from everyone’s minds, suddenly became a hot topic once again. 

“Zhou Yuan is a little too arrogant. How long has it been since he entered the inner mountains? I can’t believe he actually has the guts to participate in the purple sash selection test.”

“Yeah, this must be a new record, right? I don’t think there has even been a month old inner mountain disciple who dared to participate in the purple sash selection test. Even senior Chu Qing only participated after half a year, and seized first place.”

“Tsk, he seems to have forgotten his place after defeating Wei Youxuan. You know, even Wei Youxuan would not be confident in passing the selection.”

“All the participants will be the most talented gold sash disciples from their respective peaks, and not a single one will be weaker than Wei Youxuan. Where did Zhou Yuan find the balls to take part?”

“He truly is akin to a young and ignorant calf…”

“Fine, since he’s so unafraid of death, it will be good for him to face some setbacks now that will hopefully humble him in the future. After all, there are still so many experienced seniors ahead of him.”



Sword Cometh Peak. 

An elegant room within a restaurant. 

“Humph, Zhou Yuan is way too cocky. It’s only been so long and he actually dares to turn his sights to the purple sash selection test. What an arrogant and ignorant fool!” Inside the elegant room, Lu Xuanyin mocked Zhou Yuan with a slightly frosty face. 

She had obviously found out that Zhou Yuan had been nominated to take part in the upcoming purple sash selection. 

The incident with Lu Feng had naturally made her quite critical of Zhou Yuan, quite a contrast from the very beginning when she had thought nothing of the latter. However, who could have expected him to improve so drastically in a month. 

He had grown so much that he was even about to take part in the purple sash selection test!

One must know that she had trained for three years before she finally found the courage to participate. 

Beside Lu Xuanyin, Xu Yan with his head full of red flame like hair, chuckled softly. He lifted the wine pot, and poured her cup as he said, “There is nothing to be mad about. I was originally worried that I won’t be able to find a reason to make things difficult for him due to his lack of activity recently. Having him jump out like this really makes my life easier.”

Xu Yan wore a calm expression. The truth was that he had admired Zhou Yuan a little previously, hence why he tried asking Zhou Yuan to apologize to Lu Xuanyin in order to resolve the grudge them.

However, he never expected that Zhou Yuan would disrespectfully reject him in such a direct manner. 

This move had upset Xu Yan. After all, he possessed a rather high status in Sword Cometh Peak, and was a purple sash disciple under peak master Ling Jun. In other words, he was quite an influential person. 

All this plus his background naturally made him a very prideful individual. Therefore, in his eyes, he had given Zhou Yuan sufficient respect by taking the initiative to ask the latter. However, Zhou Yuan turned out to be really untactful. 

Since you are ungrateful, don’t blame me for inflicting pain onto you.

When Lu Xuanyin heard Xu Yan’s words, her eyes lit up as she asked with a smile, “What are your plans?”

Xu Yan took a sip of his wine. Soon after, he said, “They have arrived.” 

The doors to the elegant room were pushed open as several figures walked in. The group was mainly composed of youngsters, but they possessed extraordinary auras, and their eyes shined with fearsome glints. 

“Senior brother Xu Yan.” The young men cupped their fists together towards Xu Yan.

Xu Yan smiled and nodded. He looked at Lu Xuanyin and said, “You should recognize them.”

Lu Xuanyin stared in shock at the three individuals at the very front as she said, “Senior brother Le Tian, senior brother Wu Qing and senior brother Luo Dao?”

She naturally recognized these people. They were the elite gold sash disciples from the various factions of Sword Cometh Peak. Each one was extremely powerful, and all of them were taking part in the upcoming purple sash selection. 

However, although all of them belonged to Sword Cometh Peak, they were under different elders and thus rivals of sorts. From the looks of it, they had come together thanks to Xu Yan.  

“May I enquire why senior brother Xu Yan has gathered us here?” Asked the one called Le Tian, who seemed to always have a smile on his face.

Xu Yan invited them to sit down. He toyed with the cup in his hand, as he offhandedly smiled and said, “It is just a small matter. I hope that everyone here can do me a tiny favour.”

He indicated towards Lu Xuanyin as he continued, “Junior sister Lu Xuanyin has some differences with Zhou Yuan, and since it just so happens that everyone here will be taking part in the upcoming purple sash selection test, I hope that all of you can help out your junior sister.”

“Zhou Yuan?”

Le Tian and the rest were taken aback for a moment. Something soon clicked in their heads as they said, “The new disciple who defeated Wei Youxuan?”

Luo Dao smiled faintly as he said, “He has been pretty popular recently, and is quite gusty. It's only been slightly over a month since he joined the inner mountains, and yet he actually dares to stick his hand into the purple sash selection. It seems that he looks down on his more experienced senior brothers like us.”

Everyone in the room stood at the apex of the gold sash disciples in their respective factions. Though other disciples were shocked by Wei Youxuan defeat at Zhou Yuan’s hands, this group was only a little surprised by the matter. After all, all of them were confident that would also prevail against Wei Youxuan.

As such, after they hearing Xu Yan’s request, all of them heaved a sigh of relief. 

They were worried that Xu Yan was going to ask for their help to tackle a thorny problem, because they knew that it would be difficult to reject. None of them had expected Xu Yan had invited all of them here just to deal with a mere Zhou Yuan.  

Xu Yan nodded with a grin. 

Le Tian glanced at the rest as he smiled, “Senior brother Xu Yan may be making a mountain out of a molehill. To think you invited so many of us… is there really a need?”

The ones gathered here were basically the best amongst the gold sash disciples of Sword Cometh Peak.

Xu Yan stood up and began pouring everyone a cup of wine as he said, “He is quite mysterious, and I do not like surprises. Therefore, it will be best to ensure he has no chance at all.”

Le Tian, Wu Qing, Luo Dao and the rest raised their cups towards Xu Yan with a smile, before draining the entire cup. 

“Since senior brother Xu Yan has spoken, we will naturally give face. Senior brother Xu Yan and junior sister Lu Xuanyin can be rest assured. We believe that Zhou Yuan will no longer have any chance to stand out in the upcoming purple sash selection.”

Xu Yan smiled faintly as he nodded. He toyed with his teacup as a sadistic smile appeared on his lips.

You tactless thing, do you really think that you’re untouchable? I don’t even have to lift a finger against someone like you. All I need to do is to say a few words, and you will end up sinking into despair. 

Beside him, Lu Xuanyin’s eyes glimmered with excitement. 

Looks like she would finally be able to vent all her resentment and hate this time.

Zhou Yuan, with all of the senior brothers of my Sworth Cometh Peak banding together, there is no way you will be able to change your fate!

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