Chapter 346 Purple Sash Selection

“The purple sash selection?”

Shen Taiyuan could not help but be taken aback by Zhou Yuan’s request. The former soon frowned, somewhat hesitant as he said, “The purple sash selection is no joke. Isn’t it a little too soon for you to participate?”

The purple sash selection was a major event in the Cangxuan Sect. This was because purple sash disciples were the most elite disciples of the sect, and were often the ones who went on to become the backbone of the sect. 

Therefore, every purple sash selection was extremely stringent, and personally attended by not only several peak masters, but even the sect master on occasion. 

Even elders like Shen Taiyuan were unable to approve the promotion to purple sash. All they could do was nominate their disciples for the selection, and pray for their success. 

Furthermore, there were a limited number of promotions available each cycle. As such, the participants were basically composed of the first seat gold sash disciples from each peak, making the competition extremely intense.  

To be blunt, even someone like Wei Youxuan, who was the number one gold sash disciple under Lu Hong, was not considered top-tier amongst all the factions in the entire sect.

Thus, Shen Taiyuan felt it was a little too early for Zhou Yuan to participate in the purple sash selection. Nonetheless, he believed that given Zhou Yuan’s talent and potential, it would not be difficult to pass after another half a year of serious training. 

“Zhou Yuan, there are only ten purple sash promotions available for the upcoming selection test, while close to a hundred disciples will be taking part. It will be extremely competitive.” Shen Taiyuan sighed as he tried to talk Zhou Yuan out of it. 

Zhou Yuan merely smiled in response and said, “Teacher Shen, I just want to give it a shot. There’s no loss even if I fail, right?”

Though he was wearing a smile, his words were filled with determination. 

Two purple sash selection tests were held every year, and the upcoming one was already the second one for the year. If he missed it, there would no longer be any chance for him to become a purple sash disciple this year. As a result, he would be unable to participate in the year-end Saint Genesis Peak chief disciple selection trial. 

Even if someone else became chief disciple, he or she may end up failing to break the main peak seal. However, Zhou Yuan did not dare to take such a risk. What if Lu Hong’s faction succeeded?

If Lu Hong became the peak master, it would become even harder for Zhou Yuan to find the second Saint Rune. 

Hence, he needed to take part in the upcoming purple sash selection.

At the sight of Zhou Yuan’s determination, Shen Taiyuan smiled in resignation and said, “You’re too impatient…”

In the end, he could only sigh as he nodded and said, “Fine, if that’s what you want, go ahead and give it a shot. If you lose, treat it as preparation for the next test.”

“After all, there is nothing to be ashamed about if you fail. Many disciples have participated in several purple sash selection tests, only to fail over and over again…”

He looked at Zhou Yuan as he continued, “The next purple sash selection is in two months. You must work hard during these two months, and cannot neglect your training. I will nominate you for the upcoming selection test.”

“Thank you teacher Shen!”

Joy appeared on Zhou Yuan’s face when he heard this.

Shen Taiyuan helplessly shook his head. However, there was some pride and happiness in his eyes. 

Youngsters should be passionate and ambitious. If he didn’t even have a little drive, how could he possibly hope to tackle the dangerous and arduous road of cultivation.

Since he wants to try, I’ll let him have his chance. After all… this young has always been quite surprising. What if… he actually succeeds?

If that happened, even sect master would take notice, bringing the spotlight to their nearly forgotten faction. In fact, sect master may even let them have a few gifted disciples next time. 


A particular purple Genesis cave dwelling. 

Compared to the previous gold Genesis cave dwelling, the new purple Genesis cave dwelling was several times larger. The cave seemed to reach all the way into the heart of the mountain, monopolizing practically all of its Genesis Qi. 

A little stream flowed within the cave. Rays of sunlight shined from above, transforming into countless shimmering specks of light that illuminated the interior, making it appear as if dust was dancing within. 

Boundless Genesis Qi gushed out from an aperture at the deepest part of the cave, transforming into a thin mist that swirled inside, making the air feel extremely refreshing. 

The natural Genesis Qi here was much denser than the gold Genesis cave dwelling. 

