Chapter 339 Magical Dragon Scales

Zhou Yuan and Wei Youxuan stood facing each other on the stage, their gazes cold like the edge of a blade as a heart palpitating chill seemed to flow between them.

On the cliffs around them, numerous eyes were tightly glued to the two combatants.

The cave match today had been a series of unexpected twists and turns. Everyone had originally believed Shen Taiyuan’s side would be single handedly massacred by Wei Youxuan, making them lose all face. However, no one had expected the participant whom almost all of them had overlooked, Zhou Yuan, to step forward at the final moment, basically return an eye for an eye as he easily crushed two of his opponents.

In the end, both sides were now left with a single combatant...

“Zhou Yuan is truly not simple at all. If he really ends up defeating Wei Youxuan today, there will no longer be anyone in the Cangxuan Sect who has not heard of his name…”

“Easily defeating two fifth layers at the third layer Alpha-Origin stage. His foundations are unimaginable.”

“But Wei Youxuan is not going to be an easy opponent either. He’s extremely strong, and is a genuine sixth layer. Such strength is already able to match up to many of the ordinary purple sash disciples. Zhou Yuan may have won over Feng Yu and Cheng Ying, but he will certainly not have an easy time against Wei Youxuan.”

“Indeed, the previous two cannot compare to Wei Youxuan.”

“Heh, looks like a battle of titans is unavoidable. The trip here has not been a waste after all.”


Whispers spread amongst the numerous watching disciples. The two individuals in the arena were akin to a tiger and a lion, each incomparably ferocious. With regards to these two equally powerful participants, no one could say for certain who was stronger. Everything would only be known after they fought.

On the cliffs, around their respective stone pavilions, Shen Taiyuan and Lu Hong’s many disciples anxiously watched.

Lu Hong’s disciples had been quite relaxed some time earlier, clearly under the impression that the cave match was completely in their control. However, such thoughts had already been wiped clean from their minds by Zhou Yuan.

Even though they were still confident in Wei Youxuan, they did not dare to thoughtlessly jeer any more, such as to avoid the scenario where the unexpected happened and they ended up shaming themselves instead.

Lu Hong’s expression was extremely dark and stormy. His plan on completely beating down Shen Taiyuan’s side had completely fallen through.

Behind him, Lu Xuanyin’s expression fluctuated indeterminately. As she gazed at the ugly expression on Lu Hong’s face, she could only say, “No need to worry uncle Lu, he can’t possibly be senior brother Wei Youxuan’s match.”

Lu Hong nodded. The only thing they could do now was hope that Wei Youxuan taught that arrogant fool a good lesson.”


On the stone stage, an expressionless Wei Youxuan looked at Zhou Yuan and said in a nonchalant voice, “I originally thought you were only here to make up the numbers. I never imagined that you would turn out to be the strongest amongst them.”

“But you should have spent enough time basking in the limelight already, right?”

The moment the final word was said, Wei Youxuan’s eyes abruptly turned serious.


Powerful Genesis Qi exploded from his body, sending out wave after wave of pressure as cracks grew from the stone floor under his feet.

The expressions of the watching disciples changed slightly, evidently feeling his suffocating Genesis Qi pressure.

Sixth layer!

Genesis Qi hissed around Wei Youxuan’s body, his oppressive presence alone enough to put a tremendous amount of mental pressure on many fifth layer disciples.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly when he felt the Genesis Qi pressure. As expected of the sixth layer. Such Genesis Qi was a good deal stronger than Feng Yu and Cheng Ying.

Wei Youxuan going to be a tough adversary indeed.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze lowered slightly as the seven hundred Genesis Qi stars in his Qi Dwelling began to shake violently. A torrent of pure Genesis Qi flowed out, filling his entire body.


A several hundred feet tall pillar of golden Genesis Qi shot out from the top of his head.

Strand after strand of golden Genesis Qi began to fall, protecting Zhou Yuan’s body.

The Genesis Qi pressure from Wei Youxuan was fully cut off at this moment.


Their gazes met in the air, that very moment akin to the strike of lightning or an eruption of magma, as their eyes hardened into cold unfeeling blades.

Genesis Qi thundered, rippling the surrounding air.

Wei Youxuan was the first to shoot forward, his figure akin to a bolt of lightning as his hands came together as if enclosing the sun or moon, vigorous Genesis Qi frantically converging towards his palms.

A ball of volatile Genesis Qi was created.

With a jerk of his hands, the Genesis Qi ball was sent flying towards Zhou Yuan, the violent undulations from it creating faint ripples in the surrounding space.

“I’m interested to find out just how powerful the Genesis Qi foundations of a third layer like you can be!” Wei Youxuan icily shouted. His attack was based purely on his sixth layer Genesis Qi with the intent of putting a stop to Zhou Yuan’s seemingly unstoppable momentum. 

Just earlier, Zhou Yuan had relied solely on the quantity and quality of his Genesis Qi to directly crush Feng Yu and Cheng Ying.

