Chapter 331 Stirring up a Commotion in Saint Genesis Peak

It was to no one’s surprise that news of Zhou Yuan’s eight dragon baptism caused quite a stir when it spread to Saint Genesis Peak. The disciples from all three factions were too shocked to say anything, unable to believe the news.

It was after all a little inconceivable. A thousand feet aquatic beast had strength comparable to the ninth layer Alpha-Origin, and there was absolutely no way that Zhou Yuan would be able to kill one given his current strength.

However, no matter how skeptical and doubtful they were, Zhou Yuan’s eight dragon baptism was a fact. No matter how envious the numerous were, there was nothing they could do.

When this matter spread to Shen Taiyuan’s ears, the stern elder could not stop joy from bubbling up in him. He even heavily praised Zhou Yuan during the morning lesson that day, and looked at the latter with eyes filled with even more expectation than before.

Ever since Zhou Yuan had joined them, Shen Taiyuan had been pleasantly surprised far too many times.

The truth was that Shen Taiyuan himself had been initially somewhat doubtful of Zhou Yuan living up to the high hopes that had been placed in him. It was because Shen Taiyuan likewise understood all too clearly that not every champion of the peak selection ceremony would turn out to be an amazing genius like Chu Qing.

However, Shen Taiyuan did not have many other options. The other six peaks of the Cangxuan Sect were just too powerful, and could directly take away all of the most talented disciples. Saint Genesis Peak could only fall further and further into decline, with no signs of things taking a turn for the better.

Now, even Lu Hong had been sent to Saint Genesis Peak. If Lu Hong’s group was allowed to take the seat of chief disciple, Shen Taiyuan would feel utterly ashamed, and would likely never be able to raise his head ever again in the sect.

As such, Zhou Yuan’s arrival was viewed by Shen Taiyuan as the final hope he could grasp onto.

However, Shen Taiyuan ended up being pleasantly surprised. Zhou Yuan had surpassed Shen Taiyuan’s expectations time and time again, causing him to grow more and more confident in Zhou Yuan.

Perhaps, the patriarch was blessing them, allowing them to finally welcome a prodigious disciple before they truly hit the bottom.


“I’ve heard that Zhou Yuan achieved an eight dragon baptism during the Genesis Marrow Baptism ceremony?”

It was Lu Hong’s factions turn to use the Dao Seeker Hall today. Lu Hong’s gaze nonchalantly swept downwards from the highest spot, clear having also heard that news that had already spread throughout Saint Genesis Peak.

Below Lu Hong, at the head of the numerous disciples was an expressionless Yuan Hong. He nodded and answered in a calm voice, “It was indeed an eight dragon baptism. I personally witnessed it that day.”

The other disciples in the hall broke out into whispers, their eyes filled with envy.

“So he does have a little ability.” Lu Hong snorted, an icy look flashing across his aged face. He had personally opened his mouth to recruit Zhou Yuan back then, but ended up being rejected by the latter. Hence, Lu Hong naturally did not want to see things go well for Zhou Yuan.

Yuan Hong slowly said, “However, a senior brother from Sword Cometh Peak secretly informed me that Zhou Yuan’s eight dragon baptism is likely the work of senior sister Li Qingchan, because Zhou Xiaoyao had helped senior sister Li Qingchan to deal with senior brother Kong Sheng.”

These words were akin to thunder, causing an explosion of noise in the hall.

“Senior sister Li Qingchan helped Zhou Yuan obtain an eight dragon baptism?!” Disbelief was revealed in the eyes of numerous male disciples. There was no one who did not know that senior sister Li Qingchan was akin to a cold goddess of an ice mountain, and always made sure to keep her distance with the opposite sex. Many outstanding disciples admired her, but did not dare to confess.

Hence, when they heard that Zhou Yuan’s eight dragon baptism was due to senior sister Li Qingchan’s aid, they found it very difficult to swallow.

What was so good about him that he could enjoy the favor of senior sister Li Qingchan?

