Chapter 340 Great Black Devil

Zhou Yuan stood on the stone stage, azure light swirling on his fist as faint azure scales appeared, an exceptionally bizarre sight.

He cast a glance downwards, finding a few scratches on the scales, which had evidently been left by Wei Youxuan earlier. Although the latter’s Genesis Breaker Hand was domineering, it specialized in dealing with Genesis Qi. Hence, he was not only unable to break the Magical Dragon Scales, but even ended up having his fingers broken by Zhou Yuan’s heavy as a mountain punch.

“Magical Dragon Scales…”

Zhou Yuan’s finger lightly brushed the faint azure scales as a satisfied smile appeared from the corners of his lips.

Compared to the Magical Python Scales, the evolved Magical Dragon Scales were just hugely better in both defensive prowess and strength amplification. If not, it would not have been possible for Zhou Yuan to break the bones of his opponent.

“Big sis Yaoyao said that if my Omni-Python Qi manages to evolve once again and become the grade 7 World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi, the Magical Dragon Scales will also ascend to the next level, transforming into the true Heavenly Serpent Scales.”

“The Heavenly Serpent Scales are strong enough to defend against the attacks of a Divine Dwelling expert, while also possessing many mystical abilities. They will basically allow one to transform into a human shaped Heavenly Serpent, an existence that is tyrannical to the extreme.”

“If there comes a day where I manage to reach the third level grade 9 Galaxy Sacred Dragon Qi, it will be even more amazing. The scales will evolve into the Sacred Dragon Scales, and only god knows how powerful they will be.”

Zhou Yuan could not help but feel somewhat overwhelmed by such thoughts, but was quickly able to suppress his emotions. He knew that such things were still way too far off for him at this current time, and what he needed to do now was to take things one step at a time and strengthen his foundations.

He raised his head, looking towards the storm that was gradually brewing on Wei Youxuan’s face. The opponents before him were going to be the best stepping stones for this purpose.

Wei Youxuan icily said, “I never imagined that there will come a day when my Genesis Breaker Hand would be broken.”

As he spoke, deep black as the night Genesis Qi violently churned around his body. Hissess were heard as it stirred the surrounding air, a sign that he was furious inside.

Evidently, Wei Youxuan, whom had been smiling from the start, had finally been angered.

Wei Youxuan suddenly slapped his bleeding hand onto the ground as night black Genesis Qi rapidly extended like a swamp.

“Black Swamp!”

The entire stone stage was instantly engulfed by the swamp like night black Genesis Qi as countless snake like streams of Genesis Qi shot out and snaked towards Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s figure rapidly etherealized, like a wisp of smoke as he drifted across the surface of the black swamp, avoiding all of the attacks.


Countless seemingly sticky black rays of light shot out from the swamp, seemingly forming a giant net that loomed at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. With a jerk of his sleeve, a giant wind lightning ball condensed in his hand, pulsing with berserk Genesis Qi undulations.

“Great Wind and Thunder!”

The wind lightning ball was mercilessly slammed into the black swamp.


Genesis Qi containing the primal power of wind and lightning swept outwards, forcibly shattering the black swamp that had covered the ground as the spreading black rapidly receded.

The sticky giant net also burst apart, transforming into specks of light that filled the sky.


As the light danced in the air, a sharp wind sound was heard as a flash of icy light with a sinister aura pierced through the air, heading straight for Zhou Yuan’s throat.

It was a black halberd.

Zhou Yuan made a grabbing motion as the Heavenly Yuan Brush landed in his hand. With a slight tremble, it rapidly began to grow, its snow-white hairs spreading into a white net.


The black halberd stabbed the white net, stretching it at a soul trembling angle, the sharp tip of the halberd merely an inch from Zhou Yuan’s throat. However, it was ultimately unable to take that final step, and was bounced back by the net.

As the black halberd was sent flying, Zhou Yuan’s etherealised figure shot forth, the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hands transforming into innumerable flashes of icy light that surrounded Wei Youxuan who was dashing over from behind.

Clang clang clang!

Wei Youxuan brandished the black halberd, night black Genesis Qi rising like smoke around him. After images of the halberd seemed to fill the area, blocking every single thrust of the snow-white brush tip.

