Chapter 335 Sixth Layer

When Wei Youxuan continued on to challenge Tong Long, it was not just many spectating disciples nearby that reacted. The expressions of Shen Taiyuan’s disciples in particular turned rather ugly, anger filling their eyes.

“Wei Youxuan is too cocky!”

“Does he really think senior brother Tong Long will be an easy opponent?”

“Humph, Wei Youxuan is admittedly very strong, but senior brother Tong Long is no weakling. What right does he have to look down on senior brother Tong Long?!”


Numerous disciples angrily remarked, all of them filled with indignation.

In the stone pavilion, Shen Taiyuan’s expression sunk slightly as he glanced towards Lu Hong in the nearby pavilion. A faint hint of mockery was currently hanging from the corners of the latter’s mouth.

Shen Taiyuan waved his hand, suppressing the angry voices of his many disciples. Talk was useless at this point and would only make others look down on them.

However, his gaze turned a little deeper as he stared at Wei Youxuan’s figure on the stone stage.


“Isn’t Wei Youxuan being way too arrogant? To think he plans on taking down all of them by himself.” Over at elder Lu Song’s area, Lu Yan’s eyes widened as she watched.

Lu Song frowned. It did seem that Wei Youxuan was not going to leave them any face. If Shen Taiyuan’s side really ended up being single handedly wiped out while so many disciples from the other peaks were watching, it would be an extremely huge blow to the reputation of his group.

Furthermore, when news of this spread, others would surely call them useless.

“Lu Hong… really is overbearing.” Lu Song’s expression was likewise a little ugly. Soon after, he let out a helpless sigh. The other party was just too strong, and even he felt powerless.

Lu Yan consoled, “Don’t worry too much grandpa, Tong Long is not to be underestimated and may not lose to Wei Youxuan.”

Although she was a little bias against Zhou Yuan, she understood that it would do them no good if the reputation of Lu Hong’s faction was allowed to grow even greater.

Lu Song sighed. The only thing he could do now was try and be a little more optimistic.

However, Wei Youxuan was no fool. Would he be so arrogant if he didn’t have some cards hidden up his sleeve?


“What boastful words.”

Under the attention of countless gazes, Tong Long expression turned rather stormy as he stared at Wei Youxuan and said, “I don’t intend to take advantage of you, so I advise you to go rest for a while before coming to fight me.”

He had asked around previously about how strong Wei Youxuan was. The latter was at the peak fifth layer Alpha-Origin stage like himself, and perhaps just a wee bit stronger. However, there was a limit to how much stronger and the earlier battle had surely taken at least a little out of Wei Youxuan.

Wei Youxuan merely smiled slightly upon hearing this, a look of ridicule in his smile as he shook his head and said, “I do admire brother Tong Long’s attitude, but would a lion care about kindness from a rabbit?”

Tong Long’s expression turned green with anger, rage flashing in his eyes. Wei Youxuan was really way too arrogant. How could he possibly dare to compare Tong Long to a rabbit?

“Since you’re intent on seeking your own humiliation, I will happily grant your wish!”

Tong Long’s foot pushed off the ground as vigorous Genesis Qi abruptly exploded from his body, coiling around him like a giant python. His body launching into the air like a cannonball, and slamming onto the stone stage

Tong Long had displayed his formidable strength from the get go. His Genesis Qi was clearly even stronger than Pan Song’s.

The watching disciples in the vicinity gave a slight nod of approval. As the strongest gold sash disciple under Shen Taiyuan, Tong Long was indeed a powerful individual.

Genesis Qi swirled around Tong Long’s body, a sharp iciness in his eyes as he stared at Wei Youxuan. Not wasting any time with words, Tong Long’s figure moved, shooting forward with speed that blew apart the surrounding air.

In the blink of an eye, he had arrived in front Wei Youxuan as five fingers tightly clenched into a first that was sent flying forward.


Vigorous Genesis Qi swirled around his fists, emitting a hissing sound. The Genesis Qi seemed to take on the form of a black python, bringing along a stench with it as it pounced towards Wei Youxuan.

“High grade little Heaven Genesis technique, Poison Python Force!”

Tong Long used his most powerful trump card at the start, his Genesis Qi akin to a python that contained a lethal venom. It would contaminate anyone who came into contact with it, injuring them from the inside.

Wei Youxuan’s expression remained indifferent. Faint glowing runes appeared on his hands, giving off a unique Genesis Qi undulation.

His hand was suddenly sent chopping forward a split second later, as if he intended on meeting Tong Long’s deadly poison python Genesis Qi with his bare hands.


The two parties clashed, causing the air around them to ripple as a shockwave unfurled.

At the instant of impact, Tong Long’s pupils shrank slightly. He had felt a peculiar tearing force ripping and piercing through his Genesis Qi...

Fortunately, his Genesis Qi was quite robust, and he immediately withdraw his hand the moment he sensed something was amiss.

The two backed away almost instantly.

Tong Long looked towards his palm, where a faint bloody wound had appeared. If not for his fast response earlier, his opponent would have pierced his hand.

Tong Long’s expression sunk as he slowly said, “This is… the Genesis Breaker Hand?!”

He had finally recognized the other party’s Genesis technique.

