Chapter 337 A Single Punch

The entire mountain and its surroundings were deathly silent when Zhou Yuan’s calm voice echoed in the area. There was a somewhat sluggish expression on the faces of every disciple as they stared at the bloody body of Feng Yu, whom had been embedded in the side of a cliff. The only thing in their heads was a soft buzzing noise, clearly unable to return to their senses for a time...

Feng Yu… had been unable to take even a single punch from Zhou Yuan, and ended up being instantly defeated?!

Numerous disciples opened and closed their mouths, but were unable to speak even a single word...

No one had expected such a scene to appear.

They had previously believed Zhou Yuan’s brain had already been scrambled by fear, hence why he no longer dared to challenge Wei Youxuan, but instead chose a weaker opponent in hopes of surviving a little longer, and earn back a tiny bit of the face they had lost.

No one had expected the young man, whom they had all neglected, to so swiftly defeat Feng Yu, who was considered an elite amongst the fifth layer Alpha-Origin, in a single punch.

A disciple’s hoarsely mumbled, “How can this be…”


A sharp cry exploded in one of the stone pavilions. One could only watch a stupefied Lu Xuanyin staring at the stone stage, her pretty face twisting somewhat.

She had been waiting to see Zhou Yuan’s miserable figure as he was beaten into the ground, but everything had fallen apart due to his sudden explosion of power, shocking her substantially. She was even beginning to suspect if Feng Yu had been bribed. If not, how could anyone possibly explain how he had been so easily defeated by a single punch?

One must know that he was an expert of the fifth layer Alpha-Origin, while Zhou Yuan was merely at the third layer!

There was a gap of two whole layers between the two. How could that difference in Genesis Qi possibly be filled?

Had Zhou Yuan really grown so strong in a short month? After all, even Lu Xuanyin herself did not have the confidence to defeat Feng Yu in a single punch.

Beside Lu Xuanyin, Xu Yan’s narrowed slightly as he slowly said, “It seems that everyone has underestimated him.”

“His Genesis Qi is extremely robust and strong, and far surpasses an ordinary fifth layer. He’s not simple at all. To have such Genesis Qi at the third layer Alpha-Origin, his foundations must be crazily solid.”

Xu Yan was a purple sash disciple after all, and thus had better insight than Lu Xuanyin. After the instantaneous explosion of power Zhou Yuan had displayed earlier, Xu Yan had managed to gauge that the latter’s Genesis Qi was not something a third layer Alpha-Origin disciples should possess.

Several fortunate encounters were definitely needed to achieve this at the third layer.

In the stone pavilion, Lu Hong’s expression darkened slightly, fury flashing deep within his eyes as they locked onto Zhou Yuan like an eagle. The former had originally planned on stomping all over Shen Taiyuan’s faction today, but as it was about to succeed, Zhou Yuan had swooped in and made a mess.

Zhou Yuan’s thunder like strike also made the mouths of Shen Taiyuan’s disciples hang wide open. They looked to each other, and then rubbed their eyes, a little unable to believe what had just happened.

They were already prepared to accept the most cruel of outcomes, and would never have expected such a sudden twist...

The gazes of numerous disciples looked towards Shen Taiyuan in the stone pavilion. Amazement flitted across his originally expressionless face, before swiftly retreating.

Shen Taiyuan slowly reached his hand forward, grabbing his tea cup and taking two small sips, before turning towards the stunned disciples as he sternly said, “Stop dreaming, shouldn’t all of you hurry up and cheer for Zhou Yuan? Have you not had your fill of being laughed at by others?”

Upon hearing Shen Taiyuan’s scolding, the necks of many disciples involuntarily shrank back. A split second later, their excited cheers began to boom, finally breaking the spell of silence over the mountain.

Their yells also brought the stupefied Lu Yan back to her senses. It was actually a pretty amazing sight to watch how her expression changing rapidly as she felt a burning sensation fill her face.

