Chapter 330 Evaluation

Under the attention of countless disciples, the clouds above the Genesis reservoir slowly began to disperse along with the boundless Genesis Qi. It was clear that the baptism was fast approaching its end.

The eyes of many disciples were filled with envy. An eight dragon baptism… was something that benefitted even to the ten great Chosens, let alone someone like Zhou Yuan, who was only at the second layer Alpha-Origin. It was likely that he would gain even more from it.

As the clouds gradually vanished, Zhou Yuan’s figure slowly grew clearer.

He sat on the ancient stone pillar with his eyes lightly shut, only opening them after quite some time. A flash of gold flitted across his eyes, a half python half dragon hiss faintly echoing as Genesis Qi rose around his body.

Everyone could feel that the Genesis Qi undulations from Zhou Yuan’s body had grown a level stronger.

Third layer Alpha-Origin!

The crowd’s hearts shivered slightly. Sure enough, the baptism had directly pushed Zhou Yuan to the next cultivation level, allowing him to step into the realm of the third layer Alpha-Origin.

Numerous gazes were filled with envy. It was said that Zhou Yuan had been at the second layer stage for only slightly more than a month, and it was quite unbelievable for him to have advanced once again. Moreover, his Genesis Qi appeared exceptionally concentrated and robust, unlike that of someone who had forcibly ascended.

The first thing Zhou Yuan did when he opened his eyes was send his senses into his Qi Dwelling. A smile soon emerged on his face.

The number of Genesis Qi stars in his Qi Dwelling had reached over 700!

One must know that he only had slightly over 400 stars at the second layer Alpha-Origin!

The breakthrough had nearly doubled his Genesis Qi stars.

The number of Genesis Qi stars in one’s Qi Dwelling decided the quantity and quality of one’s Genesis Qi. In other words, the Genesis Marrow Baptism had nearly doubled Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi.

“Normally speaking, ordinary fifth layer Alpha-Origin disciples should have about 500 Genesis Qi stars in their Qi Dwellings. I may only be at the third layer Alpha-Origin, but my Genesis Qi is basically able to steamroll over normal fifth layer disciples.”

There was a sliver of excitement in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. If this had happened before his duel with Cao Shi, the battle would have been very one sided.

“Given my current Genesis Qi, I no longer need to fear any fifth layer opponents.”

Zhou Yuan sighed as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders. This breakthrough was extremely important to him. With this strength, he was now confident of his chances in the subsequent cave match.

Zhou Yuan stood up, his burning gaze of desire looking towards the stone pillar beneath his feet.

It was obvious that he was hungering for more after tasting the sweetness of its fruit.

The Genesis Marrow Baptism was crazily beneficial to one’s cultivation.

Unfortunately for him, he was still only a gold sash disciple, and after using the chance bestowed upon him as the champion of the peak selection ceremony, he was no longer allowed to enter the Genesis reservoir.

“Looks like I have to become a purple sash disciple as soon as possible.” There was a look of thought on Zhou Yuan’s face. Only by becoming a purple sash disciple would he be allowed to enjoy the bimonthly Genesis Marrow Baptism.

Zhou Yuan ultimately cast away the numerous thoughts that were flashing past in his head, and lifted his head, seeing the countless amazed gazes that were looking at him.

They had obviously been drawn by the eight dragon baptism earlier.

However, Zhou Yuan’s expression remained rather calm, having long anticipated this. He too understood the meaning of an eight dragon baptism, because before today, only Chu Qing had achieved it amongst this generation of disciples.

Clap clap

Clapping was suddenly heard. Elder Miao looked towards Zhou Yuan in amazement and said, “Congratulations Zhou Yuan. This is the first time someone has reached an eight dragon baptism as a gold sash disciple in our Cangxuan Sect. I’m sure that your name will soon be known by everyone in the sect.”

There was a look of admiration on her face. Zhou Yuan’s performance today was truly breathtaking.

Zhou Yuan remained humble as he cupped his fists together towards elder Miao and said, “I don’t deserve such praise, it’s only a baptism and does not truly mean much.”

Upon seeing that Zhou Yuan did not display any arrogance after performing so well, the look of admiration on elder Miao’s face deepened.

