Chapter 334 Genesis Breaker Hand

Six stone stages stood facing each other from some distance away, sparks flying as the gazes of the six figures atop them clashed.

The whispering voices fell silent as gaze after gaze turned to the battle arena.

Tong Long was the first seat gold sash disciple under Shen Taiyuan, and was an elite amongst the fifth layer Alpha-Origin stage, someone who was even stronger than Cao Shi, whom Zhou Yuan had fought before.

He was considered the leader in this cave match, thus, after pondering for a while, he looked towards Pan Song and said, “Junior brother Pan Song, you’ll go and test the waters first.”

Pan Song’s strength was second only to his own, and should be able to put up a fight against Feng Yu or Chen Ying.

Pan Song nodded upon hearing this, his expression turning grave as he imagined how intense the cave match was going to be. He quickly stepped forward and said in a low voice, “I’m up for the first match, which of you will be taking me on?”

At the sight of Pan Song’s figure, Feng Yu and Chen Ying seemed to smile mysteriously.

Neither of them moved, while Wei Youxuan took a step forward with a mischievous expression.

The moment he walked forward, faint whispers spread from the numerous watching disciples.

“It’s Wei Youxuan. I’ve heard that he’s the strongest amongst the gold sash disciples under elder Lu Hong. Why is being sent out at the start? Are they not going to give the other three any chance?”

“The strongest at the start. Heh, interesting.”


Tong Long’s eyes narrowed slightly. If there was a gold sash disciple under Lu Hong whom he was most wary of, it would definitely be Wei Youxuan. The former had originally believed Wei Youxuan would save himself for last due to his status, and never expected he would be the first to fight instead.

“What is Wei Youxuan thinking? If he’s the first one, even if he wins, it would exhaust him somewhat. When that happens, it will be very disadvantageous if I were to challenge him next.” There was some confusion in Tong Long’s eyes. In an ordinary situation, the more powerful participant will be sent out later such as to preserve their battle power.

“Humph, Wei Youxuan is being too conceited!”

Tong Long coldly snorted. He admitted that Wei Youxuan was strong, but he was at most a little stronger than Tong Long. If Wei Youxuan’s condition was not as its peak, Tong Long may not have to be so wary.

Besides, Pan Song was no weakling either, and it would not be easy for Wei Youxuan to defeat the former.

With such thoughts, Tong Long looked towards Pan Song and nodded.

Pan Song took in a deep breath, before he jumped onto the empty stone stage between them, his expression grave as he looked towards Wei Youxuan and said, “Please!”

Wei Youxuan chuckled softly as he took a step forward. Genesis Qi flickered under his feet as his figure appeared directly on the stone stage.

Pan Song cautiously stared at Wei Youxuan. Without wasting any time, all of the Genesis Qi in his Qi Dwelling burst out from the top of his head.

Genesis Qi swirled above Pan Song’s head. The flowing Genesis Qi was ungraspable as the mist, and yet also seemed to pulse with the might to shatter mountains.

In the face of an opponent like Wei Youxuan, Pan Song did not dare to hold anything back. He was afraid that showing the tiniest opening would result in his instant defeat.

While Pan Song brought out his full power, Wei Youxuan merely stood there with a calm expression, not moving a single inch from the spot, and indifference in his eyes.

Pan Song frowned upon seeing how Wei Youxuan was looking down on him. With an icy snort, his foot stomped into the ground as the vigorous Genesis Qi above him suddenly descended.


A stream of Genesis Qi containing terrifying power blasted towards Wei Youxuan like lightning. The attack screeched past in the air, leaving deep cuts on the stone stage below.

Pan Song had gone all-out. Such an attack was powerful enough to force back any ordinary fifth layer Alpha-Origin disciple.

The stream of Genesis Qi zipped past, appearing in front of Wei Youxuan in the blink of an eye. However, just as it was about to strike its target, Wei Youxuan’s suddenly lifted his hand with a nonchalant expression, and casually swatted downwards.


His palm hit the ferocious stream of Genesis Qi. Next, everyone could only watch in shock as the Genesis Qi was scattered.

Wei Youxuan had dispersed the Genesis Qi with a single swing of his palm.


Gasps sounded around them. Everyone knew how deadly an attack purely made from Genesis Qi was, the slightest touch causing astonishing destructive power to explode. Thus, no one had expected Wei Youxuan to so easily scatter it with his hand.

“What?” Pan Song was also startled. His expression soon darkened as his hands violently slammed together. The swirling Genesis Qi above him swiftly began to gather, transforming into a several hundred feet wide giant Genesis Qi hand that viciously swatted down towards Wei Youxuan.

It was simple and pure violence. As the giant Genesis Qi hand fell, a deep imprint was created in the ground below.

“Go ahead and try to scatter it again!”