The eyes of both individuals were ice-cold, neither showing any mercy. Every attack was aimed at a fatal spot, but was ultimately blocked by the other party.

It was a passionate battle akin to that between a lion and tiger.

On the cliffs in the vicinity, the hearts of numerous disciples shivered as they watched the ferocious clash between the two in the arena. From the aftershocks of each clash, any fifth layer disciple that was sent in would likely be torn to pieces in less than four rounds.

A fight of this calibre was already not inferior to one between purple sash disciples.


Sparks flew as brush tip and halberd tip collided, creating a shockwave of Genesis Qi that blew even the air apart.

Zhou Yuan and Wei Youxuan’s figures jerked, before shooting backwards.

Zhou Yuan swung the Heavenly Yuan Brush, his eyes narrowing slightly as he felt the seemingly boiling Genesis Qi in his body. Both of them had clashed directly earlier, but there were still not even the tiniest indication of him being at the disadvantage.

Evidently, his Genesis Qi foundations were already able to directly face a sixth layer disciple after Genesis Marrow Baptism.

There were a little over seven hundred Genesis Qi stars in Zhou Yuan’s Qi Dwelling, while an ordinary sixth layer disciple should have eight hundred. However, Zhou Yuan’s Omni Python Qi was undoubtedly even more wondrous than normal Genesis Qi, being more abundant and lasting, making it not the least bit inferior to the usual sixth layer.

“It seems that there’s nothing great about the sixth layer Alpha-Origin.” Zhou Yuan chuckled softly as he looked towards Wei Youxuan.

Wei Youxuan did not reply, merely casting an icy glance at Zhou Yuan. The former likewise understood that although the latter was only at the third layer, there was not much advantage a sixth layer like himself had in the aspect of Genesis Qi.

Zhou Yuan was an unexpectedly difficult opponent.

However, to think that a disciple that had just joined the inner mountains would dare to brag in front of him, did the former really believe he had nothing else to show...

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, young people should not be so arrogant. Since elder Shen did not teach you how to respect your seniors, as a senior brother, I shall give you a proper lesson on the subject on his behalf!” An icy smile rose from the corners of Wei Youxuan’s lips.


The black halberd in his hand slammed into the ground, embedding itself into the floor.

His sleeves suddenly disintegrated at this moment, revealing his arms. Black runes could be seen on them, wriggling like worms.

These black runes gathered together into what appeared to be a strange rune.

An eerie aura immediately spread, causing the surrounding temperature to drop as terrifying undulations began to surge and converge in Wei Youxuan’s body.


Wei Youxuan’s hands slammed together as the black runes on his arms frantically began to spread. In a short few breaths, they burrowed into his flesh and blood.

Wisp after wisp of black Qi began to rise from the surface of Wei Youxuan’s body.

Robust black Genesis Qi swirled behind him as it released a piercing whistle.

The expression of the numerous watching disciple changed slightly, evidently sensing the sudden rapidly rising Genesis Qi undulations in Wei Youxuan’s body...

Such Genesis Qi undulations were definitely not from an ordinary little Heaven Genesis technique!

It was obvious that Wei Youxuan was finally revealing his trump card.

As black Qi rose, Weu Youxuan’s eyes turned pitch-black as he sinisterly looked towards Zhou Yuan and grinned, revealing a set of eerily white teeth. “Although I’ve yet to fully master it, it should be enough to deal with the likes of you.”

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, I hope that you will not be too arrogant in the future. You should know that there are many in the inner mountains that have the ability to deal with you.”

“You don’t have the qualifications to be cocky here!”

The instant the final word was said, his hands clasped each other as an eerily cold voice echoed in the mountain.

“Low grade Heaven Genesis technique, Great Black Devil!”


Alarming Genesis Qi erupted from Wei Youxuan’s body like a volcano at this moment.

The many disciples on the surrounding cliffs turned pale with horror.

In a certain stone pavilion, the eyes on Lu Xuanyin’s originally ugly looking face brightened up in excitement at this moment as her hands tightly clasped together.

That brash Zhou Yuan had finally forced out Wei Youxuan’s trump card!

Do you really believe that there’s no one who can control you today?!

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