She had previously taken it as Zhou Yuan being overwhelmed by fear. No one could have expected him to have concealed his strength so deeply.

“How did he do it…” Mumbled Lu Yan as she bit into her lower lip.

Lu Song’s slightly narrowed eyes widened at this moment, a somewhat complicated expression in his eyes as he stared at the youthful figure on the arena. In the end, he let out a long sigh as he softly said, “You look down on him too much, perhaps… elder Miao is more discerning than all of us.”

His words meant that he was already beginning to acknowledge the appraisal given by elder Miao.

Lu Yan could not help but argue, “Grandpa, you’re making a judgement too early… senior brother Chu Qing isn’t…”

This time, however, she was a little smarter and did not finish her sentence. After some silence, she vaguely said, “Zhou Yuan struck too quickly earlier, and even Feng Yu was a little unprepared.”

Her meaning was clear, Zhou Yuan had caught his opponent off guard.

Lu Song shook his head, not speaking any more on the topic. There seemed to be some interest now in his originally bored eyes as he turned all of his attention to the arena.

The originally unsuspenseful match was now finally becoming a little interesting.


Wei Youxuan’s feet had stopped on the edge of the stone stage. He slowly turned around, looking towards the youthful figure behind him as the smile on his face slowly faded, replaced by a stormy expression.

“I did not expect that even I would misjudge.” Wei Youxuan’s voice was a little dark.

Everything had been under his control while he finished off Tong Long and Pan Song earlier, and he had been so certain of stomping Shen Taiyuan’s side today. But who could have expected that Zhou Yuan, whom he was least concerned about, would give him such a big ‘surprise’.

The momentum he had created after two consecutive victories had been destroyed by a single punch from Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s five fingers slowly relaxed, no change whatsoever to his expression. He continued to ignore Wei Youxuan as his gaze turned towards Cheng Ying.

“I’ve rested enough, how about I accompany you next?” Wei Youxuan’s cold voice sounded.

Zhou Yuan finally tilted his head and glanced at the former, as a mysterious smile appeared on his face, “Don’t be anxious… your turn will come.”

He turned his head towards Cheng Ying and said, “Are you not coming down?”

On the cliffs around them, numerous disciples could not help but swallow as they silently watched this scene. Zhou Yuan was not anxious to fight Wei Youxuan at all. If it was earlier, they may have believed that the former lacked the courage.

But now, how could this possibly be fear. This was obviously an eye for an eye!

Didn’t Wei Youxuan declare earlier that he was going to sweep all of them away by himself?

Since that was the case, Zhou Yuan would use the same method for his counter attack!

It was hard to imagine, but if Zhou Yuan really managed to take on all three of them alone and completely turn around the situation, his name would undoubtedly spread throughout the entire Cangxuan Sect.

With an achievement like this, even Chu Qing’s fanatical fans would have no choice but to admit that Zhou Yuan did possess astonishing talent and potential.

Wei Youxuan was likewise able to guess Zhou Yuan’s aim, causing an unreadable look to appear in his eyes. Moments later, he laughed out loud due to extreme anger as he jabbed his finger at Zhou Yuan.

“Good, good…” They were two short words, but they gave off an endless iciness.

He lifted his head and nodded at Cheng Ying.

Upon seeing this, Cheng Ying took in a deep breath, before his figure floated downwards and landed opposite Zhou Yuan. However, the former’s expression was grave, his eyes tightly glued to the latter.

He cupped his fists together.

“Allow me to experience your abilities.”

There was no longer any trace of the disdain or contempt from earlier, a deep wariness taking their place in Cheng Ying’s eyes.

He had to be very careful, because Feng Yu, who was equally matched to himself, was still embedded in the cliff behind him.

However, he would make sure to give everything he had, and not allow himself to be caught off guard like his predecessor. Thus, he believed he would have the chance to personally confirm if that astonishing Genesis Qi from earlier was a temporary explosion of power after thoroughly suppressing one’s Genesis Qi, or was this Zhou Yuan really so powerful!

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