It was obvious that Wei Youxuan seeked to defeat his opponent in that same manner.

The reflection of the Genesis Qi ball rapidly enlarged in Zhou Yuan’s pupils. As he felt the menacingly approaching pressure, his eyes narrowed slightly as his foot slammed into the ground.


A portion of the several hundred feet pillar of golden Genesis Qi above him split off and streaked across the air like a rainbow, appearing similar to a python or dragon.


The stream of Genesis Qi smashed into the Genesis Qi ball.

At the instant of impact, a berserk shockwave swept outwards, slicing open crack after crack in the surrounding cliffs...

The two figures nearest to the epicenter did not budge a single inch, the devastatingly powerful shockwave unable to even shake them.

They were like two majestic mountains within a storm.

A look of surprise appeared in Wei Youxuan’s eyes. Zhou Yuan had not fallen in the slightest disadvantage in the previous Genesis Qi clash. In other words, his Genesis Qi foundation was not weaker than a sixth layer like Wei Youxuan.

“This cave match is finally becoming a little interesting…” Muttered Wei Youxuan to himself in a soft voice.

“Silent Shadow Step!”

Genesis Qi swirled under Wei Youxuan’s feet, his figure suddenly shooting forward a split second later. He swept past like a shadow, at a speed that was almost undetectable by the eye.

Zhou Yuan’s body also etherealized at this moment, seemingly transforming into a wisp of smoke as he drifted backwards.


However, Wei Youxuan’s figure became extremely phantom like at this moment, strangely twisting like a shadow as he appeared directly in front of Zhou Yuan in the midst of countless gasps of surprise.

There was only half a foot between the two.

An arc rose from the corners of Wei Youxuan’s mouth.

Glowing runes appeared from his center of his palm, spreading to cover his entire hand. A strange glow emerged along with an indescribable aura of sharpness.

“Genesis Breaker Hand, shattering fingers!”

Two fingers jutted out as Genesis Qi frantically condensed towards them. Even small cracks seemed to be torn open in space itself at his fingertips.

The attack was deadly to the extreme, killing intent surging within it.

It was this very same move that had easily pierced Tong Long’s hand earlier.

The flickering fingers rapidly enlarged in Zhou Yuan’s pupils as his eyes flashed faintly. In the next instant, his five fingers had already tightly clenched into a fist, Genesis Qi covering it layer by layer as if forming a glowing armor.


Zhou Yuan punched, blasting away all the air in front of him.

Punch and fingers clashed viciously.

At the sight of this scene, several individuals on the surrounding cliffs could not help but cover their eyes as they repeatedly shook their heads. Had Zhou Yuan forgotten Wei Youxuan’s Genesis Breaker Hand’s ability to rip through Genesis Qi?

Tong Long had lost this move earlier, and this time, its power was also clearly even greater than before.

In contrast, Zhou Yuan seemed somewhat stupid to meet it with his bare fist.

“Reckless fool!” Lu Xuanyin could not help but tightly grit her teeth as she sneered.


Under the attention of countless gazes, fist and fingers finally collided.

A look of ridicule slowly rose from the corners of Wei Youxuan’s lips.

However, the curling lips abruptly froze a split second later.


His Genesis Qi coated fingers had indeed easily torn open the layers of Genesis Qi on Zhou Yuan’s fist, but just as it was about to pierce flesh, a faint azure light had appeared on the skin of Zhou Yuan’s fist.

The moment Wei Youxuan’s fingers touched the faint azure light, a dreadful power that could destroy mountains descended.


The sound of something breaking was heard as intense pain spread from his fingertips, causing his expression to change.

As ripples violently pulsed from their clash, gaze after gaze filled with disbelief watched as Wei Youxuan’s figure jerked backwards, his feet sliding across the ground, and leaving deep marks on it.

With a stomp, the ground cracked as Wei Youxuan forcibly stabilized his body.

He lowered his head with an ugly expression, only to find his two fingers were now a bloody mess, even the bones a little fractured.

It was nearly impossible to believe that he was the one who had lost out in the previous exchange!

He violently raised his head, his eyes staring at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan extended his fist and smiled. Azure light flowed on the surface of his fist, seemingly forming a layer of faint azure scales. Light seemed to swirl on the scales, an exceptionally magical sight.

These were the Magical Dragon Scales that had evolved from the Magical Python Scales during the Genesis Marrow Baptism!

“I apologize, it seems that my fist is harder than you expected. I’m afraid that your Genesis Breaker Hand cannot break through.” Said Zhou Yuan with a faint smile.


Meanwhile, the numerous disciples on the surrounding cliffs opened their eyes wide as earth-shaking cries filled the area.

Who could have expected that it would be Zhou Yuan who would first take the upper hand in their ferocious clash!

Wei Youxuan’s Genesis Breaker Hand had been broken by Zhou Yuan!

In a certain stone pavilion, even Lu Xuanyin fell to her butt on a stone chair, her pretty face ashen.

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