Yuan Hong’s expression turned slightly grave as he looked towards Lu Hong. “There’s nothing to be feared about Zhou Yuan, but that Zhou Xiaoyao…”

If Zhou Xiaoyao truly had the qualifications to interfere in battle between Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan, it would mean that her strength was extremely terrifying. If she participated in Saint Genesis Peak’s competition for the chief disciple, even Yuan Hong did not fancy his chances.

Lu Hong’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Zhou Xiaoyao is indeed no ordinary individual… but there’s no need to be overly worried. Strictly speaking, she’s not considered a disciple under Shen Taiyuan.”

Yaoyao was regarded with extreme importance by Spirit Rune Peak master Bai Mei, making it difficult for any of the three elders from Saint Genesis Peak to recruit her. In the end, Yaoyao became a rather unique existence in Saint Genesis Peak.

But this was also why she would not be able to participate in the selection battle for the chief disciple.

Moreover, from Yaoyao’s usual behaviour, she seemed to hold zero interest in the power struggles between the three factions...

Yuan Hong gave a faint nod when he heard this, his expression returning to its usual calmness.

Lu Hong said, “There’s only a few days till the cave match…”

His gaze swept across the hall, ultimately stopping on the three golden mats at the very front, or to be more precise, the first seat, Wei You.

The latter’s slender body was currently dressed entirely in black, a certain faint sternness visible between his brows.

Upon sensing Lu Hong’s gaze, Wei You smiled slightly, a sliver of pride visible on his face as he softly said, “Relax teacher Lu, it’s just a baptism. Although an eight dragon baptism is very effective, it can’t turn a sheep into a wolf.”

“Whoever dares to reach for the purple Genesis cave dwelling will have his hand chopped off by me.”

Though he seemed to downplay his words, there was a certain seriousness within them, a sign of the absolute confidence he had in himself.

“Hehe, senior brother Wei should try to leave some face for them and not win too easily. After all, we disciples of the same peak will occasionally meet each other.” Flattered a disciple by the side with a smile. His words were similarly filled with confidence towards Wei You.

The other disciples roared with laughter.

None of them were the least bit worried about the upcoming cave match, appearing as if victory was already in their grasp.

Lu Hong nodded, his cold face relaxing a little as he sneered in his heart. Shen Taiyuan was truly short sighted to be so happy for the past two days. It was just a new disciple obtaining an eight dragon baptism by some fluke, did he really believe that it would change anything?

Fine, I’ll let you be happy for now. When the cave match arrives, you will naturally understand how repulsive your disciples are compared to my talented disciples. You should have followed Lu Song’s example long ago, and obediently pull back to the sidelines instead of obstructing my way.


While the entire Saint Genesis Peak was abuzz due to Zhou Yuan’s eight dragon baptism, the main actor was not wasting away his time going around bragging to everyone. Instead, he cooped himself up in his cave dwelling and cultivated in peace, digesting the benefits from the eight dragon baptism.

He knew that an eight dragon baptism did not mean anything significant, and it had been his good luck to obtain one. If not for Tuntun and Li Qingchan, he would not have reached an eight dragon baptism.

Even so, he would not undervalue himself either, because borrowing the power others would at times also be a type of strength.

Abandoning one’s advantages and insisting on bashing one’s head against a brick wall was nothing but foolishness.

Hence, Zhou Yuan concentrated on digesting the gains from the eight dragon baptism. What he needed to do next was to deal with the upcoming cave match.

This was going to be his first real battle after coming to Saint Genesis Peak.

To obtain that purple Genesis cave dwelling and become a purple sash disciple as quickly as possible to gain the qualifications to participate in the chief disciple selection at the year end, he needed to perform during the cave match.

In the depths of the cave dwelling, Zhou Yuan opened his eyes, the light within them gradually withdrawing as the surging Genesis Qi in his body retreated back to his Qi Dwelling.

After several days of cultivation, Zhou Yuan had finally gained full control over his increased Genesis Qi.

He lowered his head and slowly clenched his fist as he released a soft laugh.

There was finally going to be a challenging battle. Zhou Yuan hoped that the disciples under Lu Hong would not disappoint.

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