Wei Youxuan smiled faintly. There were some deep black blotches on his hand due to the poison, but was swiftly neutralized by the Genesis Qi in his body.

“Brother Tong Long is quite knowledgeable.” Wei Youxuan chuckled.

Tong Long frowned. The Genesis Breaker Hand specialized in breaking through Genesis Qi, making it extremely deadly. He would never have expected Wei Youxuan to have mastered it.

Although it was indeed a tricky technique to deal with, Tong Long would at least be able to come up with some countermeasures now that he was aware. The technique may be able to tear through Genesis Qi, but its effectiveness would depend on the strength of the target’s Genesis Qi.

As long as he was a little more careful and strengthened his defences, the opponent would naturally be unable to prevail.

While numerous thoughts flashed past in Tong Long’s heart, he took in a deep breath as Genesis Qi began to surge out of the flickering Genesis Qi stars inside his Qi Dwelling, filling his entire body.

Robust Genesis Qi enveloped Tong Long like smoke, giving off a powerful pressure.


His figure turned into an after image again as he shot forth, cracks rapidly growing along the ground under his feet.

Boom! Boom!

With the support of his Genesis Qi, Tong Long was akin to a ferocious beast, a storm of fists hurtling towards the points of vulnerability on Wei Youxuan’s body. Under the flurry of attacks, even the air seemed to have been displaced, turning the area into a small patch of vacuum.

Wei Youxuan did not back down, runes of light flickering on his hands as a faint but sharp aura pulsed.

Palm wind continued to be hacked out like blades, clashing directly against the countless punch shadows from Tong Long.

Thud! Thud!

Under numerous amazed gazes, the two individuals clashed ferociously, neither showing any mercy but instead an exceptional ruthlessness.

Deep gorges were torn open on the ground under their feet, while also blasted full of holes, turning the place into a complete mess.

Everyone watched with wide eyes. This battle could be considered extremely intense for one between fifth layer Alpha-Origins.

While they continued to pummel each other, the numerous disciples saw bloody wounds appear one after another on Tong Long’s body, clearly left by his opponents shredding Genesis Qi.

However, Wei Youxuan did not appear to be doing too good either. Black patches continuously emerged on the surface of his body, clearly the work of the poison.

Tong Long icily said, “Wei Youxuan, this is the limit of your Genesis Breaker Hand. It can’t fully penetrate my defences, and can only leave some superficial wounds. On the other hand, my python poison has already began to invade your body, and you’re unable to keep up with it!”

He may seem to be covered in bloody wounds, but they were merely flesh wounds.

The moment Tong Long’s words faded, the corners of Wei Youxuan’s lips seemed to curl upwards slightly as a look of ridicule flitted across his eyes.

“Is that so?”

With two fingers extended, he suddenly thrust forward.


Upon seeing that the opponent was not going to give up, Tong Long coldly snorted, his five fingers clenching into a fist as vigorous Genesis Qi poured into it, making it akin to metal. A punch blasted through the air, 


Under the watching eyes of the crowd, fist and fingers smashed into each other.

In that instant, a faint piercing sound was heard.

Tong Long’s pupils abruptly shrank as intense pain spread from his fist. His face instantly twisted into a grimace as a bloody hole was forcefully opened in his Genesis Qi coated fist by Wei Youxuan’s fingers. 


A painful cry escaped from his mouth as his body was sent flying. It crashed into the ground, blood spurting from the hole in his fist.

This sudden turn of events made everyone present jump in surprise.

No one had expected such an abrupt conclusion to what had appeared to be a match between two evenly matched fighters.

They could not understand how Wei Youxuan had pierced Tong Long’s defences in that split second moment earlier.

“How can this be?!” Tong Long’s expression was pale as he stared at Wei Youxuan.

Wei Youxuan merely revealed a faint smile as he slowly withdrew his hands. However, everyone could feel the astonishing Genesis Qi that suddenly erupted from his body like a volcano.

The power of this surge of Genesis Qi instantly destroyed every last trace of poison in his body.

“Do you understand now?” Wei Youxuan’s tone was indifferent.

Tong Long’s complexion turned ashen as he mumbled in a trembling voice, “You… you’ve already stepped into the sixth layer Alpha-Origin stage!”

No wonder! No wonder Wei Youxuan was confident of taking all of them on without his two teammates. It turns out that he had already stepped into the sixth layer Alpha-Origin stage!

Any disciples that reached this cultivation level would be allowed to participate in the purple sash selection test, leaving one’s gold sash status behind and become a true-blue purple sash disciple!

Wei Youxuan had been hiding his strength all along!

An uproar exploded from the numerous disciples in the vicinity. Wei Youxuan was already a sixth layer Alpha-Origin expert! It was no wonder that he was so confident.

In the wake of Tong Long’s defeat, Shen Taiyuan’s side was left with the participant that appeared the weakest.

Gaze after gaze was cast towards Zhou Yuan’s figure, discovering that the latter was gazing at Wei Youxuan in surprise, seemingly in awe of the strength displayed by him.

They could not help but shake their heads, the pity in their gazes growing when they looked towards Zhou Yuan.

It was easy to imagine how he had already fallen into the pits of despair...

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