Chapter 342 Ninth Dragon Exterminates Black Devil


The thousand feet long Genesis Qi beast coiled in the sky above Zhou Yuan like a giant dragon, giving off a terrifying Genesis Qi pressure.

As disciples on the surrounding cliffs gazed upon the behemoth of a beast, their expressions involuntarily changed.

Even some of the fifth layer disciples shivered uncontrollably under the pressure. They knew that if they were in Wei Youxuan’s place, they would not even have the courage to face that terrifying Genesis Qi.

The ninth dragon of the Nine Dragons Canon.

No one had expected Zhou Yuan to have reached the advanced level of that little Heaven Genesis technique. Just how much time and effort had this required? 

It had been less than half a year since Zhou Yuan had arrived at the Cangxuan Sect, right?

There was no lack of disciple who practiced the Nine Dragons Canon in the sect, but though many of them had practiced the technique for many years, only a tiny handful were able to reach the advanced level.

Amongst the crowd, no one was more shocked than Lu Xuanyin, because she knew full well that Zhou Yuan’s Nine Dragons Canon was only at the fourth dragon level during the peak selection ceremony a month before.

In a short month, he was now already able to display the ninth dragon.

In the face of that titanic ninth dragon, even she was genuinely frightened.

Under the many surprised gazes, Wei Youxuan, who was originally about to charge forward, stopped in his steps, his expression changing slightly as he gazed at the enormous Genesis Qi beast. He finally felt a feeling of danger this time.

Although Zhou Yuan’s Nine Dragons Canon was only a high grade little Heaven Genesis technique, the Great Black Devil technique he was currently using not considered a complete Heaven Genesis technique either. The complete technique would only be given to him by Lu Hong if he managed to win. 

However, the arrow was already nocked, and there was no longer any way for him to retreat. He could only summon all of his courage and destroy Zhou Yuan’s attack to utterly defeat the latter.

A ferocious look rose in Wei Youxuan’s pupils.

Black Genesis Qi swirled around his sinister looking body, an explosive power flowing out as his muscles shook, shaking the air around him.

“So what if its the ninth dragon, when all is said and done, it’s only a little Heaven Genesis technique. Even though my Great Black Devil technique is not complete, it’s still enough to deal with the likes of you!”

Wei Youxuan’s hands clenched tightly, the black Qi emitting from his flesh growing increasingly vigorous as violent Genesis Qi undulations erupted from his body.


In the next instant, his foot slammed into the ground.

The stone stage under his feet began to crumble, a sign that it was about to cave in.


His figure shot forth like a flash of black light, the mini giant like body creating a sonic boom as it accelerated. One could imagine just how fast he was.

The current Wei Youxuan was like a god of destruction, the ground instantly crumbling wherever he passed, vividly displaying his astonishing destructive capabilities.

In the face of Wei Youxuan’s charge, let alone the fifth layer, even sixth layer disciples would be forced to avoid, not daring to meet it head-on.

However, there were no signs of retreat in Zhou Yuan’s eyes, but a similar burning desire to fight.

He took in a deep breath as his eyes abruptly turned serious.

“Go ninth dragon!”

The thousand feet Genesis Qi beast hissed in accompaniment to his shout. In the next instant, it began its dive downwards like a giant dragon under countless shocked gazes.

It was an ominous sight to behold.

In the end, the thousand feet Genesis Qi beast and Wei Youxuan slammed into each other.

Every gaze was tightly glued to the collision.

They knew that this would be the moment when victory was decided.

They were also itching to find out which was stronger, the advanced level Nine Dragons Canon or the incomplete Great Black Devil technique?!


The entire mountain seemed to fall silent at the instant of impact. Almost immediately after, a giant Genesis Qi shockwave that could be seen with the naked eye unfurled...


The surrounding cliffs were directly torn apart, the giant stone stages crumbling layer by layer. All of the cliffs were affected by the destruction.

Some of the nearer disciples were sent flying, a tight feeling rising in their chest along with panic in their eyes.

The aftershocks of the clash were truly a little too astonishing.

In the end, the purple sash disciples from the three factions had to step forward, Genesis Qi whizzing out to stop the spreading shockwave. Only then did they prevent the stone pavilions from being affected.

The aftershocks faded as gaze after gaze looked towards the crumbled stone stages.

“That blasted Zhou Yuan, I refuse to believe that you won’t fall this time!”

Lu Xuanyin could not stop herself from standing up, her fists tightly clenched as she cast her gaze over. At this time, she could only pray that Wei Youxuan had defeated Zhou Yuan. If not, the cave match today  would become Zhou Yuan’s stepping stone, making his reputation rise in the Cangxuan Sect, an outcome that would clearly make her unbearably angry.

