Chapter 336 Get Down Here

“Wei Youxuan truly lives up to his name as the Lu Hong’s strongest gold sash disciple. I never expected that he has secretly advanced to the sixth layer Alpha-Origin stage…”

“With such strength, he already has the qualifications to participate in the purple sash selection test. If he succeeds, he will be able to leave his gold sash status behind, and become a true-blue purple sash disciple.”

“Amazing. No wonder he’s so cocky. It turns out that he does have the ability to back it up.” 

“As it stands, Shen Taiyuan’s side is doomed. Tong Long and Pan Song are his first and second seat gold sash disciples, but both of them have lost…” 

“Haha, there is no need to fret. Don’t they still have a genius disciple that can supposedly match up to senior brother Chu Qing in the future? Perhaps he will be able to salvage the situation.”



Quiet whispers and private conversations continuously sounded in the area. However, most of them were expressing their shock at Wei Youxuan’s ability. Even amongst all the disciples in the Cangxuan Sect, a sixth layer Alpha-Origin stage like him was already considered one of the elites.

Shen Taiyuan’s pavilion and its surroundings were completely silent as he sat within it with a face devoid of emotion. However, his gnarly hands atop the table could not help but clench tightly. 

Beside him, Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and the other purple sash disciples wore gloomy expressions on their faces as they stared daggers at the triumphant Wei Youxuan, wishing that they could personally jump down and give him a beating he would remember. 

However, there were rules that had to be abided in the cave match. Other than the contestants, no one else was allowed to interfere. 

However, if Wei Youxuan managed to single-handedly defeat all three opponents today, it would be a huge blow to the reputation of elder Shen’s faction.  

They could already imagine how much they would be mocked in the future. 

In contrast to the gloomy atmosphere on this side, celebratory cheers were constantly heard from Lu Hong’s side, the disciples there continuously shooting derisive looks over. 

Seated within the stone pavilion, Lu Hong smiled as he raised the tea cup in his hand.

“Senior brother Wei Youxuan is indeed Uncle Hong’s strongest gold sash disciple. Once he passes the purple sash selection test, he will become a genuine purple sash disciple.” Said Lu Xuanyin from behind Lu Hong with a grin. Meanwhile, a satisfied expression spread across her beautiful face. 

She cast a sadistic glance towards Zhou Yuan’s figure in the arena. Now that both Tong Long and Pan Song had been defeated, wouldn’t the former be panicking?

Even though Zhou Yuan had taken first place in the peak selection ceremony, it only proved his dominance over the outer mountain disciples. Now that he had entered the inner mountain, however, his pathetic abilities no longer gave him the right to be arrogant. 

“I wonder how much face you’ll have left after senior brother Wei Youxuan finishes you off.” Lu Xuanyin felt as if she was free at last. It seemed like she could at long last vent the resentment that she has been keeping in her heart for the past month. 

From what she could see, since Tong Long and Pan Song had already lost, someone like Zhou Yuan would not even have the qualifications to face Wei Youxuan. 

As such, her goal for today would have been reached. 

“It seems like elder Shen has been tricked again this time.” Lu Song stared at the scene in front of him as he sighed. 

It was clear that Wei Youxuan had already advanced to the sixth layer Alpha-Origin stage for some time. However, Lu Hong chose to hide his true strength. By doing so, he could temporarily avoid bringing Wei Youxuan to the purple sash selection test, and allow him to participate in the cave match as a gold sash disciple. 

As such, since he was able to use his sixth layer Alpha-Origin abilities against those fifth layer Alpha-Origin gold sash disciples, there was no way Lu Hong could lose. 

Beside Lu Song, Lu Yan also frowned. If even Tong Long and Pan Song had lost, the outcome of this cave match was already crystal clear. 

She glanced at Zhou Yuan, her lips pulling outwards as she said, “It’s all because of you. You created such a huge uproar in the Genesis reservoir, that resulted in such a huge crowd from the various peaks being drawn over to watch the cave match today. Once the outcome of today’s match spreads, elder Shen’s faction will lose all face.”  

Only disciples from Saint Genesis Peak would attend their cave matches in the past. Therefore, the results would not spread to the other peaks. However, today’s situation was different. Since there were disciples from various peaks present, it was impossible to stop the flow of information. 

Lu Song sighed inside. He waved his hands in resignation as he powerlessly collapse into his chair. Looks like there was no changing the outcome. After today, Lu Hong would likely become even more overbearing in Saint Genesis Peak. 

Under the numerous watching eyes colored with various expressions, a smiling Wei Youxuan lifted his head, staring at Zhou Yuan as he said in a friendly voice, “Brother Zhou Yuan, it’s your turn.” 

“Why don’t you voluntarily challenge me so we don’t waste any more time?”

According to the rules of the cave match, a contestant was only allowed two chances to challenge an opponent. Even if one wins the first two fights, the third match would be decided by his opponent. This was to prevent a single participant from defeating all three contestants from the opposing faction, causing the opposing faction to lose all face. 

Therefore, after Wei Youxuan won two consecutive fights, Zhou Yuan was allowed to pick his opponent for the third match. 

After Wei Youxuan spoke, laughter erupted in the surrounding cliffs, the disciples who came down to watch Zhou Yuan in particular, were especially loud. 

Though Zhou Yuan was being mocked by the crowd around him, there was hardly any traces of anger on his face. The shock he expressed towards Wei Youxuan gradually receded, as he lifted his head and looked towards the cliff where elder Shen Taiyuan’s faction was. 

At this time, all the disciples were dejected, making the atmosphere quite depressing. Even Shen Taiyuan was expressionless. Tong Long and Pan Song’s defeat had dealt a huge blow to them. 

