Chapter 344 Creating a Stir

The outcome of the cave match spread to the entire Cangxuan Sect the next day. 

Typically speaking, a cave match of this level would only drum up interest within its respective peak, drawing basically zero interest from the other peaks. After all, the end result would not affect other peaks. 

Moreover, it was merely a cave match between gold sash disciples of the most rundown Saint Genesis Peak...

However, things were clearly different this time. 

The evaluation elder Miao of Snow Lotus Peak gave Zhou Yuan had incited the wrath of numerous fanatical Chu Qing supporters. As a result, many of them had hurried down on the day of the cave match to see for themselves just how capable Zhou Yuan was.

Many of them came with the intention of watching him fail. However, they left with an additional trace of astonishment in their hearts. 

All because the outcome of this seemingly insignificant cave match turned out to be unexpectedly shocking...

Zhou Yuan, the same Zhou Yuan who had only been the inner mountain for a month, was able to turn the tables with his third layer Alpha-Origin cultivation, and single-handedly defeat all three of elder Lu Hong’s disciples. 

Such an achievement was definitely noteworthy. 

Even the disciples who came with nitpick could not find a single flaw in Zhou Yuan’s performance...

Therefore, every detail of the cave match began to spread throughout the various peaks the next day, shocking and awing numerous disciples.

"Zhou Yuan seems to be fairly capable. Though he is only at the third layer Alpha-Origin stage, even the sixth layer Wei Youxuan is not his match…"

"His Genesis Qi foundation is rather extraordinary."

"No wonder elder Miao holds him in such high regard. It appears that he might actually have what it takes to become the second Chu Qing."

"Tsk, don’t be ridiculous, it was only a cave match between gold sash disciples… Which of the current ten great Chosens is ordinary? Back then, all of them were also able to defeat higher cultivation opponents. This battle achievement of Zhou Yuan’s is only barely passable." 

"Indeed. Just think about how many fortunate fateful encounters senior brother Chu Qing has had over the years. I once heard an elder remark that given senior brother Chu Qing's talent, he will definitely become an elder within the next ten years." 

"Wow, seriously? The first condition to become an elder is to step into the Heavenly Sun stage..”

"Senior brother Chu Qing is indeed Cangxuan Sect’s most outstanding disciple in a hundred years… Compared to him, Zhou Yuan is still severely lacking."


Similar conversations continuously played out across the seven peaks. Though most of the disciples were still skeptical of the evaluation elder Miao had given Zhou Yuan, it was no longer as one-sided as before. Evidently, after Zhou Yuan’s performance during the cave match, some of the disciples had begun to acknowledge his talent and potential. 

At the very least, Zhou Yuan was already far ahead of his peers.

When all was said and done, every disciple in Cangxuan Sect now knew Zhou Yuan of Saint Genesis Peak. In order words, he had become famous in the sect. 


Sword Cometh Peak.

In a stone pavilion, two young men were seated opposite each other, a chessboard atop the stone table between them.

One of the two was Kong Sheng. The young man facing him had a long, slim body, and a powerful glint in his long and narrow eyes. When he stretched out his hand, the receding sleeves revealed numerous sword scars dotting his arm, a rather scary sight to behold. 

He was called Zhao Zhu, and he was the second Chosen from Sword Cometh Peak, ranked ten among the ten great Chosens. 

The two of them stood at the top of the Sword Cometh Peak disciples. 

Some distance down from the stone pavilion was a stone stage where numerous Sword Cometh Peak disciples were training. The gazes that were cast towards the two figures in the pavilion were filled with respect. 

"I never imagined that such an interesting fellow would pop up in the short time I was in secluded cultivation…" Zhao Zhu said with a smile. Even though he was smiling, his smile was akin to a sharp blade, making one feel uneasy. 

"Isn’t Zhou Yuan the third disciple to receive an eight dragon baptism at the Genesis reservoir?" 

Kong Sheng’s eyes remained glued to the chess board, not a single change in his expression at the mention of this name. Instead he offhandedly nodded and said, "Quite a clever one. If it wasn't for him, Li Qingchan's eight dragon baptism would have been mine."

Zhao Zhu chuckled and said, "He actually dares to ruin senior brother’s plans? That fellow is simply too daring." 

"Well, he is a young calf… currently, he has even been called the second Chu Qing." Replied Kong Sheng.

Zhao Zhu was slightly taken aback. He soon burst out in laughter, before he shook his head and said, "The new disciples are getting more and more arrogant… the second Chu Qing?"

Kong Sheng smiled faintly as he said, "He did have an impressive showing during the cave match, and seems to be full of drive."

Zhao Zhu’s lips curled, "It's just a cave match between gold sash disciples. It seems like the disciples under elder Lu Hong are becoming more and more useless. Can’t believe that they’re incapable of crushing those two factions from the fallen Saint Genesis Peak, truly a disgrace to our Sword Cometh Peak."

"However, since he dared to ruin senior brother's plans, if the opportunity presents itself in the future, I will make ensure that he suffers a little…"

Kong Sheng uncaringly replied, "Forget it. Why pay any attention to a mere gold sash disciple. It would only elevate his status if we were to cause trouble for him."

"The other disciples are just shooting their mouths off. Do you really believe that he is the second Chu Qing? So many outstanding disciples have emerged in the Cangxuan Sect over the years, but just look at who ultimately became the ten great Chosens." 

Zhao Zhu laughed in a carefree manner when he heard this. Soon after, he nodded. 

That’s right, a puny gold sash disciple was not even worth their time. The commotion would likely die down after the hyper was over.


Snow Lotus Peak.

Li Qingchan was seated on a misty stone platform, a green dress adorning her slender figure. Her gorgeous face was as cold as ice, like a thousand year iceberg that would never melt. 

At this current moment, however, there was a sliver of amazement on her usually frosty face. 

“Zhou Yuan… what a surprise…” She muttered to herself. Evidently, she heard about what the result of the cave match that had spread from Saint Genesis Peak.  

She was currently rather neutral towards Zhou Yuan. In comparison, she was much more interested in the one who had quite a special relationship to him, Yaoyao. 

Li Qingchan was a very prideful girl, and hence naturally had high standards. However, in her eyes, Yaoyao was still too much of a mystery. 

After all, Yaoyao would surely be the center of attention wherever she went, and only god knew how many talented geniuses were unable to resist her being drawn to her.

Therefore, Li Qingchan was baffled by the intimate relationship between Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao. This was because in her opinion, the two of them were belonged to completely different worlds.

To be blunt, she felt that Zhou Yuan did not deserve to have such a close relationship with Yaoyao. 

Even though she had cooperated with Zhou Yuan at the Genesis reservoir, the truth was that she had only chosen to work with him because of Yaoyao. Otherwise, a gold sash disciple like him would never have the qualifications to work with someone like her, the third seat Chosen. 

However, Zhou Yuan’s performance during the cave match was quite a surprise to her. It seemed that he did have some potential. 

“However, the second Chu Qing huh?”

Li Qingchan fell silent for a moment, her hand gently stirring the mist in front of her. 

“Zhou Yuan, I am afraid that you will have to work much much harder…”

Only after reaching their level would one finally understand just how formidable this number one Chosen truly was.  

From what she could see, the mysterious and unreadable Yaoyao could perhaps accomplish such a feat. As for Zhou Yuan… be it luck or experience, he was still severely lacking. 

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