“I did not realise previously why peak master was always feeling regretful after you chose Saint Genesis Peak, but I now have an idea why.” Elder Miao sighed.

“From what you have shown me, your future achievements may not lose to Chu Qing. Looks like there may once again be a Chosen from Saint Genesis Peak.”

Her words showed how highly she thought of Zhou Yuan.

Elder Miao had not tried to hide her praise, and it was naturally heard by numerous disciples in the vicinity, causing an uproar to rise.

They never imagined that elder Miao would have such a high evaluation of Zhou Yuan. To think that she would compare his future achievements to Chu Qing!

Who was Chu Qing? He was the most outstanding disciple in their generation, and the head of the ten great Chosens! Let alone the Cangxuan Sect, he was well known even in Cangxuan Heaven.

In comparison, Zhou Yuan was obviously not on the same level.

“What nonsense!

Lu Yan felt the most insulted by the elder’s words, but could not possibly openly rebuke the latter. However, she still coldly snorted. “What kind of genius did you think Chu Qing is? How can Zhou Yuan ever compare?”

“Although Zhou Yuan does have some ability, a single eight dragon baptism does not mean anything. When Chu Qing entered the inner mountains back then, it only took him half a year to become a purple sash disciple, and even stood amongst the ten great Chosens a year later! His rise was the fastest in the history of the Cangxuan Sect!”

“Elder Miao’s appraisal of him being able to stand shoulder to shoulder to senior brother Chu Qing in the future based on the baptism alone will not convince anyone.”

The other disciples around her secretly nodded. Even they felt that elder Miao was being a little too quick in her judgement.

Zhou Yuan may have indeed taken everyone’s breaths away this time, but saying he could match senior brother Chu Qing based on this alone was still an exaggeration. After all, everyone knew how remarkable Chu Qing was, and every disciple of this generation had absolute respect towards him. With just this little achievement alone, it was impossible for Zhou Yuan to match up.

While the mountains were abuzz with noise, Zhou Yuan’s expression remained unchanged, no happiness visible from elder Miao’s overboard acknowledgement of his abilities. He merely cupped his fists together towards her before leaping off the altar and returning to the mountain he had been on before.

In the wake of Zhou Yuan’s withdrawal, everyone knew that the Genesis Marrow Baptism was finally over.

On a certain mountain in the distance, Li Qingchan’s eyes ripple faintly as she watched Zhou Yuan jump off the altar. “Will you be able to match Chu Qing in the future?”

“Although I am somewhat doubtful, I do hope that you truly have that talent. If so, our Cangxuan Sect will no longer be boring in the future.”

“Show me whether you will turn out to be a hidden dragon that will soar across the nine heavens, or someone who will fade away into mediocrity…”

Li Qingchan’s eyes returned to calmness as her gorgeous face regained its frosty look. She stepped on Genesis Qi as she flew into the sky and swiftly disappeared into the horizon, the owners of the many adoring gazes on her letting out a long sigh as they watched her leave.

After Li Qingchan left, Kong Sheng and Ye Ge did not remain either and also departed. However, they took one last look at Zhou Yuan before they left.

All of the other disciples across the mountains also began to leave.

Lu Yan’s lips curled downwards as she glanced in Zhou Yuan’s direction. “Zhou Yuan, don’t let it get to your head just because you were under the limelight in the Genesis Marrow Baptism. The cave match between your faction and elder Lu Hong’s faction is soon approaching, and if your performance then is lacklustre, the high praise elder Miao gave you today will only end up humiliating you even further.”

The smile on Lu Yan’s face was quite the gloating one. Elder Miao’s words had clearly raised Zhou Yuan reputation, making even more people turn their attention to him.

If Zhou Yuan’s performance did not do justice to her evaluation, one could imagine the sneers that would follow.

She waved her hand and led her other fellow disciples away.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, we should get going too.” Said Zhou Tai.

Zhou Yuan smiled and nodded. He could naturally sense the various feelings behind the gazes that had looked at him before they left, but remained unfazed despite them, feeling no indignation due to their skepticism and doubt.

He knew that only strength would truly gain their acknowledgement, and no appraisal would be more convincing.

That’s why, the purple Genesis cave dwelling they would contest for in the upcoming cave match...

Was definitely going to be his.

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