Chapter 341 Ninth Dragon

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Strand after strand of black Genesis Qi continuously rose from Wei Youxuan’s flesh as alarmingly violent Genesis Qi undulations swept out like a storm, causing cracks to grow from under his feet due to the Genesis Qi pressure.

The expressions of the numerous disciples on the surrounding cliffs changed slightly.

In one of the stone pavilions, a cold smile was revealed on Lu Hong’s face. Wei Youxuan’s Great Black Devil was not complete, and had not been fully mastered by him. Even so, he was still able to bring out thirty percent of its power.

Even a mere thirty percent of a low grade Heaven Genesis technique was not something ordinary little Heaven Genesis techniques could compare to.

When Wei Youxuan used this technique, it meant that the battle would soon come to a close.

Lu Hong’s cold eyes swept a glance at the nearby Shen Taiyuan. The latter’s aged face was stretched taut at this moment, because he knew that though Zhou Yuan also had a low grade Heaven Genesis technique, Heavenly Sun God Record, he had yet to master it...

It was different from the Great Black Devil technique, because it could not be used unless mastered.

A trace of mockery rose from the corners of Lu Hong’s lips. Had Shen Taiyuan really been counting on Zhou Yuan to bring about a reversal? This was really looking down on his own disciples.

“I’ll let you know the meaning of true despair!”

A cruel look surfaced in Lu Hong’s eyes. Never mind, although it was not possible to make Shen Taiyuan’s faction lose all face, it would probably make Shen Taiyuan quite sullen when the hope he just discovered was immediately extinguished.

In Lu Song’s stone pavilion, his brows were slightly furrowed as he observed the black Qi swirling around Wei Youxuan. This event was evidently also somewhat out of his expectations.

By the side, Lu Yan exclaimed in surprise, “Wei Youxuan is really surprising. To think that he managed to learn the Great Black Devil technique. Even amongst the Lu Hong’s purple sash disciples, there are not many who have been able to do so.” 

Lu Song shook his head. “He has not fully mastered it. If not, it would not be invading his flesh.”

Lu Yan shrugged and said, “But even so, it should be enough to deal with Zhou Yuan.”

Lu Song sighed, before he said in a rather regretful manner, “What a pity…”

Lu Yan’s lips curled slightly downwards. “What’s there to feel pitiful about. He’s already very capable to have pushed Wei Youxuan so far. Did you really expect him to defeat even Wei Youxuan?”

She let out a soft laugh, clearly feeling that Lu Song was overestimating Zhou Yuan.

Lu Song sighed as he nodded.

“Indeed, it is already quite a feat to have pushed Wei Youxuan so far with only the third layer cultivation…”



As the black Qi rising from his flesh grew thicker and thicker, Wei Youxuan’s body suddenly began to grow, breaking even his clothes. In a short few breaths, the originally handsome looking Wei Youxuan had transformed into a mini black giant.

His body was covered in black runes as black Qi swirled around him, a sight that was incomparably bizarre.

The Great Black Devil technique could temporarily make one’s body become extremely powerful. At close quarters, the destructive power that could be released in an instant was basically a nightmare.

Wei Youxuan’s eyes had become pitch-black. He slowly lifted his head, his gaze locking onto Zhou Yuan like a hawk as the corners of his lips raised to form a hideous, twisted smile.

“I was hoping to save this for the purple sash disciple selection test. The fact that you’ve forced me to use it is already proof your ability.”


The instant the final word left his mouth, Wei Youxuan’s foot slammed into the ground, shattering it as his enormous figure transformed into a flash of black that shot forth. His speed was quick as thunder. 

“Such speed!” Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank slightly. Wei Youxuan was now alarmingly quick.


The black shadow appeared in front of him like a phantom. However, Zhou Yuan roared, Genesis Qi surging along the Heavenly Yuan Brush as he swung it from over his head like an axe.

“Million Whale Rune!”

Resplendent rays of light exploded from the brush as a faint silhouette of a giant whale appeared. The power in the brush was tremendous enough to shatter a mountain, as it powerfully hacked at Wei Youxuan with dreadful force.

Wei Youxuan raised both arms in a cross above him, directly meeting the Heavenly Yuan Brush.


Ripples that could be seen with the naked eye pulsed, directly fracturing the surrounding cliffs, while cracks swiftly grew on the stone stage below their feet.

However, not even a single wound had appeared on Wei Youxuan’s thick black arms, the resultant force from their clash blowing away Zhou Yuan instead.


