Chapter 338 Zhou Yuan’s Strength

When Cheng Ying stood in front of Zhou Yuan, every gaze in the mountain unblinkingly converged towards the two of them. Feng Yu had lost to quickly earlier, practically in the blink of an eye. Before the crowd could react, he had already been crushed.

Hence, they were also dying to get a clearer look this time. Was Zhou Yuan’s previous burst of power temporary, or was he really so powerful?

Cheng Ying was clearly going to give them that answer.

The atmosphere turned tense.

Under the countless watching gazes, Cheng Ying’s eyes were filled with wariness, his gaze tightly glued to Zhou Yuan.

He cast away all his hesitation with a deep breath, as hundreds of Genesis Qi stars in his Qi Dwelling began to glow brightly. Vigorous Genesis Qi circulated within his body, ultimately exploding from the top of his head, before diving down and coiling around his body.

A powerful Genesis Qi pressure unfurled.

Cheng Ying was an expert amongst the fifth layer, and was not the least bit weaker than Feng Yu.

After what had happened to Feng Yu earlier, Cheng Ying was naturally not going to underestimate his opponent and immediately brought out all of his Genesis Qi.

Zhou Yuan’s face barely changed when Cheng Ying summoned his full power, the former’s eyes akin to a deep secret pool. 


Under the numerous watching gazes, Cheng Ying decided to strike first to gain the upper hand, and not give Zhou Yuan any chance to attack. Genesis Qi whizzed forth as Cheng Ying’s body shot forth like a shadow.

Cheng Ying’s body zipped past the air, placing his hands together as robust Genesis Qi swept out from his sleeves.

“Owl Shadow Kill!”

A dozen torrents of Genesis Qi shot forth, seemingly forming a giant shadow. The shadow swooped down from the sky like a hunting owl, swift without equal as it pounced towards Zhou Yuan.

Cheng Ying had used a trump card straight away. From its power, it was obviously no ordinary little Heaven Genesis technique.

The piercing shriek of an owl was heard as the deadly shadow tore through the air. In the end, it slammed into Zhou Yuan, who had not moved a single inch since the beginning.


The ground crumbled as dust filled the air.

“Genesis Feather Sword!”

A vicious look flashed in Cheng Ying’s eyes when he saw his attack land. However, he had no intentions of stopping. He clenched both his hands as the Genesis Qi swirling on his palm transformed into dozens of feather like swords.

Unique patterns decorated the swords as they gave off a heart palpitating sharpness.


With a jerk of his hands, the feather swords were flung forward, shooting straight into the dust filled air, causing the ground the crack even more.


Cheng Ying was merciless, sending attacks raining down like a storm. Wave after wave of astonishing little Heaven Genesis techniques were thrown out one after another, blasting into the dust filled area as quickly as they could.

On the surrounding cliffs, the expressions on the watching disciples changed slightly. Cheng Ying’s decisiveness and ruthlessness had somewhat impressed them.

Cheng Ying had no plans of engaging in a drawn out battle, using basically all of his Genesis Qi the instant he attacked. Genesis Qi transformed into wave after wave of attacks that seemingly filled the sky, before bombarding Zhou Yuan from all directions.

In the face of such a bombardment, many fifth layer disciples would have no choice but to retreat.

What surprised everyone, however, was that Zhou Yuan remained where he stood, eating every single one of the torrential attacks.

A disciple could not help but remark in a low voice, “Isn’t Zhou Yuan being a little too cocky, can’t believe he’s not even trying to dodge…”

“Tch tch, directly taking every attack from Cheng Ying… what is he thinking?”

In one of the stone pavilions, Lu Xuanyin tightly gritted her teeth. “Arrogant bastard!”

Her eyes were tightly glued to the billowing dust. Zhou Yuan can’t be feeling good after such an onslaught from Cheng Ying!

Numerous gazes were also fixated on the floating dust.

Cheng Ying’s figure descended from the air, his complexion rather pale. The rapid slew of attacks he had unleashed earlier had used up ninety percent of his Genesis Qi.

He stared at the scattered mess of the arena with a cruel look in his eyes.

Zhou Yuan, you probably did not expect me to be even more ruthless than you, right? Cheng Ying had not left himself any way to continue to fight after his bombardment. If Zhou Yuan did not fall, there was no way Cheng Yuan was going to counter attack.

A mountain breeze blew past, blowing away the dust in the air.

The view gradually became clearer, revealing a scattered mess.

Every gaze was immediately cast over, before their pupils abruptly shrank.