Moreover, they did not believe they had even the slightest chance to mount a comeback this time. 

Zhou Yuan smiled helplessly, before he moved and landed on the stone stage. He looked at the smiling Wei Youxuan, and earnestly said, “Senior brother Wei, you must be pretty tired after two matches in a row. It will be better for you to rest for the next two rounds. I do not wish to take advantage of you.”

His words stunned not only Wei Youxuan, but also made the numerous disciples on the surrounding cliffs burst out into laughter. 

Beside Lu Xuanyin, the red-haired youth called Xu Yan involuntarily laughed as he said, “Is this kid so frightened that he lost his mind. Does he actually believe that he likes of him will be taking advantage of Wei Youxuan?”

Lu Xuanyin let out an icy chuckle, “He is just trying to entertain the crowd.”

The disciples from Shen Taiyuan’s faction looked at one another, finding the awkward expressions on some of their faces. Zhou Yuan’s decision to throw a wisecrack at such a time was quite embarrassing...

“Tsk, he is so unsightly. Comparing him to senior Chu Qing is a complete insult!” Said Lu Yan with a deep frown, clearly somewhat upset. 

On the stone stage, the bewildered expression on Wei Youxuan’s face only lasted for a few brief moments, before he chuckled as his eyes narrowed slightly, “Are you serious?”

Tong Long had said similar words to him earlier, but had now ended up lying on the ground. To think that Zhou Yuan actually dared to utter such words to him as well. Had this fellow really scrambled his brains due to fear?

Zhou Yuan ignored Wei Youxuan, and instead looked towards Feng Yu and Cheng Yin. He casually pointed at one of them and said, “You will do.”

The person he pointed to was Feng Yu. 

When Feng Yu saw this, he shrugged his shoulders with a smile, before he looked at Wei Youxuan and said, “Sorry senior brother Wei. It seems like you won’t be hogging all the limelight.”

Wei Youxuan laughed, seemingly a little helpless as he responded, “Fine, I’ll leave it to you. I will have to worry about staining my hands anyways even if I defeated such an opponent.”

He was clearly under the impression that Zhou Yuan had been scared silly. 

With a wave of his hand, he turned around and began walking away. 

Feng Yu floated down and landed in front of Zhou Yuan. 

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, do you feel that I am the easiest one to deal with of the three?” Feng Yu wore a fake smile as he stared at Zhou Yuan. The cold glint in his eyes, however, clearly indicated that he was ready to teach the latter a lesson. 

Opposite him, Zhou Yuan lifted his eyelids as an indifferent glance was cast at Feng Yu.


In the next instance, violent Golden Genesis Qi charged out from Zhou Yuan’s head like a giant golden python, as all seven hundred Genesis Qi stars began to glow dazzlingly in his Qi Dwelling. 

Waves of Genesis Qi flooded his limbs and bones, as a terrifying force burst forth.

A fearsome Genesis Qi pressure swept forth, cracking the ground beneath Zhou Yuan’s feet. His figure instantly etherealized as he exploded forward, leaving an after image behind.  

The sound sonic boom immediately followed. 

The attack was swift and decisive, not a single hint of hesitation. 

In the blink of an eye, Zhou Yuan’s ethereal body appeared in front of Feng Yu. It was only at this moment that the latter came back to his senses, immediately bellowing as the Genesis Qi within his body burst out. 

“You ignorant fool, I can’t believe you dared to take the initiative!” Feng Yu’s expression was akin to a brewing storm. His Genesis Qi howled as it gathered at his fist, before he viciously delivered a punch. 

Even though the punch was not a Genesis technique, it was packed with robust Genesis Qi. Feng Yu believed that it would be able to push back even someone like Tong Long.


At the same time, Zhou Yuan also threw his fist forward, blowing away even the air with a rumble. 

Two fists packed with powerful Genesis Qi collided, neither using any fancy moves. 


The dreadful clash caused the air around them to ripple as a shockwave unfurled. Cracks began to extend on the ground beneath them as wild gales swept forth. 

However, the dark expression on Feng Yu’s face changed drastically at this moment. He realized that the Genesis Qi packed within Zhou Yuan’s punch was akin to an unstoppable tsunami, containing enough force to destroy mountains!

The savage power of Zhou Yuan’s attack far exceeded his own!


Feng Yu cried out in his heart, his eyes filled with disbelief. He simply refused to believe that Zhou Yuan, who was merely at the third layer Alpha-Origin, would actually possess Genesis Qi that was surpassed his own, him, an elite fifth layer Alpha-Origin expert!

One must know that there were five hundred Genesis Qi stars in his Qi Dwelling!

No matter how shocked he was by this discovery, Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi had already begun sweeping over him, easily crushing all of Feng Yu’s Genesis Qi in an instant. 


The instant his Genesis Qi crumbled, Zhou Yuan’s fist slammed heavily against his chest. 

Feng Yu’s body was sent flying, slamming into a mountain wall. His entire body was wedged into the wall, now completely drenched in blood. Nobody knew if he was even still alive...

The fight between the two was over in a flash. 

In fact, the roaring laughter had yet to even die down when Feng Yu’s body was being thrown into the mountain wall...

Wei Youxuan had not even finished his leisurely stroll off the stage. 

However, all of the laughter stopped at this moment. 

Wei Youxuan's feet froze as well. 

Every face in the mountain slowly turned rigid. 

Under the illumination of the falling sun, their faces seemed somewhat comical. 

In the middle of the stone stage, Zhou Yuan slowly retracted his fists, his expression still impassive as before. He disregarded all of the stares, looked towards the similarly frozen Cheng Ying, as his calm voice echoed across the mountain. 

“Get down here, it's your turn.”

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