In one of the other stone pavilions, Lu Yan tense gaze was also directed at the stone stages, clearly also itching to know the final outcome.

There was basically no conflict between herself and Zhou Yuan, and the only thing she loathed was others comparing him to senior brother Chu Qing. In her eyes, no one would ever be able to compare to senior brother Chu Qing, including Zhou Yuan.

Previously, the only thing Zhou Yuan had to show was being the champion of the peak selection ceremony, while the Genesis Marrow Baptism could mostly be attributed to luck. However, the current cave match would be an excellent test of his worth.

The moment the curtain fell on the battle, everyone would naturally know just how capable Zhou Yuan was.

The aftershocks faded as the scenery within finally began to appear.

The first thing to land in their eyes was Zhou Yuan standing on a corner that remained of the stone stage. The Genesis Qi around him was clearly much weaker than before, obviously due to the ninth dragon he used earlier.

Facing him some distance away was the well-built black tower like body of Wei Youxuan. He was still in a punching posture, while the thousand feet Genesis Qi beast was nowhere to be seen.

“Zhou Yuan’s ninth dragon has been destroyed?!” The sight of this immediate caused cries of astonishment to erupt in the surrounding cliffs.

Lu Hong’s disciples were unable to stop themselves from bursting into cheers.

In spite of the cheering, there was no change in Zhou Yuan’s eyes as he stared at Wei Youxuans’ figure and slowly said, “It seems that senior brother Wei still has a ways to go if you wish to teach me.”


The instant these words were said, Wei Youxuan’s body suddenly shuddered as he violently spat out a mouthful of black blood. His giant body rapidly began to shrink, returning to his normal state, before slowly falling back first to the ground. 

There was an unresigned look in his eyes. If Lu Hong had given him the complete Great Black Devil technique, the one who lost today would not have been him!


The cheers that filled the air came to an abrupt stop, as if someone had pinched all their throats.

The joyous expressions on Lu Hong’s disciples instantly froze, an extremely comical sight.

Lu Xuanyin’s tightly clenched fists slowly loosened at this moment, her face turning deathly pale as the spark of life seemed to leave her eyes. She had originally come here to vent her frustrations. Who could have imagined that instead of venting them, she would instead personally witness Zhou Yuan soar into the heavens.

The unbearable feeling in her heart almost made her vomit a mouthful of blood.

Lu Yan breathed out forcefully as her bosom faintly heaved. Although the expression on her face could be considered calm, a storm of emotions were raging in her heart.

This outcome had obviously exceeded everyone’s expectations.

No one had imagined that Zhou Yuan, whom they had thought the least of at the beginning, would accomplish such an amazing feat, single handedly bringing about a complete reversal of a situation on the verge of collapse.

In the face of such a scene, even Lu Yan, who felt Zhou Yuan was an eyesore due to Chu Qing, could not help but sigh in amazement inside.

In contrast to the deathly silent atmosphere on Lu Hong’s side, after a few breaths of silence, it finally clicked to Shen Taiyuan’s disciples that the unbelievable scene in front of their eyes was indeed reality. In the next instant, deafening cheers exploded from them.

In the stone pavilion, an inconcealable look of joy emerged on Shen Taiyuan’s usually stern, aged face.

Zhou Yuan merely chuckled softly as he listened to the seemingly endless cheers. After today’s battle, there should no longer be anyone who would object to him owning that purple Genesis cave dwelling...


However, just as he was breathing a sigh of relief as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders, boundless Genesis Qi suddenly exploded in the sky.

Lu Hong’s stone pavilion instantly shattered around him.

Lu Hong’s expression was like a raging storm, seething anger in the depths of his eyes as they locked onto Zhou Yuan. A terrifying pressure swept towards him, crushing him like a towering mountain, causing his Genesis Qi to turn extremely sluggish and nearly forcing him to his knees. 

Seeing Zhou Yuan reverse the situation had clearly made Lu Hong lose control of his emotions.

Zhou Yuan’s expressions changed as he gritted his teeth, stubbornly resisting the frightening pressure.

While Zhou Yuan tenaciously resisted, in another stone pavilion, Shen Taiyuan’s expression turned extremely ugly as he abruptly stood up. Dreadful Genesis Qi immediately exploded, turning into an enormous Genesis Qi hand that seemed to cover the entire sky as it ruthlessly swatted down at Lu Hong’s location.

“You old bastard Lu Hong, do you really believe that I’m soft mud that you can squeeze as you please?!”

Shen Taiyuan’s furious roar thundered across the area.

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