On the messy arena, Zhou Yuan was still standing on the same spot, golden Genesis Qi rising from his body, seemingly taking the shape of a giant golden python that protected him.

He stood inside his giant golden python like Genesis Qi, his calm expression akin to a rippleless well.

Countless cries of surprise echoed throughout the cliffs.

Zhou Yuan was completely unscathed after taking Cheng Ying’s mad bombardment!

A disciple mumbled in shock, “He blocked all of Cheng Ying’s attacks with his Genesis Qi…”

“To think that his Genesis Qi has reached such a level!”

They clearly understood that to have withstood all of the attacks with just Genesis Qi, Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi must have already far surpassed the fifth layer.

While countless gasps of surprise rang out, Cheng Ying’s expression changed drastically, because the Genesis Qi undulations from Zhou Yuan’s body made him feel a terrifying sensation of danger.

A dangerous sensation he would only feel in the face of an expert that had stepped into the sixth layer.

“His Genesis Qi is already not inferior to the sixth layer!” Cheng Ying’s scalp immediately turned numb at this thought. Zhou Yuan’s cultivation was only at the third layer Alpha-Origin, but why was his Genesis Qi at this level!

While Cheng Ying was still in the midst of processing his fear, Zhou Yuan raised his head, his indifferent eyes locking onto Cheng Ying.

Cheng Ying felt as if his scalp had exploded as he rapidly retreated.


However, Zhou Yuan’s figure instantly etherealized as it swept forth like smoke, appearing directly in front of Cheng Ying as if teleporting.

“I admit…” Cheng Yin’s pupils shrank as he hurriedly tried to admit defeat. He knew that he no longer had any chance of victory, because Zhou Yuan had already exceeded his imagination.


However, Zhou Yuan’s deadly fist was quicker, a punch landing on Cheng Ying’s chest. Genesis Qi exploded, disintegrating cloth as his figure was sent flying with a miserably shriek. In the end, Cheng Ying crashed into a cliff wall, the sight of his entire body embedded in the rock extremely pitiful.

The cliffs in the vicinity fell silent once more.

Gaze after gaze looked towards Zhou Yuan as if they were looking at some kind of monstrosity.

They may have believed Feng Yu had been caught off guard in the previous bout, but this time, Cheng Ying had been the first to strike, and used all of his power. But in the end, he had been unable to even break Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi defences.

This made everyone understand that Zhou Yuan had not depended on luck… but truly possessed such frightening power.

There was no longer anyone in the fifth layer who could go a single round with him.

In Lu Song’s stone pavilion, Lu Yan was in a daze. By now, no matter how much she didn’t want to, she had no choice but to admit that in a short month, Zhou Yuan had grown at an alarming rate to a level that shocked everyone.

Lu Song slowly said, “He had to go all out to defeat a fourth layer Lu Feng during the peak selection ceremony. It’s only been a month since then, but he already appears to be nearly invincible under the sixth layer…”

He glanced at Lu Yan and said, “Back when Chu Qing entered the inner mountains, it had taken him half a year to become a purple sash disciple… as for Zhou Yuan, he already has the qualification to take part in the purple sash selection after a single month.”

“This speed is truly unrivalled.”

Lu Yan was about to raise an objection, but could only angrily stomp her feet in the end. Even she had no option but to admit that she had indeed underestimated this new disciple...

Lu Song glanced in Shen Taiyuan’s direction as he sighed and said, “Old Shen’s luck is not bad, I never imagined he would really encounter such a good sapling.”

On the cliffs around the stone stage, the numerous disciples gradually returned to their senses. They were not as shocked as they had been earlier, likely because they were already a little mentally prepared for this outcome.

Although the disciples that had come here to watch Zhou Yuan be humiliated were somewhat unresigned, they understood that Zhou Yuan’s current battle accomplishments were already enough to make him famous in the sect.


The tea cup in Lu Hong’s hand was crushed by him, causing tea to drip down. His aged face was filled with iciness.

He slowly wiped away the tea as he cast his gaze towards Wei Youxuan and indifferently said, “Wei Youxuan, you’re up.”

The indifferent voice was filled with rage that terrified many disciples.

Wei Youxuan took in a deep breath as he floated down onto the stage. His cold eyes stared at Zhou Yuan as his finger pointed to one of the cliff walls in the vicinity.

“I’ve saved that spot for you.”

Wei Youxuan’s voice echoed in the mountain, causing all of the watching disciples to swallow.

They knew that the true cave match was finally beginning...

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