Upon hearing Pan Song’s shout, the corners of Wei Youxuan’s lips raised in a mocking manner. In the next instant, his foot slammed into the ground, cracks extending like a spider web as his figure shot into the air.

He appeared directly under the descending Genesis Qi hand, appearing tiny and insignificant before it.

However, there was no fear at all in Wei Youxuan, his expression nonchalant as he sent a palm thrusting forward.

Two hands varying vast in size collided in the air.


A berserk Genesis Qi shockwave unfurled, causing cracks to form in the surrounding cliffs.

Numerous gazes were tightly glued to the clash in the air.

Everyone could only watch as the giant hand suddenly shuddered, before cracks began to appear on it. With one loud final crack, it shattered into a million pieces.

The attack Pan Song had poured all of his Genesis Qi into had been forcefully shattered by Wei Youxuan’s bare hand.

“Impossible!” Pan Song involuntarily cried out as his expression changed drastically.

Even if he was not as strong as his opponent, how could the other party so easily scattered his full power attack?


At the same moment he cried out, a blur suddenly shot towards him. A hand chopped through the air, arriving in front of Pan Song’s chest.

The seemingly ordinary looking palm was akin to a life-snatching hand in Pan Song’s eyes.

Pan Song’s expression drastically changed as his cheeks ballooned, spitting out a breath of pure Genesis Qi. The Genesis Qi seemed to turn into armor as it covered his body, boasting powerful defensive abilities.

Wei Youxuan was too quick, and it was already impossible for Pan Song to dodge. Hence, he had no option but to face the attack.


The hand struck like lightning the instant the Genesis Qi armor covered Pan Song’s body, gently landing on his chest.

The attack did not seem to have much force behind it, and was unable to push Pan Song back.

However, Pan Song’s pupils abruptly shrank at this moment as a look of horror surfaced within them.

Wei Youxuan immediately drifted backwards the moment his attack landed as a breeze blew out with a gentle wave of his sleeve.


The Genesis Qi around Pan Song’s body shattered like glass, slowly falling as it turned into smoke that quickly faded away, while a hideous bloody palm imprint appeared on his chest.


A mouthful of blood was spat out from Pan Song’s mouth, before his sturdy looking body crashed into the ground.


Cries of surprise immediately sounded in the vicinity, numerous disciples looking towards the backwards drifting Wei Youxuan in astonishment. No one had expected him to win so effortlessly.

Pan Song’s attacks had been so ferocious earlier, but they had been unable to even shake Wei Youxuan in the slightest. Instead, the former had been easily destroyed.

Wei Youxuan had revealed his astonishing strength in a few short exchanges..

Tong Long’s expression turned ugly at this moment. Pan Song had lost far too quickly, a fact that rather horrified him. It seemed that the former had misjudged Wei Youxuan’s strength.

He had hidden his true power.

On the cliff, Lu Hong’s disciples laughed, their eyes filled with amusement. In contrast, Shen Taiyuan’s disciples stirred restlessly.

A faint smile was revealed on Lu Hong’s face as he looked towards Shen Taiyuan and said, “Elder Shen, it seems that your disciple need more training.”

Shen Taiyuan’s expression was somewhat stormy. He stared at Wei Youxuan on the stone stage, his gaze pausing on the latter’s hands. The disciples may have been unable to sense it, but he had. Wei Youxuan had repeatedly tore through Pan Song’s Genesis Qi earlier not through physical prowess, but a faint layer of unique Genesis Qi on his hands.

It was likely some kind of Genesis technique.

He fell into thought for a brief moment, before he muttered, “It’s the Genesis Beaker Hand…”

The Genesis Beaker Hand was a rather unique high grade little Heaven Genesis technique. It utilised a special method to coat one’s hands in Genesis Qi that had the ability to tear through the Genesis Qi of others.

This technique was quite domineering, but was also not easy to master. Shen Taiyuan never imagined that one of Lu Hong’s disciples would actually succeed in learning it, and even appeared to be quite proficient.

Once learnt, one would basically be able to tear through any Genesis technique, allowing one to gain dominance in a fight.

The disciples on the surrounding cliffs clicked their tongues. From the looks of it, Zhou Yuan’s side did not have much of a chance in the cave match.

Under the numerous watching gazes, Wei Youxuan did not withdraw after easily defeating Pan Song. Instead, the former waved his sleeve, smiling as he directed his gaze towards Tong Long.

“It’s your turn next.”

These words immediately cause a wave of noise to erupt around them. Only now did everyone realise that Wei Youxuan was actually intended to defeat all three of Shen Taiyuan’s disciples alone!

How domineering!

If he was allowed to succeed, it would be akin to stepping on the faces of Shen Taiyuan’s faction...

At this point, those that looked towards Zhou Yuan could not help but feel some pity. It was likely that he would become a laughing stalk in the sect after today.

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