There was even a large herb garden at one corner of the cave that was filled with all kinds of mysterious plants. Flowers breathed Genesis Qi, filling the place with a variety of exotic smells. These aromas had the effect of calming the mind and increasing concentration, making them quite beneficial for one’s training. 

However, the one most pleased with this new accommodation was not Zhou Yuan, but Yaoyao. 

She seemed to have a special fondness for the herb garden, and had even bought a variety of seeds from the Glittering Jewels Pavilion, spending everyday leisurely tending the plants. 

In the depths of the cave near the Genesis Qi aperture. 

Zhou Yuan sat cross-legged on a sizable rock with eyes lightly shut. A scarlet-red crystal hovered in front of him, specks of light glimmering brightly inside like the sun, as an alarming heat spread. 

It was the Nine Suns Crystal required to practice the Heavenly Sun God Record. 

Zhou Yuan cupped the crystal with both hands, feeling as if he was holding the sun or the moon. Wisps of golden Genesis Qi rose from his palms and battered against the crystal, slowly grinding it like a grindstone. 

As the Nine Suns Crystal was grinded by Genesis Qi, grains of crystal dust began to fall off, merging with Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi. The Genesis Qi ultimately tunneled back into Zhou Yuan’s hands and flowed into his Qi Dwelling.

It was a fairly complicated to learn a Heaven tier technique. One needed to continuously combine various Genesis resources with one’s own Genesis Qi, while attempting time and time again to achieve a certain equilibrium, before gradually stabilizing the newly created composition.

This step alone had thwarted numerous practitioners, causing them to waste countless resources. Moreover, every failure would consume a portion of the Genesis resources and their Genesis Qi. 

Thankfully, Zhou Yuan had the Decoder Saint Rune. With its help, he was able to clearly determine how much of each resource he had to mix with his Genesis Qi, allowing him to minimize wastage...

Even so, he still needed some time to flawlessly create a Genesis technique mark and brand it into his Qi Dwelling.


After an unknown period of time, Zhou Yuan finally opened his tightly shut eyes as slowly spat out a breath of air. 

He lowered his head and looked at his palm, only to realize that the Nine Suns Crystal had shrunk by a third.

“At this rate, as long as nothing unexpected happens, I should be able to start forming the mark after a month...” There was a faint smile on Zhou Yuan’s lips. He was fairly pleased with his progress. 

He stretched his waist, causing all the bones in his body crack and pop, letting out a relaxed sigh as he inhaled the faint flowery fragrance in the cave. 

He had been exceedingly low-key for the past ten days or so. As a result, the commotion he caused due to the cave match had gradually began to die down. After all, a cave match between gold sash disciples would not continue spreading forever. 

Zhou Yuan also did not enjoy being in the limelight, and much rather preferred quietly growing stronger...

However, he knew that news of his nomination by Shen Taiyuan for the purple sash selection would soon begin to spread some time during the next two days. This would likely cause another commotion again. 


Just as Zhou Yuan stood up, he suddenly felt some activity at the entrance. His senses reached out, and found a person standing in front of the cave, unable to enter due to the barrier. 

The round and fat figure naturally belonged to Shen Wanjin. 

Zhou Yuan quickly walked towards the entrance, dispersing the barrier with a wave of his sleeve. 

When Shen Wanjin saw Zhou Yuan walk out, he bounced forward with a grin as he fished out a scroll from his sleeve and said, “Little Yuan bro, I have completed the task you set me.”

“This scroll contains the details of all the disciples who will be participating in the upcoming purple sash selection.”

He clicked his tongue before continuing, “However, none of these fellows are pushovers. Practically all of them stand at the peak of the gold sash disciples in their groups, and not a single one is inferior to Wei Youxuan…”

“Little Yuan bro, are you really going to take part?” He awkwardly scratched his head as he said an uneasy manner, “From what I know, no slightly over a month old inner mountain disciple from our Cangxuan Sect has ever had the guts to take part in the purple sash selection…”

Zhou Yuan smiled, but he did not answer the question. Instead, he slowly unraveled the scroll in his hand. 

His eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at their names and data. 

“These are indeed no pushovers.”

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