Wei Youxuan’s figure closed in like phantom the moment Zhou Yuan was sent flying, five fingers forming a fist that blasted towards the latter’s without the slightest shred of hesitation.

A terrifying force assaulted Zhou Yuan, making him feel a piercing pain on his skin.

In the face of the overbearing Wei Youxuan, a ruthless look flashed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes as he clenched his fist. The Magical Dragon Scales appeared, azure light swirling on them as the power in his body spiked.


A giant fist and a small fist slammed into each other.

Zhou Yuan’s body immediately jerked back, the azure scales on his fist shattering as he took several steps back in succession.

In contrast, Wei Youxuan was only pushed a dozen steps back, before managing to stabilize his body.

“Zhou Yuan, is this all you’re capable of?”

Wei Youxuan’s sinister eyes locked onto Zhou Yuan with a hideous smile. “If so, then it's time to use the spot I saved you on the cliff!”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes hardened slightly. His hands instantly came together, his body shuddering as torrent after torrent of vigorous Genesis Qi dashed out from the top of his head.


“Nine Dragons Canon, eighth dragon!”

Eight Genesis Beasts created from Genesis Qi flew out, savage auras pulsing from their bodies. In the blink of an eye, all of them charged towards Wei Youxaun with a hiss.

“Haha, you dare to take out a mere little Heaven Genesis technique? You’re only making a fool of yourself!” Wei Youxuan’s loud laughter boomed like thunder. His bulky body shot forward in a straight line as he threw out a barrage of fists that smashed into the eight ferocious Genesis Qi Genesis Beasts.

Boom boom boom!

Berserk Genesis Qi shockwaves devastated the area.

Every beast Wei Youxuan smashed apart made him take a few steps back. By the time he finally destroyed the eighth beast, his feet had nicely arrived at the edge of the stone stage.

Fresh blood dripped from his black fists.

Numerous disciples were dumbstruck by this scene. No one had expected Wei Youxuan to be so fierce, using his bare fists to violently punch apart eight ferocious Genesis Qi beasts.

One must know that each one of those eight beasts were able to crush a fifth layer disciple.

And yet, all eight had been unable to deal with the current Wei Youxuan.

“Not bad, I’ll admit that I underestimated your Nine Dragons Canon…”

Wei youxuan looked towards his bloody fists, before his cold gaze turned towards Zhou Yuan. The former had originally believed he would be able to easily shatter the attack, and had not expected to end up ultimately paying a price to stop it.

Although the Nine Dragons Canon was a high little Heaven Genesis technique, its power was extremely astonishing in Zhou Yuan’s hands, far surpassing that of your usual run-of-the-mill high grade little Heaven Genesis techniques.

“So eight dragons is not enough…” Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. After using the eight dragons to probe, he now knew that the other party was not an overly powerful existence he could do nothing against...

As such, he somewhat helplessly sighed as he said, “I originally wanted to save this too…”

“Oh?” Mockery raised from the corners of Wei Youxuan’s lips.

Zhou Yuan did not answer, merely lightly shutting his eyes. In the next instant, hisses suddenly rang out as eight roaring Genesis Qi Genesis Beasts emerged.

“Again?” The mockery on Wei Youxuan’s lips grew even greater. Although Zhou Yuan’s Nine Dragons Canon was not weak, it was clearly unable to contend against him in this state. Zhou Yuan’s actions were only a waste of Genesis Qi.

“Looks like that’s all you have. Since that is the case… it’s time for me to hang you up on that cliff!”

He stepped forward, finally intending to finish this match.

However, Zhou Yuan’s hands suddenly formed a seal as his calm voice echoed, 

“Nine Dragons Canon… ninth dragon!”

One could only watch as the eight beasts above his head suddenly released sky-shattering hisses, one of them abruptly opening its giant mouth, and swallowing another Genesis Qi beast.

After devouring one, it continued to eat the other six.

When the final beast was eaten, everyone could only stare at the now thousand feet long Genesis Qi beast that coiled in the air above Zhou Yuan like a ferocious without equal giant dragon.

A heart palpitating sensation of violence and savagery pulsed.

On the surrounding cliffs, countless disciples were stupefied as they watched this scene.

Even the pupils of the three elders, Lu Hong, Shen Taiyuan and Lu Song could not help but shrink.

Zhou Yuan… had reached the advanced level of the Nine Dragons Canon!

The ninth dragon of the Nine Dragons Canon!

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